Scalefusion InterOps introduces Freshservice integration for IT Service Management

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    We are excited to announce the integration of the Freshservice IT Service desk with Scalefusion MDM. In the past couple of weeks, our team has managed to churn out some remarkable features and product updates to enable the IT teams with finer control over managed devices while accelerating IT productivity. With Freshservice Integration, Scalefusion aims to streamline IT service management by creating tickets along with context-aware device information.

    Remotely managing and troubleshooting unattended devices like kiosks and digital signages is an arduous task that IT teams have to cope with. IT admins have to monitor device health and performance as well as mitigate device issues with minimum device downtime. To ensure rapid rectification of device issues, IT teams use a robust ticketing tool like Freshservice to raise device issues. These ticketing tools report device issues to respective stakeholders and maintain reports of issue debugging.

    Scalefusion Deep-dive analytics eases out the task of tracking the device health, battery, and storage status of managed devices. With Scalefusion InterOps, IT admins can remotely cast managed devices and review device issues through the dashboard. To further facilitate ticketing for device issues, Scalefusion has introduced Freshservice integration.

    Scalefusion InterOps Eases out ITSM by integrating Freshservice!

    Freshservice is an online ITIL service desk with powerful ticketing and asset management capabilities. Known for its core functionalities like Incident, Problem, Change, Release, and Asset Management, Freshservice offers a plug and play ITSL solutions to support over 5 million customers globally.

    IT teams can now raise tickets for device issues directly through the Scalefusion dashboard. With Scalefusion InterOps, IT admins can remotely cast the device screen and also record the session and take screenshots to fine-grain device issues. They can attach the recorded session along with other context-aware information while raising the ticket.

    The tickets are published onto the Freshservice desk. This helps in delivering speedy fixes and also eliminates the IT efforts in tracking device issues on Scalefusion and ticketing on Freshservice.

    IT teams can hereby economize their ticketing effort using Scalefusion InterOps.

    Scalefusion InterOps + Freshservice: Things to Know

    • Authenticate your Freshservice account by adding Freshservice domain name and API key in Scalefusion Utilities. Deactivate the integration anytime, from the dashboard.
    • Raise tickets through Remote Cast. The ticketing details and required fields are imported from Freshservice desk configuration.
    • Attach context aware information such as OS version, device memory, battery status and connectivity details with the ticket. This information is pulled from the Scalefusion dashboard and will be prefilled in the ticket and admins can uncheck the information they do not wish to share.
    • Upload screen recording or screenshots taken during Remote Cast session with the ticket for finer issue reporting.
    • Add participant email IDs to track updates and progress on the ticket.
    • The ticket will now be available on Freshservice desk for further actions.

    Scalefusion InterOps along with Freshservice integration aims to curtail time spent in ticketing device problems to speed up ITSM. This also boosts IT and device productivity.

    Freshservice integration is available with Scalefusion InterOps. Upgrade to Scalefusion MDM  Enterprise plan and streamline ITSM for your business today!

    Want to integrate any other ticketing system? Create a Service Integration Request on the dashboard or get in touch with our support team!

    Chetan Sawant
    Chetan Sawant
    Chetan Sawant is a Director of Mobile for Scalefusion, specializing in Android. Chetan has 15+ years of industry experience. Chetan has worked in product management, building enterprise mobile applications and chat applications.

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