Scalefusion Becomes a Silver Partner in the Android Enterprise Partner Program

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    Scalefusion becomes Android Enterprise Silver Partner

    The magnitude of a win multiplies when celebrated together!

    We are thrilled to announce that Scalefusion has joined the Android Enterprise Partner Program as a Silver partner. This is a moment of great rejoicing for all of us at Scalefusion.

    The Android Enterprise Partner Program developed by Google aims to support and collaborate with businesses to deliver enterprise solutions for Android devices. It provides resources, tools and expertise to help partners build and deploy Android-based solutions for enterprise customers.

    The Android Enterprise Partner Program certifies partner solutions as ‘validated’ or ‘recommended’ based on their capabilities and adherence to Android enterprise standards. This certification helps businesses and customers identify trusted solutions that meet their enterprise mobility needs.

    Scalefusion has received the Silver badge by fulfilling the elevated criteria set by Google. Under a rigorous training program, our employees accomplished a total of 123 certifications, out of which 14 were Android Enterprise Experts, 41 were Android Enterprise Professionals and 68 were Android Enterprise Associates. This established our partner expertise and validated Scalefusion against the Partner Program requirements.

    This badge will allow us to harness resources, tools, and expertise offered by Android Enterprise for our customers to help them fuel their business growth. Moreover, it unlocks us early access to the latest Android enterprise features and APIs, technical training and support, marketing resources, specialized knowledge and the opportunity to collaborate with Google and other partners.

    “At Scalefusion, we take pride in our customer-first approach. As a team, we consistently strive to elevate our Android solutions. Getting validation from Google is a huge achievement for us. It is a testament to all the hard work our team puts in to make our Android solution stand out. We will continue to deliver our utmost best to our valued customers.” said Sriram Kakarala, VP of Products at Scalefusion.

    We are grateful to our customers, users and partners for their constant feedback and support that has helped us to make our product more user-centric, as we intend it to be.

    Swapnil Shete
    Swapnil Shete
    Swapnil Shete is an Associate Vice President of Marketing at Scalefusion. He has a passion for design and technology and focuses on optimizing the marketing funnel. When he isn't working, Swapnil loves to evaluate different SaaS solutions that is in the marketing and sales domain.

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