Author: <span>Rajnil Thakur</span>

The uptick in BYODs for employees accessing corporate data has created substantial uncertainty for organizations. Businesses are eager to facilitate BYODs but remain cautious from a regulatory compliance perspective. One way to ensure regulations are met is to deploy MDM software that can protect organizational data and ensure it is used in the right way. […]

Today, customers are constantly assessing brands based on the digital experience (website, social media channels, self-service kiosks, chatbots, etc.) offered. Such inclination has led a significant number of customers to value self-service more than interpersonal interactions with company staff. For restaurants, telcos, banks, healthcare and others in similar service-based industries that have limited opportunity to […]

Today’s IT admins have to keep in check the growing number of fully managed, corporate-owned, personally enabled (COPE) or BYOD devices that inhabit organizations of all sizes. From activation to retirement, IT admins are aware of every smartphone and tablet present in an organization. And a mobile device management solution plays a key role in […]