What is APN and How to Edit APN Settings on iPhone?

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    What is an APN?

    An Access Point Name (APN) provides all the details a device needs to connect to the cellular network. The carrier reads the settings to generate an IP address, connect to the secure gateway, and check if the carrier needs to connect the device to a private network like a VPN.

    When setting up a new device for the first time, the network operator sends the APN details in a configuration message. The APN details will differ depending on the type of device and network operator. Generally, the APN settings are configured automatically by the cellular network.

    However, the settings may sometimes need to be manually configured or changed. This may be necessary if the device is used on a different network or if the user needs a different APN for a specific type of connection.

    How to View and Edit APN Settings on iPhone and iPad

    Users can populate the APN settings manually by navigating to one of the following locations:

    • Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network 
    • Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Mobile Data Network

    If the device doesn’t show either option, connect with the mobile carrier.

    With Scalefusion, IT admins can remotely configure APN settings.

    1. Log in to the Scalefusion portal
    2. Navigate to Device Profiles & Policies > All Configurations > APN
    3. Click Create

    Configure the APN settings by filling in the necessary fields. Later, associate a device profile with the APN settings to the managed devices.

    Wrapping Up

    APN is a crucial component of the Apple ecosystem, allowing devices to connect to the internet and use data services. Without proper settings, the device may be unable to connect to the mobile data, even if it’s connected to the mobile network.

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