How Visa Global Logistics turned their transportation department paperless

About Company

VISA Global Logistics was founded in 1982, it has become one of Australia’s largest privately owned international freight forwarding companies and through their extensive global network, they deliver a comprehensive logistics system for all worldwide trade lanes. VISA Global Logistics delivers a fully integrated solution which includes forwarding, clearance, warehouse, distribution and value added services. They offer personalised service that is dedicated to driving business efficiencies at every touch-point

The Business Challenge

Transportation and Logistics require an immense coordination and cooperation in multiple activities across the interconnected global network. To keep pace with the competitors in the transportation and logistics industry, Visa Global Logistics decided to opt for android tablet devices for their workforce to stay connected and wanting them to work flexibly on field. Use of mobile devices helped the employees to make transactions in real time and to stay in constant touch with the company while being on the field. This gave Visa Global Logistics a technological advantage over competitors in the industry. Use of android tablets was critical in moving towards paperless operation in their transport department. All the documentation and timesheets for their field staff was replaced by apps and web delivered content.

The Solution

Visa Global soon realized the need of a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution that could help them to lock down the company-owned devices, combined with a Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution that could give them access to enable only business related apps on the device and disable all the unapproved apps on the device. They also needed a solution that could aid them to restrict the online activity of the employees and access only specific websites deemed right for their business. After evaluating all the industry’s leading vendors and keeping their requirements in mind, Visa Global Logistics adopted Scalefusion. 

Following are the key capabilities of Scalefusion which helped Visa Global Logistics to resolve their problems:

1. Scalefusion has been a cost-effective, easy to use kiosk lockdown solution for android devices. With the help of Scalefusion, Visa Global can remotely control all the devices in real time through a device management dashboard. This helped them to manage the enterprise mobility with ease.

2. Visa Global could lock down the devices in Kiosk mode allowing them to disable all the unauthorized apps on the employee devices and enable business-related apps on the device in kiosk mode. Using the Scalefusion Kiosk Browser, Visa Global can also control the internet activity on the device by whitelisting the websites using the device management dashboard. The employees can only access these whitelisted websites. This restricted the internet activity of the employees and helped them in concentrating on their work.

3. Visa Global can now easily locate and track a field staff’s device using the location tracking feature in Scalefusion.

Business Benefits

1. Scalefusion helped Visa Global in enforcing policies that enabled the effective use of devices for the intended purposes.

2. Scalefusion  browser helped Visa Global to whitelist websites and restrict the internet activity of the employees. This resulted in keeping the employees focused on the job.

3. Locking the devices in kiosk mode helped Visa Global to reduce the downtime by restricting the employees to change the device settings and install unwanted apps. The kiosk mode on the devices also gives remote access to the registered devices, which helped in controlling the devices when they are on the field.

4. Visa Global could remotely enable/disable any app on the devices. Visa Global could now locate the devices in real time with the help of Scalefusion’s location tracking feature.

5. Scalefusion's device groups feature helped visa global in organizing their devices into groups and apply the preset device profiles according to the usage of the devices of the groups. This helped in managing the devices with ease.

From The Client

"Scalefusion has been a key tool in our change to paperless operations in our transport departments. All transport documentation and timesheets for our truck drivers have been replaced with apps and web delivered content that are accessed through Scalefusion. In an environment where the downtime of a single tablet can cause delays and costs, Scalefusion has ensured peace‐of‐mind that our tablets remain practically non‐tamperable by the users. The ability to push new settings remotely is a huge timesaver". - Visa Global Team

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