How Geofencing Devices Can Improve Business Operations?

In the world of the mobile workforce and ever-evolving frontline jobs that need the employees to be out in the field, away from the corporate security parameters, the enterprise operations cannot be outdated. Businesses need to stay a step ahead in the curve to ensure that the newfound way of working and the mobility is going to help optimize the existing operations. Geofencing is one of the most crucial capabilities that can help businesses keep track of their mobile workforce. In this article, we will discuss how geofencing helps in improving business operations.

Geofencing advantages for business
Geofencing Advantages for Business

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing involves applying virtual boundaries to physical locations. Geofencing in broader terms is classifying the devices/customers/users based on their radii of operation. In terms of device and fleet management, consider geofence to be an invisible fence to a geographical location. And while geofencing doesn’t prevent the device or the employee using the device from entering or exiting a designated geofence, it certainly helps in closely monitoring a large device fleet. With geofencing, companies can not only track their mobile workforce, driver fleet, or other field employees equipped with a mobile device but can also set perimeters of operation for each.

Geofencing advantages for business
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For devices managed with Scalefusion MDM software, the geofencing is available as a feature within the dashboard. 

Geofencing and location tracking enables businesses to:

  • Track the exact device location with latitude and longitude
  • Monitor the device movement in real-time
  • Obtain the address of the location
  • Set geofences with a radius for each fence
  • Be notified when a device enters or exits a geofence.
  • Set device policy settings based on the device profile

Industries that make use of Geofencing on mobile devices: 

  • Transportation
  • Shipment and last-mile delivery
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Emergency services
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare

How Geofencing helps in improving business operations:

  • Managing a large device inventory spread over multiple geo-locations becomes streamlined
  • By applying geofences, businesses can apply digital boundaries to physical locations where the field force operates.
  • The businesses can thus map the entire radius of operation of the field force, which can be helpful in monitoring their activity as well as the vehicle activity in case of logistics and transportation.
  • For last-mile delivery and shipment, geofencing can help in assigning geofence-based tasks to the employees or teams.
  • When geofence-based notifications, businesses can track the entry and exit time for each geofence 
  • In manufacturing units and industrial plants, geofencing can help in tracking the number of hours spent by the employee on the premises. 
  • Geofencing can help in blocking access to certain areas with the restricted entry within the premises since the device as well as the managers can be alerted.
  • A geofence-based switch profile or policy change can help in repurposing the same device for multiple tasks. 
  • In the hospitality sector and properties with large areas, geofencing can help in tracking guests and extending assistance whenever needed.
  • For healthcare, geofencing can help in resource optimization in epidemic stricken areas.
  • For large warehouses, geofencing can also help in curbing equipment theft since every moment is closely monitored.

Scalefusion for Geofencing

Conventionally, geofencing is accomplished by using a GPS tracker and a mobile application sitting on a mobile device in combination, which is traditionally fit on the vehicle. With Scalefusion, the need to have a GPS tracker and a vehicle-mounted device is eliminated and a mobile device managed with Scalefusion MDM suffices. Moreover, geofencing using Scalefusion MDM helps in monitoring the location of employees and jobs that do not need a vehicle and essentially a vehicle-mounted device.

Explore geofencing for Android and iOS for devices managed with Scalefusion MDM.


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Thousands of businesses rely upon Scalefusion for managing their mobile device, desktops & laptops and other endpoints

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Thousands of businesses rely upon Scalefusion for managing their mobile device, desktops & laptops and other endpoints