Tips to Minimize Battery Consumption of the Corporate Owned Mobile Devices

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    Smartphones and tablets are increasingly being used for work by corporates and employees, and, nowadays, we have apps, for almost everything, increasing our dependability and usability. But, on one hand, there are the latest sleek and trendy devices getting launched, but on the other hand, these devices, quickly running out of battery, is a major concern.

    Tips to Minimize Battery Consumption of the Corporate Owned Mobile Devices
    Tips and tricks to save the power of corporate managed assets

    True that smartphones come with impressive processing power and computing ability but it comes with a cost. Today’s devices increase our expectations year on year and release on release but battery longevity has not been able to keep pace with other mobile technology developments. Maybe that is one of the major causes of concern for the corporates today who increasingly deploy mobile devices for implementing Enterprise Mobility.

    Scalefusion helps companies to manage, monitor & control mobile devices in the office environment. It also ensures that organizations are able to keep a close eye on the devices’ health which includes battery consumption as well. It helps the admin to keep a tab on the consumption by restricting those features or apps whose usage can cause the battery to die down fast.

    Ways to minimize spiked battery consumption

    • Mobile Data Settings: Battery consumption is the most when any mobile device uses mobile data for the internet. It consumes the most when trying to catch the network signals. For this very reason, IT admin can disable the users from using the ‘Data On’ setting on the devices enrolled in Scalefusion.
    Mobile Data Settings
    • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Settings: Keeping Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on even when not using it lowers down the battery charging level. If you are away from your Wi-Fi zone, it will keep on trying to connect with any other Wi-Fi available, and this consumes considerable battery. Also, keeping off the auto-sync also helps, otherwise, if Data or Wi-Fi is on and devices catch the signal, it will immediately try to sync and download the data.

      Scalefusion enables various options (shown in fig.) for admin to control Wi-fi settings on user’s device which includes disallowing connection to any Wi-Fi network.
    Wi-Fi Settings
    • Display brightness and Screen Timeout Settings: The device’s display brightness settings contribute significantly to high battery consumption. To conserve, especially for the field employees or the devices of those employees who are continuously on the go, brightness settings and/or screen timeout intervals should be set accordingly. Lower the brightness and shorter the timeout duration, longer will be the battery life.

      IT admin can lock the device for any increase in the screen timeout or that of brightness. Admin can even disable the use of flash or torch of the device, as the use of torch which consumes high power too soon.
    Display Settings
    Flashlight Settings

    In addition to the above display settings, Scalefusion provides one more feature of Branding. In this feature, the admin can set a standardized wallpaper for all the enrolled devices which will restrict the users to have their own jazzy and animated wallpapers which drains the battery too soon.

    • Restricting Personal Usage: Irrelevant apps like gaming, videos, movies, music, data browsing, apps for fancily animated wallpapers, etc. eat battery charge. Hence companies should restrict the usage of mobile devices for personal purposes and should facilitate only work-related apps, websites, and content in offices. Downloading videos from any social media, from any other device through Bluetooth or USB connection should also be restricted. As download of any unnecessary apps could lead to malware attacks which not only drain the battery but also damage the devices and data on them.

      To overcome these challenges, Scalefusion can lock the devices in Kiosk Mode/Single App Mode/Multi App Mode in which only a single or a certain set of apps can be accessed, the rest of the apps are denied.

      For the devices which are locked in Scalefusion and have availed the add-on app EVA business messenger, the IT admin can get a picture of the health of the device.
    Eva-Device Health Settings

    To sum up, Mobile Device Management Solution is an outstanding solution to control usage of the corporate device in bulk. Take a free trial of Scalefusion and find out how it can help you get your corporate mobile devices in line.

    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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