What Is a Field Service Management System?

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    More than 80%¹ of employees across the globe in diversified domains like education, healthcare, and other similar industries are deskless workforce or on-field workforce. It becomes a hurdle for most organizations to operationally manage on-field workforces efficiently.

    Since manually recording the logs for on-field workers by the organization needs a centralized communication system and streamlined tools and processes, it is inevitable that manual errors can take the roof without them. It is highly difficult to keep track of up-to-date client updates, work scheduling and reporting, monitoring the operational activities, and also keeping track of the exact location of the on-field workers with 100 percent accuracy. 

    FSM in MDM
    Manage the on-field workforce with Scalefusion

    These variables were prone to unpredictable mismatching in terms of short-term and long-term goals planning within the organization. Lodging the reports manually with delays in communication from the field force can result in miscommunications and incomplete information that inevitably plague most organizations’ operational cycles without a proper solution in hand.

    As the adoption of MDM solutions proliferated across diversified domains, the field workforce’s management and communication started to become streamlined. It diminished the traditional methodologies of record-keeping, streamlining communication, and business-critical document exchange over the air. The unpredictable inefficiencies enforced the use of sophisticated field service management technology as a solution through an MDM implementation.

    What constitutes and streamlines Field Service Management?

    Field Service Management (FSM) is the concept and technique of management and coordination between an organization and its on-field workforce, along with its corporate assets and resources, equipment, services, and operational synchronization. The technology that is used to manage such coordination and align the workflows, along with scheduling work orders with reports through a specified tool and process as a solution, constitutes the FSM technology.

    In the same solution, the sharing of business-critical assets, streamlining of communication, and fetching the latest updates from the on-field employees amalgamates the umbrella of Field Service Management technology and its variables under the same technology utilized.

    FSM in MDM solution: leap of ubiquitous connectivity

    FSM is anything that can combine the variables of on-field workforce management and keep track of the operational cycle set by the organization. To streamline those variables, an MDM solution can assist organizations in gaining remote access control, managing the mobile phones of the on-field workforce, and seamlessly controlling the work order management with effective channels of communication. From broadcast & VoIP calling to business-critical file sharing and empowering the workforce through a managed and sophisticated FSM in MDM solution can reach the level of efficiency on an unpredictable scale.

    Scalefusion MDM is a reliable MDM software to extend your on-field workforce mobile phones, tablets, and other peripheral devices in a managed manner. You can protect your business-critical assets and other shared documents under secured monitoring and prevent any contingent breach of corporate policies from any of the on-field workforces. With Scalefusion MDM, you can lock down the managed devices deployed into Kiosk mode and perform a remote wipe on the air just like it was when it first was out of the box by navigating and taking actions through the holistic dashboard in case of a security breach.

    You can also eliminate the juggling of continuous calls to your on-field workforce just to know their location and, at times, believe their most inaccurate reporting through Scalefusion. Inaccurate tracking can invite mistrust and lack of employee engagement towards work resulting in a negative return on investment of time and resources.

    With Geofencing and GPS tracking in the Scalefusion dashboard, you can accurately and effectively manage to capture the real-time location of the on-field workforce and refresh the real-time locations in intervals for better accuracy with proximity. With Geofencing, you can create a virtual boundary around the location where your on-field workforce is required to be and receive instant notification of entry points and exit points of the virtual boundary created. This will allow you to ensure that the task required to be done at a destined location is prioritized so that the inputs of the employee are retained and better optimum output is recorded by the organization.

    An organization can also streamline the workflows to automate the on-field workforce operations by configuring compliances such as scheduled profile switching, scheduled Geofence profile switching, scheduled applications pushing, scheduling rebooting of devices, scheduled device reports, etc on the managed devices deployed and diminish the traditional hassle of device management through the seamless IT automation solution in Scalefusion. The IT admin can create certain workflows and automate them to be scheduled on specific device groups with notifications and alerts.

    Benefits of using an MDM solution in Field Service Management

    Having a technology aligned for effectively managing and empowering the on-field workforce requires the right tools, approach, and consideration. Having these systems in place, the operational inputs can reap positive outputs such as:

    1. Boosting efficiency

    While the Field Service management is now transitioning into adopting certain MDM solutions, the automation of tools and processes will eventually eliminate the on-paper recording, calling in intervals for location tracking, and manually streamlining operations which will drastically streamline and improve the outputs and productivity of the on-field workforce.

    2. GPS tracking

    Under Scalefusion’s holistic dashboard, the admins can monitor and collect the latest geographical location data and empower the business decisions by managing the workflows assigned and deployed to a particular workforce by tracking them to execution.

    3. Improved customer attending time

    Since the administrative burden of reporting to the managers for minute operational updates will be diminished, the on-field workforce can now, through the streamlined MDM solution, focus on customer meetings and appointment scheduling, receive business-critical applications and content pushed on their devices on-the-air under a centralized manner and focus more on serving and onboarding the customers. 

    Closing lines…

    Securing and managing the business’s critical assets and resources is a prime need when it comes to on-field workforce operations. The adoption of a streamlined MDM solution can redefine the advancement of Field Service Management and how it can empower the on-field employees and the available resources at any period through a centralized and holistic dashboard.

    Sign up with Scalefusion and experience the change you can build in your current operational cycle while efficiently managing and empowering the on-field workforce.


    Ayush Maskara
    Ayush Maskara
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