Android Management Software: Its Growing Importance in Enterprises

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    Android Management Software
    Android Management Software

    Android has taken the world by a storm. In a recent survey done by Statcounter, Android cuts a close margin of 2 % market share with Windows, the most popular operating system in the world. Android is preferred and used by people all over the world owing to its simplicity of operation, availability of customization and thousands of applications that can serve any purpose – for business as well as personal use.

    The biggest reason for this popularity surge of the Android operating system is the growing accessibility to mobile phones. The world might still use a Windows computer, but as phones are getting smarter, employees across businesses are preferring to use mobile phones and tablets for work. The size of the smartphone market is growing exponentially, as compared to the PC market. Using Android phones and tablets for work empowers the workforce to work remotely, offering them the flexibility to work from anywhere. Android phones and tablets are used as kiosks, Android TVs are tuned into digital signage; the possibilities of Android devices being used for work and businesses are growing every day. 

    Adopting Android phones and tablets in the enterprise environment raises an important IT concern of managing and securing these devices and the critical business data onto it. By adopting Android phones, companies can immensely help in boosting the productivity and efficiency of the business but at the same time setting security rules, and restrictions to avoid misuse of these devices is also of utmost importance. 

    Android Management – The Need

    Android management software is the key to successfully adopting Android devices for work. The existing infrastructure of the enterprise technology might have a few supporting elements, but they are not necessarily comprehensive. Android management software brings the much-needed sanity in managing, deploying and securing Android devices, both company and employee-owned, in an enterprise environment. 

    Some common reasons why your enterprise needs to opt for Android management software are listed below:

    • Inventory Deployment
    • Policy Enforcement
    • Resource Availability
    • Corporate Data Security
    • Inventory Management
    • Encrypted Communication

    Let us have a look at each of them in detail:

    Inventory deployment 

    Your company has zeroed on a set of Android devices that are to be deployed for work within your enterprise. The first and foremost concern that strikes your IT managers is deployment. To enable the devices to work for their designated use-case, to manage the device fragmentation within the inventory and to empower the employees to start working from the minute they un-box the device is a hassle, which can be mitigated by an Android MDM software

    Policy Enforcement 

    Specifying usage rules and enforcing them on Android devices is critical. Rule application and privileges based on devices owner’s role can be compassed efficiently by the Android management software. IT teams can measure best practices and enforce policies accordingly using an Android management solution. Having an Android management software enables to exercise granular control over devices used in the enterprise environment without disrupting the user experience and device performance. 

    Resource Availability

    The Android devices used for work in an enterprise environment need to be equipped with business resources such as content and applications. This facilitates the devices to be used at their optimum capacity to positively contribute to the business. Loading the Android devices individually with business-specific apps and content can be cumbersome, and an Android management solution can simplify this process.

    Corporate Data Security

    Securing critical corporate data on Android devices is one of the biggest matters of consideration while deploying Android devices for work. Accounting potential threat to corporate data security arising from accessing unscrutinized applications on the device to device-theft is a prime concern for IT managers. In the case of BYO (Bring your own) Android devices, remote wipe-off is also not an option, since it can also affect the employee’s personal data on the device. The best android management software can compartmentalize between personal and business data and can aid in securing business-data through wipe-off on BYO devices. For enterprise-owned devices, the Android management software can help in tracking down the device and/or permanently locking the device, effectively securing the corporate data on the device.

    Inventory Management

    To successfully establish Android devices in enterprise environment it is essential to monitor the device inventory remotely. Especially when devices are deployed as unattended kiosks, preventing unauthorized access, detecting device issues and troubleshooting rapidly, to reduce device downtime is crucial. 

    Encrypted Communication

    With the entire workforce using Android devices for work, establishing a secure channel of communication between the various teams is important to maintain a constant line of communication between the team, to ensure productivity and collaboration. While employees might be tempted to use communication channels offered by various applications available within Google Play Store, there’s always a risk of data breach. Using third-party tools might also result in added maintenance and data costs. An ideal Android management solution can provide the capability to collaborate over the air with encrypted messaging and VoIP calling. 

    Android Management Solution- What to consider

    A comprehensive solutions for modern enterprise need

    With the growing importance of Android Management, it is impelling to have an Android Management Software to manage and secure Android devices in the enterprise environment. But while it is extremely important to consider whether your chosen Android Management Software fulfills the above-mentioned requirements, it is also essential to foresee the future of enterprise mobility and opt for a solution that accommodated any anticipated changes. The best Android management solution should be versatile to support diverse use-cases such as BYOD and be cost-efficient for sustainable operation. 

    Don’t ignore the security

    Modern businesses are evolving at a fast pace. Implementing a strong mobility strategy with the right Android management software can deliver expected results from the mobility without compromising in corporate security.

    Scalefusion for Android Management

    Scalefusion offers a unified Android management solution that is pliable to manage devices from other platforms while offering optimum functionalities to manage Android devices used in an enterprise environment. Scalefusion MDM streamlines device deployment and management, affirmatively impacts IT productivity and helps IT teams gain granular control over enterprise devices.

    Offering a singular dashboard with device analytics, the ability to automate IT jobs with Workflows, ITSM with Remote Cast and Control, and secure two-way communication with Eva Communication Suite, Scalefusion meets the bar of being the best Android management software in the market.

    Make your enterprise ready for the Android revolution with Scalefusion.

    Start your 14-day free trial today!

    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane is a Sr. Content Writer at Scalefusion. An engineering graduate, an Apple junkie and an avid reader, she has a 5+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy and PR for technology and web based startups.

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