How Scalefusion Helped a Leading India-based Emergency Management Services Company

  • November 29, 2019

Scalefusion lately has bagged the opportunity to work with the largest professional India-based Emergency Management Services company. As an official MDM solution provider, we are helping the customer with locking their corporate-owned devices in multi-app kiosk mode, which are used by their emergency vehicle drivers and medical technicians.

Emergency services management
Scalefusion for Emergency Management Services

The customer is a pioneer in Emergency Management Services in India that operates in 16 states and 2 Union Territories and is a non-profit organization. It operates with the objective of offering all-inclusive, reliable, speedy, and efficient Emergency Care Services that can be reached out at using an Emergency Response System by dialing a toll-free emergency number. In this Emergency Management Services company, every emergency situation is dealt with prompt support with proper assessment, communication, and ambulance dispatch along with a well-trained Emergency Medical Technician who takes charge of transport and pre-hospital care of the patient till he/she reaches the healthcare facility.

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Business challenges faced by this Emergency Management Services company

Now, in doing so, they needed to ensure that the vehicle drivers are well-equipped with mobile devices for real-time responses, communication, and access to information like location addresses.

However, the company confronted certain challenges when they realized that they are unable to keep a tab on or control those corporate-owned devices used by its field force. The lack of device supervision, absence of device reports, unlimited access to internet and app downloads, and some malpractices like sim-swapping lead to major concerns like data overages, loss of productive hours, operational inefficiencies, and process delays.

The organization looked for an MDM solution that could enable it to gain full control over its fleet of devices used by the vehicle drivers and the medical technicians. They needed to make sure that the devices and data are judiciously used for work purposes only without any distractions caused by personal usage and rampant internet browsing. Also, the Emergency Management Services company wanted to gain a full view of the device and data usage reports and other compliance incidents to restrict any sort of device and data misuse.

Using Scalefusion came as a perfect solution!

Scalefusion MDM provided the much-needed resolution that the company sought, and ultimately offered all the benefits through a single solution. This is what we did for our customer to eliminate all their business challenges:

  • Scalefusion MDM helped the IT admin to lock down the devices used by the field force in single and multi-app kiosk mode, along with the facility of broadcast messaging.
  • The MDM helped the IT admin to restrict data and device usage by whitelisting the work-only apps and websites, which drastically brought the data-costs down.
  • Using Scalefusion MDM helped the company IT admins to receive instant updates about device activities, battery status, and other device health factors.
  • Scalefusion Workflows helped the IT admin to set alerts and get emails with reports on device location, sim swap, data usage, lock/unlock incidents, and password mismatch incidents.
  • The customer leveraged our Mobile Application Management feature to use the enterprise store for publishing private apps relevant to their business operations.

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Business values created by Scalefusion MDM for the Emergency Management Services company

Implementing Scalefusion MDM brought out the best from the customer’s service delivery system with:

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Improved customer satisfaction rate
  • Mitigated data overages and costs
  • Improved device performance
  • Enhanced process transparency
  • Improved and timely decision-making

Working with a happy and satisfied customer makes a lot of difference to us, and hence we never hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure they reap the best business benefits out of our extraordinary product. This was just one of the several examples; to know more about our success stories, read our case studies.

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