Fleetsmith Discontinued: Time To Up Your MDM Game With Scalefusion

  • December 6, 2022

Apple recently discontinued Fleetsmith, its mobile device management platform that was acquired nearly two years ago. Fleetsmith’s services ended in October 2022, leaving several businesses scrambling to find another suitable MDM solution. But migrating to another MDM is not an easy task. Picking the right MDM solution that aligns with your budget and IT needs is vital. Changing your MDM solution mid-deployment adds extra effort spent on unenrolling and re-enrolling countless devices. 

Scalefusion aims to simplify the device onboarding and management process for its users. Scalefusion intends to offer a smooth transition to all users wanting to migrate to Scalefusion MDM from Fleetsmith. This article will help you understand how Fleetsmith compares to Scalefusion and how you can effortlessly migrate your devices to Scalefusion MDM.

How Does Scalefusion Compare to Fleetsmith?

Cloud-Based MDMYesYes
Multi-OS SupportNoYes
Customer SupportCall and email support, help desk, knowledge baseCall and email support, help desk, knowledge base, 24 x 6 live chat-based support, FAQs/forum
BYOD ManagementNoYes
IntegrationsNoFreshdesk, Freshservice, Jira, NuovoTeam, Okta, GSuite, Azure AD, O365 AD, Intel vPro AMT, Windows Hello
Remote ControlNoYes
Application ManagementNoYes
Content ManagementNoYes
Customizable BrandingNoYes
Speed-based Access PolicyNoYes
Kiosk ModeNoYes
Digital Signage SolutionNoYes
Languages SupportedEnglishEnglish, Spanish, French
Fleetsmith vs Scalefusion

What Are the Advantages of Managing Your Devices With Scalefusion MDM?

  • 3-tiered transparent pricing plan to suit your diverse business needs
  • Clear pricing structure with no hidden setup or support costs
  • 14-day free trial with access to all enterprise-grade features
  • Complimentary product demos, training, and custom consultation from product experts
  • Complimentary training and extensive marketing assistance for partners
  • Live chat-based 24 x 6 free customer support with a median response time of fewer than 3.5 minutes
  • World-class customer support with an average first response time of 90 seconds and a first contact resolution rate of 80% over chat
  • Reusable licenses that can be transferred from existing devices to new ones
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, SOC-2 Type-2, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant
  • Discounts for NGOs and educational institutions

Migration From Fleetsmith MDM: What You Need To Do

Migrating from your existing MDM platform to another one does not mean simply picking a new solution. To successfully migrate from Fleetsmith to Scalefusion MDM, IT admins must consider the following steps:

  • Involve all the stakeholders in the migration process
  • Comprehensive documentation of the current MDM environment and its dependencies
  • Gather all the usernames, passwords, tokens, and certificates
  • Delete the Fleetsmith MDM server from ABM
  • Configure Apple services for the Scalefusion dashboard
  • Create fresh enrollment profiles and corporate policies
  • Test the migration to Scalefusion MDM of various device types
  • Prepare your end-users for the migration and new enrollment process

Getting Started With Scalefusion MDM

You can begin your migration to Scalefusion MDM by selecting an enrollment method of your choice. Scalefusion offers several over-the-air bulk enrollment options, such as QR code-based enrollment or IMEI/Serial number-based enrollment for iOS and macOS devices. Our in-house sales and support teams ensure you follow the right migration process and leverage the best pricing plans.

  • Sign-up with Scalefusion and configure your account.
  • Configure role-based access controls to create roles and assign permissions.
  • Set up extensive policies that align with your business needs.
  • Identify your preferred mode of device enrollment and create an enrollment configuration
  • Integrate directory services to import users in bulk
  • Add or import users to the Scalefusion dashboard
  • Invite users to enroll their devices with Scalefusion by following a simple set of onscreen instructions

To ensure that your migration to Scalefusion is accurate, we recommend you conduct surveys and gather feedback from your IT teams. This helps you instantly identify issues or queries that IT team members might encounter while getting accustomed to Scalefusion MDM. You can contact the Scalefusion team to obtain any assistance that you need.

Closing Lines

Mobile device management simplifies complex IT tasks for your enterprise IT teams. Scalefusion MDM is known for its easy-to-use interface and its best-in-class support team. We encourage you to schedule a live demo with your product experts to understand the versatile offerings that we have. Alternatively, you could use a 14-day free trial to get accustomed to our dashboard.

To know more about Scalefusion, please visit our website at www.scalefusion.com

Thousands of businesses rely upon Scalefusion for managing their mobile device, desktops, laptops and other endpoints

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