Internal Communication: Overview, Significance and Benefits

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    All of us are aware of the old age adage that teamwork makes the dream work. While all of us broadly know why communication is important, it is even more important to draw out the perfect internal communication strategies to get the full benefit out of it. Firstly, we will start by understanding what internal communication is. 

    Internal Communication: Overview, Significance and Benefits
    Internal Communication Basic

    Basically, it entails the correspondence between top management, the management well as the employees. This communication needs to be open and transparent to help contribute to the organizational strategies and progress towards a common mission and vision. It helps ensure that all employees are well aligned with the culture of the company and understand the core values thoroughly. 

    Why is internal communication important? 

    It is crucial to have internal communication plans in place. If you are wondering why communication is important in business, then here are just some of the reasons. First off, it is vital for day-to-day operations as well as improved cross-departmental collaboration. It makes it very simple for the leadership to put forth their plans. 

    Additionally, employee engagement and employee retention are the biggest flag bearers of the importance of communication in business. 


    But, in the same breath; it is also very important to have flawless internal communication planning. The onus of setting internal communication best practices lies on the shoulders of the HR team in most organizations. Since keeping employees happy is the first and foremost pointer in growing a business, the importance of communication in businesses is undeniable. Here are some of the benefits of having efficient internal communication plans: 

    Top ten benefits of internal communication

    Here is an elaboration on the importance of internal communication: 

    Faster turnaround time

    One of the primary reasons behind proper internal communication planning is saving productive time. While mails are ideal for official communication, having an internal communication tool makes the process much faster and efficient. Imagine being stuck in a work crisis and having no mode of communication with your colleagues except latent emails. Apart from simply mitigating problems, you can also ensure that you don’t lose business due to unaverted issues. 

    Makes employees feel really valued and appreciated

    You can plan employee encouragement events such as quarterly awards, or salary rewards once in a while. However, one way to keep your employee’s morale boosted is by letting them know how much their work is appreciated on a regular basis. Internal communication has a host of benefits, but employee appreciation is definitely one of the most overlooked ones. 

    It helps with employee contribution

    Imagine not having proper internal communication planning? It will not only put pressure on the management to trust the employees but will also leave employees clueless regarding what’s happening exactly. When you have a proper structure set for internal communication, you can expect innovative ideas to come from the team that can help the company move in a great direction. Apart from this, it also helps your employees take responsibility and own up to their tasks. The contribution that they are expected to make will be doubled if they have proper internal communication to follow. 

    Helps in better strategizing

    Most companies have multi-step procedures set up for functioning. But, smooth coordination is the core of fulfilling all plans. To ensure that the team works properly, internal communication is very important. It also helps understand the to-do lists and the work stack of each employee so that work can be deployed better and people can align with the strategy smoothly. 

    Avoids delays with proper follow-ups

    When an internal communication structure is set, then you have a swift way to follow up with the deliverables immediately. This ensures transparency and the procedure can speed up as well. In case, you have a team that does not communicate with each other and just finished their work on their own accord, then you will have a tough time explaining the process to the client and your business will suffer eventually. Hence, having internal communication software can help speed up the whole process. 

    Surpasses geographical boundaries

    One of the biggest advantages of having robust internal communication planning is that you can cross the geographical boundaries and your team can belong to anybody across the globe. This makes remote working very easy and you do not need to be dependent only on one area to get all your resources. 

    Helps employees take accountability

    When you ensure transparent internal communication, the employees have an automatic responsibility of taking ownership of their actions and aligning their interpersonal communication accordingly. They get work done without any procrastination as there is always someone answerable to them. Internal communication also helps them understand how their work directly impacts the work done by their colleagues and hence is a necessary requisite for companies to grow. 

    Increases chances of innovation

    Another reason why internal communication really helps is that it can help you see the talent that would otherwise be missed completely. Your employees can get more motivated to speak their minds and give innovative solutions which can really help. In fact, a proper flow of communication between the leadership and the other teams can help in ensuring better ideations and efficient execution. 

    Lessens the chances of misunderstandings

    We often recommend putting official communication on mails. But, if you have a dedicated internal team communication app, you can use that for proper proofs as well. When there is constant communication, it will definitely reduce the chances of misunderstandings between colleagues and ultimately help in avoiding any delays. 

    Propels productivity amongst teams

    Lastly, productivity can definitely be seen when colleagues get to communicate better and have their leadership support them. A proper internal communication setup is surely very beneficial for the growth of your company. 

    Use an internal communication software

    All of these aforementioned benefits can surely help you cash on your team’s productivity for better growth. The best way to keep things easy and yet professional is by opting for internal communication software. It helps colleagues stay connected. Additionally, it can also help in regularizing the communication for different teams and makes collaboration on projects simple. One of the best internal communication tools that we have found to be efficient and effective is NuovoTeam. It is not only convenient for teams to coordinate but it’s the ideal solution for remote working professionals as well. It is highly recommended to understand the importance of internal communication and use it to your advantage. 

    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane is a Sr. Content Writer at Scalefusion. An engineering graduate, an Apple junkie and an avid reader, she has a 5+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy and PR for technology and web based startups.

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