Scalefusion’s new update for Rooted devices

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    Scalefusion can silently install/uninstall applications published from the Enterprise app store in devices that have Samsung Knox and LG Guard activated. However, the recent update of Scalefusion allows rooted devices to silently install/uninstall applications if necessary permissions are granted to Scalefusion.

    When a device is rooted you can do the following activities on the device-

    1. Unlocking the operating system so you can install non-Playstore apps
    2. Overclock (or underclock) the processor
    3. Update the OS
    4. Replace the firmware
    5. Customize anything

    In other words, it’ll allow you to access the entire operating system and customize just about anything on your Android device.

    What is silent installation and silent uninstallation of apps?

    When an app is installed or uninstalled in a device from a web-based portal without user’s interaction, it is called as silent installation and uninstallation. The whole process happens in the background.

    Features for the rooted devices

    • Silent installation/uninstallation of apps on rooted devices

    This feature allows you to silently install/uninstall apps distributed/published from the Scalefusion Enterprise app store on a rooted device, from the dashboard without the end user’s involvement.

    To enable silent installation/uninstallation on your rooted device, You either need to have a rooted device without any Root management tool or if you are using a Root Management tool then Scalefusion needs to be configured in the root management tool. We suggest using SuperSu as we have tested using that extensively. If you do not have a Root Management tool, that means all apps can directly use root privileges.


    1. This feature is not possible on other normal devices due to Android security settings.
    2. SuperSU is a root management app for rooted devices. This helps prevent unauthorized apps accessing Root features directly once the device is rooted.

    For example: When you run an app that requests root approval, you will get a prompt dialog from SuperSU asking whether you want to allow the app or not on your rooted device.

    • Clear the third party Apps’ data on rooted devices

    You can clear application data of the apps enabled on your rooted devices from the dashboard itself and on the devices that have Samsung Knox and LG Guard activated as well. There are many cases when the Clear App data feature can be useful. For example, It becomes necessary to clear data of certain apps like in Hotels, after every guest checks-out or in a company, when a used device is given to a new user, this feature can be utilized to clear the existing app data.

    Limitations for the rooted devices

    1. SuperSU must be installed from Playstore. (If You are using a Root Management tool, then we would suggest using SuperSu. Please read Step 2 “ Steps to Setup SuperSu for Scalefusion”)

    SuperSU is tested and is compatible with Scalefusion. So it is recommended to install SuperSu from the Playstore. Please use the latest version of SuperSU.

    • Access privilege must be given from dashboard

    Scalefusion should be given access privileges from the dashboard i.e it allows Scalefusion on the rooted devices and controls the silent install/uninstall and clear data on a rooted device. (This option is available in the Global setting on the dashboard.)

    Please follow the steps given below to grant permission so that Scalefusion can access Root Privileges and perform a silent install/uninstall or clear data.

    On Dashboard

    Step 1: To allow Scalefusion to access Root Privileges enable the Access Root Privileges option, as shown in the image below.

    Goto Utilities → Global settings on the dashboardDashboard

    Note: Please note if this setting is ON and Scalefusion is not configured for SuperSu (Root Management tool) then an access dialog will be shown to the end users which might be confusing for them.

    Step 2: Steps to Setup SuperSu for Scalefusion

    2.2 Install Scalefusion from Playstore and launch it once. (Need to log in and exit Scalefusion to complete setup.)

    2.3 Launch SuperSu

    Launch SuperSu

    2.4 You would see Scalefusion has a # symbol next to it

    2.5 Click on Scalefusion, as shown in the image below.

    Click on MobiLock Pro

    2.6 In the Access Column choose, “Grant” and in Notification column, choose “Disabled” and tap on Save.


    2.7 You should see something like this after saving, as shown in the image below.


    2.8 SuperSU has a default setting that would remove whatever is done above on App upgrade. So technically the above settings will be removed if the Scalefusion app is upgraded. To avoid this enable the Re-Authentication setting, under “Settings” tab.


    2.9 If permission is not given then SuperSu access permission dialog will be shown every time Scalefusion tries to access Root privileges.

    Permission Dialog

    Steps for Client which are upgrading

    1. If already Scalefusion is being used by end-users and SuperSU app is installed then depending upon the configuration of SuperSu, Scalefusion will get access.
    2. In most cases, SuperSu by default does not give access to upgraded apps so root features won’t work.
    3. You would have to take remote access of the device and perform steps as described in Section 2.
    4. A slightly riskier option is to allow SuperSu app but in invisible mode to end users and inform them to Grant permission when the dialog appears. However, by this, the end users would know that the device is rooted.

    Step 3: Now, go to Enterprise store → My Apps on the dashboard

    3.1 Click on the application that you want to publish, as shown in the image below.


    3.2 You can publish an app on the device(s), device profile(s) or device group(s). Please select your prefered choice and then click on the “PUBLISH” button, as shown in the image below.


    3.3 Now the application will be installed silently on the device, as shown in the image below.

    New Application

    You have silently installed the app!!

    STEP 4: Please follow the steps to silently uninstall an app from the dashboard.

    4.1 Go to Enterprise store> My Apps on the dashboard


    4.2 Now select the app from the device(s), device profile(s) or device group(s) as per your prefered choice and then click on “UNINSTALL” shown in the image below.


    4.3 Now the application is silently uninstalled on the device, as shown in the image below.

    Silently Uninstalled

    You have silently uninstalled the application!!

    Clear App Data

    Step 5: Please follow the steps to Clear the third party apps data on rooted devices

    On dashboard

    5.1 Click on Utilities Clear app data

    5.2 Now select the rooted device(s), LG Guard or Samsung Knox enabled devices or device group(s) from the list and click on “NEXT”, as shown in the image below.


    Note: Only rooted devices, LG Guard or Samsung Knox enabled devices and their apps will be shown in the list of Devices or Device groups.

    5.3 Now, Select apps from which the data should be cleared and click on “Clear Data”, as shown in the image below.

    Cleared the App

    5.4 Once you have done the above step, click on OK, as shown below.


    Select apps

    You have successfully cleared the app data on the device!!


    This update has made it simple to silently install/uninstall apps remotely on the rooted devices without the end-users involvement or interference in the device settings.

    Anupam Mishra
    Anupam Mishra
    Anupam is a digital marketing expert and business optimization professional and author who loves technology and its impact on business. Here to help.

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