Three Steps to Reinventing your IT Department In 2022

  • February 14, 2018

One cannot disagree with the notion of having an expansive IT department in an organization and the various facets that fall under its umbrella. Right from formulating strategies that support business objectives to operating a network that deals with effective communication, to collecting, storing, managing, and distributing data to employees securely; the IT department usually has a lot on its plate. So, it becomes imperative to constantly reinvent the everyday processes by staying abreast of new technologies and figuring out how one can use the same to the best of the company’s abilities.

Three Steps to Reinventing your IT Department In 2018
Formulate your IT strategies with an effective MDM solution

Here are three steps that can help you in aligning your IT functions in a much-sharpened manner in 2022.

1. Intrapreneurial > Entrepreneurial

Instead of looking outside the organization, one needs to look inside so as to understand and work towards increasing the productivity of workflows and business processes. Devise ways where technology can be at the driver’s seat, be it establishing Mobile Device Management policies or remotely troubleshooting issues of the mobile devices. A comprehensive Mobile Device Management Solution like Scalefusion can come in very handy here.

2. Effective Proliferation of Mobile Devices

A massive multiplication of mobile devices and apps into the workplace has been the talk of the town with smartphones to tablets making their way into the organization. With Mobility speaking from a place of domination, usage of mobile devices has reached a critical mass in the overall scheme of the organization. This is where Scalefusion proves to be a robust enterprise mobility solution that brings myriad benefits to organizations in aiding transformation, boosting efficiency, increasing customer satisfaction, and eventually leading to better margins and revenues.

3. Give IT a break from the constant security hoo-ha

Corporate-owned devices that have access to highly valuable and sensitive data of the company prove to be a top challenge for the IT team when it comes to their security. Organizations can take the approach of locking down these devices in Kiosk Mode rather than the traditional way. Kiosk Mode allows IT admins to control various aspects of the user experience and prevents unauthorized actions like accessing the system settings on mobile devices. This reduces issues caused by tampering with systems settings and user data with limited Android OS functionality.

Not only this, Scalefusion helps in reducing IT costs, eases the burden of overly-stretched IT departments, and increases employee accessibility and productivity with an effective MDM strategy.

Keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be more likely to look back at 2022 knowing you offered the customer service that will keep your IT department a relevant and valued member of your organization. While it’s important to know how IT can make the impossible possible, it’s even more important to know what your company needs from IT to achieve its overarching business goals.

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Swapnil Shete is the Associate Vice President at Scalefusion. He has a passion for design and technology and focuses on optimizing the marketing funnel. When he isn't working, Swapnil loves to evaluate different SaaS solutions in the marketing and sales domain.
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