Introducing Voice Messaging in Eva Communication Suite

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    voice messaging in EVA
    Voice Messaging in EVA

    We are elated to announce the introduction of the Voice Messaging feature in Eva Communication Suite – a team communication app by Scalefusion MDM. Enabling seamless inter-team communication without swapping between multiple apps is now possible as Eva Communication Suite unveils the voice messaging feature.

    Preferred by users as a way for instant communication, voice messaging is widely available within third-party communication tools. We have implemented Voice Messaging feature in Eva Communication Suite to enable the company IT to drive effective and secure communication within the organization without relying on any third-party communication apps.

    Send & Receive Voice Messages Within Managed Devices

    Eva Voice messaging is secure, encrypted and the IT admins can send and receive voice messages to and from all the devices enabled with Eva App. Additionally, IT admins can populate contact lists within which the end-users can exchange voice messages.

    Currently available for Android devices with Eva app (47), sending voice messages with Eva Messenger is quick and easy.

    • Click on the mic icon in the Eva Messenger to record a message
    • Hit the send button to send the message
    • To cancel the outgoing message while recording, click on the close icon
    • Senders can also delete the message after sending by right-clicking on the message
    • When the message is received by the receiver, it will display two blue ticks
    • When the receiver plays the message, it will display two green ticks

    Along with the voice messaging feature released with this update of the Eva App, we have also introduced the support for Spanish (Argentina & Mexico) & Portuguese (Brazil) language within the Eva Messenger.

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    Leveraging voice messaging can drive quick communication within the organization, paving the way for coherent message exchange, especially between the field-force and the IT team.

    Explore the new and updated Eva Communication Suite today!

    Chetan Sawant
    Chetan Sawant
    Chetan Sawant is a Director of Mobile for Scalefusion, specializing in Android. Chetan has 15+ years of industry experience. Chetan has worked in product management, building enterprise mobile applications and chat applications.

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