Lock Android Tablet into Digital Signage using Scalefusion MDM

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    Lock Android Tablet into Digital Signage
    Lock Android tablet into Digital Signage

    Digital Signages are an effective way of displaying engaging content. Digital Signage can range from billboards and TV Screens, LED displays to tablets. A proven advertising technique that garners user engagement and interaction, Digital Signage is widely used in the retail industry to display the newest range of products and in restaurants and waiting areas like stadiums, transport hubs to display paid advertisements.

    A more cost-effective solution is to use Android Tablets as Digital Signage. These tablets are handy and can be moved easily. Using tablets at small kiosks to display advertisements can be a very effective solution to generate more from your advertisements.

    To lock down a tablet to use as Digital Signage, Scalefusion MDM offers a presentation mode. With Scalefusion MDM solution, you can remotely turn Android tablets into Kiosk Mode, which indeed can be used as Digital Signage devices.

    The presentation mode enables the Android tablet to play a presentation comprising of images and videos, as uploaded by the admin. During the presentation mode, the Android tablet is locked down to a single app and the end-user cannot change or exit the existing presentation.

    1. To get started, enable the FileDock application on the Device Profile. FileDock is a native app created by Scalefusion that acts as a container to store the content on managed devices.

    2. Once the FileDock is pushed on the Android tablet, navigate to the Content Management section of the dashboard. You can add content, including images, videos, and other files, through this section. By selecting the ‘presentation option’, you can create a presentation that needs to be displayed on the Android tablet when used as Digital Signage.

    Learn More: How to create a presentation in Scalefusion

    3. Once the presentation is created, publish it on the Android tablet. This presentation will now be available on the Android tablet and, depending on the settings, will run as a screensaver and loop continuously.

    4. To lock your Android tablet as a Digital Signage device, now navigate back to the Device Profile section. In the kiosk/launcher settings, select FileDock as the default application and update the Device Profile.

    Your Android tablet will now be locked into a single app, playing the Digital presentation on the screen.

    Scalefusion MDM offers a few advanced settings to enhance the Digital Signage app experience on Android devices. You can disable the hardware keys of the tablet, like the ‘Home’ button and the back button. You can set the device volume at a particular value or define the range of volume and also disable the volume control of the tablet. The device can be run in landscape mode only. These settings can be configured from the ‘Restrictions’ section under ‘Device Profiles’.

    Digital Signages are the next big thing in advertising. Leverage the power of your Android tablets by locking them into advertising content. Using Android device management, you can not only use your Android tablet as Digital Signage but also publish content remotely, troubleshoot errors, and get total control of the device.

    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane is an avid reader who loves writing about technology. She is an engineering graduate with 10+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy and PR for web-based startups.

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