How Your IT Team Can Effectively Manage the Corporate-Owned Devices?

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    The benefits of enterprise mobility are multi-faceted but at the same time, it is experiencing a complex evolution. On the one hand, it promises productivity, precision and business profitability while on the other hand it raises concerns regarding corporate data security. Companies cannot help but allow their employees to access important company data/emails from their mobile devices for the obvious advantages, but this increases the dangers of cyberattacks and data abuse by the wrong people. While introducing a strong BYOD policy is one solution, comes with its own set of limitations and complications.

    Effective Management of Corporate-Owned Devices
    Manage Corporate-Owned Devices

    The perfect solution lies in implementing a corporate-owned device policy

    Employees need to access relevant enterprise data and information in real-time to stay productive, take faster and more effective decisions, and stay well-informed about business processes. Hence, the provision of corporate-owned mobile devices to help remotely located employees perform their tasks with immediate effect is a win-win for both the employee and the company. This doesn’t only keep the productivity and work efficiency intact but also allows them to access data and communicate with the required people within a controlled and secure environment. Now, the question is how and why your IT plays a crucial role in managing these corporate-owned devices to ensure flawless business proficiency, corporate data security, and employee productivity?

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    Implement a powerful Mobile Device Management Solution to manage corporate-owned devices

    Just having a corporate-owned device policy is not enough unless you have a strong strategy to manage your company-owned devices used by the employees. First and foremost, purchase and implement an MDM solution that will give your IT team overall control to manage, monitor, and secure the company-owned devices across all platforms, which are being used by the employees.

    Being one of the core components of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), MDM allows your company IT admin to seamlessly enforce the required policies on your corporate-owned endpoints to secure corporate data and network.

    This is how Scalefusion helps your IT team manage corporate-owned devices like a breeze

    The following are some of the core features and capabilities of Scalefusion MDM that enable your IT team to manage company-owned devices across multiple platforms, effortlessly.

    Over-the-air and bulk device enrollment: Scalefusion allows your IT team to enroll and manage your corporate-owned devices in bulk with the help of an MDM solution, which along with Apple DEP within Apple Business Manager and Android Zero-Touch enrollment support seamless and remote device enrollment in bulk. This allows your employees to start using the devices straight out of the box.

    Mobile Application Management: The MDM solution allows your IT admin to securely distribute, publish, manage and update in-house and public apps to the managed devices via the dashboard, using Scalefusion Enterprise Store or managed Google Play Store. Access to the right enterprise apps allows the employees to stay informed and productive in remote locations.

    Mobile Content Management: Scalefusion MDM allows your IT team to download the Scalefusion FileDoc app that allows them to remotely distribute, publish and manage enterprise content and files on company-owned devices. The mobile content management feature empowers the employees to take faster and more effective business decisions in real-time and to enhance productivity.

    Apply strong security policies: The MDM solution allows your It admin to tighten device and data security by enforcing relevant security policies and usage regulations across the devices for improved data and network protection. It supports message encryption (on rest and on transit) and other capabilities like remote data wipe and device lock for unattended, stolen, and lost devices.

    Enterprise team communication: Eva communication suite is a team communication app that drives enterprise contact management and a secure enterprise-wide communication process through two-way chat, context-aware notifications, voice messaging, conference calls, and VoIP calls. This drives team-wide collaboration and real-time communications amongst device users to share ideas, solutions and opinions for better customer service.

    Device inventory management: Scalefusion DeepDive enables the IT team to have a bird’s eye view of all the managed corporate-owned devices from one central console. The holistic visibility of the entire device inventory ensures that the IT team is always aware of any and every kind of incident around security or device health issues.

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    Remote device troubleshooting: Scalefusion supports remote device troubleshooting through its unique feature named Remote Cast and Control that allows the active device screen to be shared between the device user and the IT admin wherein the later can direct, guide, and assist the employee to resolve a specific device issue or to raise a ticker for further escalation.

    Automation of routine IT tasks: Scalefusion Workflows allows the IT, team, to automate and schedule routine IT tasks and actions while selecting a specific time and frequency for the execution. It also assists them with dynamic policy applications and helps them to set compliance alerts on managed corporate-owned devices, without any complicated coding or scripting.

    Kiosk lockdown solution: The Scalefusion kiosk mode app allows the IT team to effectively lockdown corporate-owned devices into a single or multi-app or browser kiosk mode wherein IT admin can apply the restriction to access the only limited work-related app(s) or websites. Kiosk mode company-owned devices prove to be quite helpful in boosting frontline worker productivity while ensuring data and device security and cost reduction.

    Now, manage company-owned devices in a jiffy with all the unique and powerful management features and security capabilities to get more work done in less time, only with Scalefusion MDM solution.

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