Top 5 Innovative Mobile Applications for Hotels and Restaurants

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    There is a constant human race of inventing better technology. The innovators aim to set the bar of the latest invention to be replaced by a like-minded innovator and re-do the technological evolution and acceptance from one point to another. The advancement in smartphones with the latest technological functionalities continues to ease the life of consumers, therefore, it has become their second-best companion after human beings themselves.

    5 Apps for Hospitality Industry
    5 Apps for Hospitality Industry

    Tomorrow may be a delusion but embracing today’s viability to overcome the big tomorrow is what mobile application businesses have spread and developed a room in millions of devices each day.

    Mobile Applications: The next boom of technology

    Evidently, the mobile application business is flourishing and will continue to do so for an unforeseeable period. With over 3.2 billion smartphone users within the world, an average consumer is glued to their devices for about 2 hours 51 minutes of their time in each whole twenty-four-hour of the day¹. We are velcroed to our devices from the first blink of the eye in the day to the lid shut at the night crisscrossing and hopping between different variants of applications to entertain us. As per a survey conducted by e-marketer, an average consumer spends about 88% of their time pinning and using an application on their mobile devices².

    This survey has opened the doors of small and medium-size industries as well as large industries to build their native applications and engage their end-users and the targeted customers within the scope of their businesses. The global industry across varied domains is expected to generate $935 billion through mobile applications by the year 2023.

    5 Apps for Hospitality Industry

    The acceptance of the very fact has invited the realm to compete and build a million-dollar industry of their own³.

    Industries aim to attract, engage and transfer potential target audiences and bewilder them with their seamless customer experience. If we compare the goal of creating a customer life better and easier in any industry across the globe, the hospitality industry has already jumped ahead on the rope. They are pre-aligned across time to vision the actual needs and demands of modern travelers be it for work or pleasure and shower them with seamless hospitality.

    As per statistics, approximately 74% of the travelers prefer to plan in advance and book their hotel rooms through the hotel booking applications⁴. The acceptance of the mobile application is a token for advancement that has highly impacted the hospitality domain along with Kiosk hospitality through their native apps. Intending to serve customers better in an innovative way, the hospitality industry is among the 88% of the businesses who intend to leverage the mobile application as a personalized staying experience⁵.

    We have listed down five recommended applications that have conquered the hospitality domain and are unique in their own sphere for engagement and offer a better customer experience.

    1. VResorts – Virtual Reality Booking Platform 

    Imagine, if you could at the comfort of your bed, have the application and technology to take a tour of a hotel room you intend to wishlist with the exact same dimensions and amenities on a different horizon. With the augmentation of Virtual Reality, it has become a game-changer realm to enhance the hotel booking experience in the hospitality industry.

    VResorts is a VR commerce and VR content innovator that has launched its Virtual Reality Booking Application catering to the seamless experience of innovative solutions. It empowers travelers and enhances their selection of destination package processes through the usage of Virtual Reality space. This app allows travelers to pre-experience all the amenities, hotel views, common spaces through the latest technology and enhance their decision-making process for booking a specific package.

    2. FaceMe – Top AI Facial Recognition Engine

    The hospitality industry primarily aims to introduce and adopt the latest technology to enhance the customer experience seamlessly. Research suggests that if the visitor is satisfied with the hospitality, he or she is more likely to re-book the same hotel or extend the stay in the next visit with an increased probability of 13%⁶.

    Adding to the seamless check-in experience is the elimination of the queue in the reception area and getting the key for the rooms booked ease the customer experiences with innovative mobile device management in Hospitality. With the high-tech mechanism of FaceMe, this app allows visitors to scan their faces and produce an ID for verification to the recognition machine installed. Post scanning the ID, the guests receive the passcode to their booked rooms without physical interaction with any staff members. AI technology check-in procedure saves time for the guests and creates a personalized experience of technology in their business or personal stay.

    3. Zebra RFID Readers App – Enabled RFID tags for contactless scanning

    As per statistics, almost 84% of International tourists use mobile applications and devices to elevate their staying experience in a strange hotel. The hospitality industry is amalgamating the statistics with the new technology of RFID to welcome the exit of the traditional mode of checking-in. Zebra RFID readers app is designed to store the guest data when they check-in at the hotel premise and encrypt the same into a chip attached to a wearable band. The installed RFID scanners at prime locations like room entry/exit, common spaces like Spa, Swimming pool, Dining area are all accessible to be used just by scanning the wearable band through. This eliminates the trouble of carrying the room key everywhere and falling into the pit of requesting for a new ID lost. The chip will also scan and store the bills generated, amenities used, PoS integration specifically integrated to the guest of the room so that the check-out is performed hands-free leaving the guests with no concern but seamless friction.

    4. Bebot – The guest Chatbot 

    Imagine you’re checking into a hotel in a strange city and you have several questions that the review website couldn’t answer related to room service, such as best sight-seeing areas nearby, dining availability schedules, add-on services, and so on. You can only ask these questions to hotel staff. This physical communication process is eliminated by Chatbot applications which gives you instant communication without waiting for someone to stumble upon and seek relevance.

    Bebot is counted among one of the first-ever chatbot applications that have laddered its technological establishment and etched its name in the hospitality industry. This application is driven by AI-powered technology that provides guests a virtual concierge service. With an instant communication process, it eliminates seeking recommendations and instant information exclusively known to the hotel staff has been thin-lined, so guests can now throw in thousands of questions even before they pay for the bookings for the decision-making procedure.

    5. Scalefusion – MDM for Hospitality

    Mobile device management in the Hospitality industry has amplified the praise for its usage in self-service kiosk environments. They have proved to be a connoisseur not only in the enhancement of employee productivity, efficiency, and organization savings but also in customer satisfaction and virtual interaction. Scalefusion is one of the highly accepted MDMs that locks down corporate-owned devices into Kiosk mode. In the MDM hospitality industry, the Kiosk mode acts as a virtual receptionist to guide the blueprint of the hotels, directories of important numbers, and also integrate calling facilities for the guests.

    With the custom branding integration, the hotels can further customize their branding and push brand logo, customized lock screen, and necessary applications accessible in the Kiosk device that can serve the guest’s native purpose. 

    The usage and acceptance of hospitality kiosks are offering a wide range of advantages in the MDM hospitality industry appreciated both by the guests as well as the hotel staff. The seamless integration of this Kiosk application and technology provides a mainstream experience for travelers with a more connected and out of the edge halting experience.

    Closing lines…

    Technology surfacing in the hospitality industry eventually will go human-less with the next best invention that might awe the entire world. This is among the rapidly growing industry that has highly valued the front-line mission of enhancing the customer experience with the amalgamation of technology and revision of what’s new. The hospitality industry continues to learn, adapt and implement the next fresh perspective that the hotel guest might just limit to their imagination until stepped.


    Ayush Maskara
    Ayush Maskara
    Ayush Maskara is a Content Writer at Scalefusion. A media science graduate, a photographer, a fiction author, a storyteller, fiction manuscript editor, and an avid self-help reader, Ayush has been penning the creative wisdom for six years and have stepped into the IT domain for further exploration and staying awake with technological trends across the globe.

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