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How Retail Kiosk Software is Revolutionizing the Industry?

  • March 18, 2019


Facts First

According to MarketsAndMarkets, the interactive kiosk software market is expected to be worth USD 30.53 Billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 5.69% between 2017 and 2023.

“The value of the U.S. interactive kiosk industry market will reach $1 BILLION BY 2021,” a USATECH report predicts.

Retail has the largest contribution to the self-service kiosk market with a 22.6 percent market share in 2017.


What is Kiosk Lockdown Mode?

A kiosk provides a siloed interface to the users (customers or employees) to interact with a specific application. Kiosk lockdown mode on the desktop or mobile devices restricts extraneous features and enables only the essential functionality. Other kiosk-mode capabilities include:

  • Device security from malicious or accidental tampering of other assets (apps, services, or data) available on the system
  • Remote monitoring, notifications, and report generation
  • Restricting application usage to enhance user experience and amplify employee productivity


How Retail Kiosk Software is Revolutionizing the Industry?

Kiosk software is being used in a diverse sector like healthcare, hospitality, retail, education, and enterprises for corporate activities like inventory management, sales, or some other specific tasks. The retail industry has become the largest segment where kiosks are deployed, and reasons are aplenty:

  • Modern shoppers prefer quick and anonymous interactions when it comes to activities like picking up groceries, quick-service food, or withdrawing money from the bank.
  • Kiosks are a one-time investment and cut-down payroll and maintenance costs in the long run.
  • With technology advancements, kiosks increase efficiency, sales, and reduce errors.

As interactive kiosk software expand in unmanned locations, the kiosk lockdown mode is critical to their independent operation in unattended environments. Let’s see how:

Security and Protection

Retail Kiosk Software provides a secure platform to provide controlled use of the device and adhere to the security policy for system and user protection. The kiosk device is a secure enclosure with no access to the desktop (or home screen), settings, address bar or any other unrelated functionality.

The admin can select the features (or services) the users can access, in this case, the customers or employees. The user will be unable to access, install, or uninstall any app thereby ensuring complete data safety.


The kiosk mode can be customized to support only whitelisted apps (or webpages/URLs in the browser), preventing malicious apps to tamper with the system. System keystrokes are also blocked to avoid users to exit the kiosk screens.

Scalefusion kiosk mode software offers enhanced user-protection by deleting browsing information and files or session timeouts to allow guests to use the kiosk with confidence.

Remote Management and Mass Deployment

Kiosk devices can be remotely managed, allowing for bulk deployment, security patch updates, setting alerts, or pushing new content on the kiosk. With remote management, a kiosk can support multi-permission level access.

App and User Management

App and user management is simplified and flexible with capabilities like:

  • Enabling single or multiple apps
  • Creating and deploying multiple user profiles


Health Monitoring and Diagnostics

Our kiosk software offers device health monitoring and diagnostic applications, running in the background, which:

  • Ensures that kiosk is functioning properly.
  • Notifies the admin if either the physical unit or the software has been accessed inappropriately.
  • Customizes alarm or notification severity to help determine appropriate action.
  • Monitors system status & notify an admin in case of a crash, and auto-recover by restarting the application.
  • Automatically log into a limited access user account in case of a reboot.
  • Allows remote diagnostic logging for troubleshooting and development.
  • Collect application usage, audit trails, and logs.

User Experience

Though the kiosk mode provides a controlled user experience by preventing app or web-access, nevertheless the services offered to save user time and effort.

  • Users don’t need human interaction, making the process quick, and avoiding queues.
  • Blocking unwanted dialog boxes avoids unnecessary distractions.
  • Kiosks are interactive and intuitive to use, and limited application avoids confusion.
  • Automatic Reboot/Restart can help recover from crashes.
  • Session timeouts ensure user privacy.
  • Most kiosks support peripheral devices like printers, projectors, document scanners, payment devices, etc. for enhanced user experience.
  • Kiosks in idle mode can be used to display advertisements and information for users.

Scalefusion Retail Kiosk Software offer superior productivity, better asset, and device management, enhanced customer experience with a digitized process, and reduce manpower in a retail setup, making it the hottest trend in the industry. Scalefusion’s feature-rich and multi-platform kiosk lockdown solution is available for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Oss with valuable add-on features and capabilities. We are highly recognized and recommended by our clients for providing a perfect Retail Kiosk Software to manage, control and secure a fleet of devices to ensure productivity and precision.


About the Author

Vandita is a passionate writer and IT enthusiast. By profession, she is a Computer Lecturer at the University of Delhi and has previously worked as a Software Engineer with Aricent Technologies.

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