Geo Tracking: Everything You Need To Know

  • December 13, 2022

Ever wondered how last-mile delivery businesses or cab services would function without a GPS tracker? Location tracking has become a routine practice for businesses worldwide. With enterprise mobility, businesses have employees distributed in different parts of the world. With this, despite being mildly intrusive, location monitoring or geo-tracking has become essential to ensure employee productivity and safety.

What Is Geo Tracking
What is Geo Tracking?

What is Geo Tracking?

Geo tracking is basically the ability to map the geographic location of a person or thing at any given point in time. It helps businesses monitor the activities of their distributed teams, track inventories and much more with geo tracking. Modern-day mobility management solutions or MDM solutions help businesses track their employees and enterprise devices efficiently.

What is the Importance of Geo Tracking?

The speed at which corporate trends are changing is leaving businesses with fewer options to gain control over their workforce. Although previously considered an invasion of privacy, geo-tracking is now used by several businesses worldwide to gain wider visibility of their employees. Geo-tracking empowers businesses with multiple abilities that go beyond simply tracking the activities of employees which makes it a crucial feature.

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Here’s Why Geo-Tracking Is Important for Businesses Today:

1. Anti-theft/Anti-loss Solution

It’s no surprise that geo-tracking can help you track your device location in real-time. When managing a mobile workforce distributed across geographies, keeping a tab on your enterprise devices can be a complex task. Thanks to geo-tracking, you can easily locate your devices if they happen to be misplaced or stolen. Powerful MDM solutions like Scalefusion not only allow you to quickly locate your lost/stolen device but also remotely lock the device and wipe the sensitive business information off it for corporate security.

2. Tracking Productivity

Managing dispersed teams from an office located in one corner of the world is a herculean task. Line managers and supervisors can benefit the most from geo-tracking by monitoring team locations. With Scalefusion MDM, you can enhance remote team monitoring capabilities with comprehensive location reports. You can view and download location information for your Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices for a particular date and time.

3. Employee Safety

Several industries such as construction, mining, and logistics have a remote workforce constantly on the move, often operating in hazard-prone areas. Tracking the locations of these employees is critical to ensuring their safety. During disasters or emergencies, your headquarters or command centers can easily come to the rescue through accurate real-time information on employee locations.

4. Reduced Administrative Burden

Lastly, be it IT admins or supervisors, you can minimize frequent phone calls to your remote employees. Geo-tracking helps you gain a bird’s eye view of your device inventory and remote workforce. Scalefusion further lets you create automated alerts based on predefined geofences to reduce your administrative burden.

Which Industries Can Benefit Most from Geo Tracking?

Geo-tracking works like a charm for every industry that is exploring mobility. It tracks thousands of mobile devices and offers insights into your workforce.

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Following are some of the industries that can benefit the most from geo-tracking:

Logistics & Transportation

Geo-tracking used by logistics and transportation companies greatly improves their remote monitoring capabilities and allows businesses to view and track their shipments. Geo-tracking is routinely used by logistics companies to identify the best route and ensure better customer service.

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Delivery Services

Doorstep deliveries have increased exponentially since the pandemic. Geo-tracking enables businesses as well as customers to view the real-time status of their orders and track locations in case of delays. Businesses too can analyze the time spent by their employees between consecutive deliveries and monitor employee productivity.

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How did Scalefusion help Huff Delivery track and control user activity on iPads?

Taxi Services

Hailing a taxi is fuss-free thanks to geo-tracking, which allows customers to book a cab and view its real-time location, including an estimated time of arrival (ETA). Most cab services allow customers to share their locations with family and friends. Geo-tracking brings a sense of convenience and safety to customers.


Traditional classrooms have now transformed into digital learning zones where children of all ages use digital devices for learning. Be it K-12 education or high studies, laptops and tablets have become commonplace. However, schools and universities are responsible for maintaining and keeping a tab of their hundreds and thousands of devices. Geo-tracking makes it easier to monitor the device inventory and take quick action in case of device loss or geofence breach.

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How Does Scalefusion Help South Wilts Grammar School Locate and Track Devices Remotely?

Emergency Services

For security and emergency services, time management is critical. Policemen, security guards, ambulance drivers, and firefighters can work more efficiently with geo-tracking. They can receive faster backups by sharing their real-time locations with their crew members and command centers.

Case Study:
How Scalefusion Helped a Leading India-based Emergency Management Services Company

Scalefusion MDM for Geo Tracking

Scalefusion MDM offers enterprise IT admins a single comprehensive platform to keep a track of their Android and iOS devices using GPS-based location tracking and macOS and Windows 10 devices using IP-address-based location tracking. Scalefusion’s easy-to-use dashboard defines the location sampling frequency and accuracy mode to ensure optimum results.

Scalefusion helps you take a step beyond GPS tracking and leverage location monitoring capabilities such as:

  • Geofencing: You can create multiple geofences to define a specific area of operation for your workforce. Scalefusion lets you schedule automated alerts when your device enters or exits the predefined geofence.
  • Location Reports: You can obtain extensive location reports, distance reports, and geofence logs for a particular time frame from the Scalefusion dashboard.
  • GPS Enforcement: You can select the option to keep GPSactive on your Android devices constantly without enabling your end users an option to deactivate the GPS. This works especially well for logistics and last-mile deliveries.

Closing Lines

Tracking the whereabouts of your employees and keeping a tab on the location of your devices is not an option but a necessity. Scalefusion MDM simplifies the process of geo-tracking your devices with a simple and intuitive dashboard.

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