Scalefusion Introduces Windows 10 Modern Device Management

  • November 20, 2018

It brings us great delight to inform our customers, prospects, and associates, introducing Windows 10 Modern Device Management Platform. All these years, it has been our pleasure as well as a learning experience serving you to meet your challenges with Android and iOS MDM solutions. Understanding your requirements to manage devices of different platforms and delivering intuitive solutions for the same has been our constant endeavour. As a part of that, in the journey about proving ourselves as one of the best market players, we now cater to Windows 10 devices in addition to Android and iOS.

Scalefusion Introduces Windows 10 Modern Device Management
Guide to Windows 10 MDM settings configuration with SF

Scalefusion Windows 10 Modern Device Management – How is it different?

Scalefusion Windows 10 MDM offers enterprise-level management, security, and control of the corporate-owned Windows 10 devices such as Desktops, Laptops, and Tablets. It enables accelerated device setup and configuration, setting up and distributing policies, enforcing application level and browsing restrictions. Here we take you the most striking features out of many,

Technical & Functional Features

Safe Browsing with Edge Browser
A better, controlled and secured web browsing experience in Microsoft Edge browser. IT admin can set restrictions on a wide variety of settings to avoid unnecessary surfing and download on the corporate-owned devices.

Blacklist Apps
To enforce certain restriction at the application level, you can block selected Windows applications downloaded from Windows store or UWP apps and restrict from being run.

Security Policies and Settings
Configure device security settings on hardware features like camera, Wi-Fi & network, factory reset, and many others.

Personal Branding
Create Branding specific for your business and/or products or services and apply a home screen wallpaper throughout your organization.

IP Based Location Tracking
Get the location details of all your Windows devices and get reports of the location details of a month.

Mail Configuration
Scalefusion provides you with an easy to use Email Settings section, wherein you can configure the Email policy for your organization and then push them to Scalefusion managed Windows 10 devices.

Passcode Policy
To secure your Windows 10 devices is the main goal of Scalefusion Windows 10 MDM. For that purpose, it helps you to set a password policy for the devices. It makes compulsory for the user to create a password in line with the organization policy and protect their devices from theft/loss.

These are few of many remarkable features offered by Scalefusion Windows 10 Mobile Device Management Solution. Other features include peripheral restrictions, wi-fi configurations, reports & alerts etc.

Scalefusion is a cloud solution which enables you to create a more flexible & mobile workforce and a cost-efficient management of Android, iOS and now Windows 10 devices. Windows devices have made their prominent place in the enterprise setting. Hence there is a requirement for the MDM solution which caters to this segment of the devices. Thus, irrespective of whether you are having Android, iOS or Windows 10 devices, Scalefusion can prove as your partner in managing all from a single dashboard.

Thousands of businesses rely upon Scalefusion for managing their mobile device, desktops, laptops and other endpoints

Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.
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