Discover the 7 Best Educational Apps for Kids in 2023

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    Kids and phones are a combination dreaded by parents all across the globe. While some parents give smartphones to their kids out of dire necessity to stay in touch and track their moment, or for EdTech, most parents give it out of sheer frustration to keep the kids entertained and engaged at all times. Young kids, especially those with lesser attention spans, quickly get bored of toys and books and are weirdly attracted to screens. Screen fixation is real, and parents want to make the most of the screen time the kids are allowed to have. And this is where this list of educational apps for kids will come in handy.

    In the era where parents are working remotely, and the kids are attending school remotely, kids already have access to iPads and tablets, but here’s how you can keep distractions at bay and ensure your kids continue learning even when they play on their devices!

    We’ve listed down top educational apps for kids that will not only extend an engaging experience to keep your kids busy for good but also learn a new thing every time they use it.

    Here Are 7 Top Educational Apps for Kids to Revolutionize Their Learning Experience

    1. Multiplication Table – To Learn Multiplication Fast and Easily

    Ages: 5 and above

    Rating: Google Play Store: 3+

    This application takes several minutes to install on a tablet for kids and is specially designed for children to solve multiplication problems. It is very helpful for kids from the very beginner stage, especially those with difficulty remembering tables.

    This application has many key features that are as follows:

    1. When the app starts, you will see a screen that contains a chart of timetables (first 12). The chart has a user-friendly and smooth design; when the user clicks on any number, it gives the list of all its corresponding multiples.

    2. You can also make factors of any number; just simply enter the number and get all the possible factors.

    3. This application is very efficient in generating tables; by default, it contains the first 12 tables, but if you need a timetable of a higher number, all you need is just to enter the number. 

    2. ABCMouse – For everything toddlers

    Ages: 8 and under

    Rating: Google Play Store: 4, App Store: 4.5

    Designed for kids aged between 2 and 8 years, is an award-winning app encompassing reading, math, art, and music related to interactive content. The app has more than 10,000+ learning activities specially curated by teachers and educators to inculcate new skills within kids every time they access the app.

    The app is said to be especially helpful in improving the reading skills of the kids, along with building their problem-solving capabilities with puzzles and quizzes and enticing them to be creative by designing their own Avatars, their own virtual room design, and printable activities.

    In over 10 levels and 850+ lessons, the app covers all the academic subjects of toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and 1 and 2 graders.

    3. Babbel – to pick up a new language

    Ages: no bar

    Rating: Google Play Store: 4.5, App Store: 4.6

    Learning a new language is never a bad idea, but did you know that picking up a language and achieving fluency in it is easier for kids? This is why Babbel- a foreign language learning app, makes it to the list. In the globally connected world, the more languages you know, the bigger the network you can build. With Babbel, kids (as well as parents) of all ages can learn a new language that is tailor-made to fit their native language skills and can help improve the reading, writing, pronunciation, and grammar of a new language.

    More than 5000 courses are available for Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Indonesian, English and Thai language. But what sets Babbel apart from other language learning apps is the short, effective, and situational courses designed to learn the vocabulary and conversations that take place over travel, work, etc.

    4. Barefoot World Atlas– to make geography fun

    Ages: 4 and above

    App Store rating: 3.9

    Geography is a subject that is more often than not ignored in conventional educational systems. The reason is straightforward, young minds cannot comprehend a topography they haven’t seen. Today, especially when traveling is constrained and kids cannot go out on field trips, beach trips, or a hike to a mountain, teaching geography is more difficult than ever. The Barefoot World Atlas app steps in to make learning geography fun!

    The app has a 3D globe where the kids can make a flight, discover wonderful phenomena across the planet, learn about different countries, people and cultures and test their knowledge via fun quizzes and puzzles. The app has great hand-drawn illustrations and high-quality stock photos to add to the experience.

    5. Lightbot: Code Hour– coding made easy

    Ages: 4 and above

    Ratings: Google Play Store: 4.5, App Store: 4.2

    Programming is a skill that is going to continue being in high demand for years to come. Parents across the globe are more conscious about developing programming skills in their kids; the sooner the better. In reality, more than the language and the syntax, good coding comes from sound logic. LightBot Code hour app makes coding fun and interesting, helping kids between K 12 develop problem-solving skills and create codes using commands, procedures, loops, and conditionals.

    Available in several languages such as English, French, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Norwegian, Slovenian, Romanian, Indonesian, German, Polish, Danish, Croatian, Dutch, Slovak, Czech, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Hindi, Swedish, Finnish and Hungarian, Lightbot Code Hour is essentially a fun game that teaches your kids the basics of coding without overwhelming them.

    6. Dragonbox Algebra 5+ – Get hooked to math

    Ages: 6 to 8

    Ratings: Google Play Store: 4.5 App Store: 4.2

    The fear of mathematics is deep-rooted in several kids, preventing them from finding the subject fun and accessible. The era of ‘math proficiency’ is far from over, and although not a metric of intelligence alone, it is still an important skill to learn. Dragonbox Algebra 5+ is an app designed to teach young kids math and algebra, helping them solve linear equations (like slope formulas), including addition, division, and multiplication tables, in the form of an interactive board game.

    The kids can navigate through the game environment to isolate the DragonBox on one side, gradually learning how to solve equations. More than 200 puzzles for 10 chapters offer a good mix of learning and training. Kids addicted to mathematics- who doesn’t want that!

    7. Toca Labs: Elements – experiment with science

    Ages: 4 and above

    Ratings: Google Play Store: 4+ App Store: 4.2

    Learning chemistry involves lab coats, tons of experiments under constant supervision, and modern labs that need kids to be physically present. While the remote learning environment has stopped kids from flocking to labs, learning should never stop. 

    This app is designed to specifically teach the kids about the elements from the periodic table. Kids can virtually pick elements and perform science experiments with all the essential lab tools- from a bunsen burner to a centrifuge and test tubes. Kids can learn about each element’s personality (characteristics) through interactive graphics and learn everything about 118 elements or create their own.

    Closing lines…

    In the world of digital devices that have an overwhelming number of apps and games that can cause distractions to learning, these educational apps for kids are all set to change the perception of modern digital devices and highlight their importance for education. By provisioning school devices with an MDM for education, educators can take advantage of these well-made apps and open a new world of learning to K-12 students!

    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane is an avid reader who loves writing about technology. She is an engineering graduate with 10+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy and PR for web-based startups.

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