Author: <span>Yesha Gangani</span>

Working patterns have significantly transformed over the last 20 years. How businesses function today is completely different from what anyone would have expected. This change has occurred due to the wide usage of mobile devices including smartphones, laptops and tablets. Consequently, mobile workforce is now standard practice for companies, as employees continue to believe that […]

Managing restrictions and enabling full control of settings on iOS devices can be made possible by deploying Scalefusion MDM. By leveraging the Apple DEP program, you can easily enroll iPhones and iPads into Scalefusion MDM, ensuring users don’t bypass or remove restrictions. Enforce powerful management settings and restrictions on iOS devices by enabling device supervision […]

The year 2018 reported 16,517 application-related security issues worldwide. With such an alarming number of instances, if your IT team is still dependent on antivirus software to save business data, there’s a high chance your enterprise may have to withstand a major malware exploit. But using an application whitelisting solution, companies can achieve a secure […]

Remote Endpoint Management has become the IT team’s top priority right now.  Due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the sudden work transition has drastically evolved security and remote endpoint management scenarios. According to reports generated by Owl Labs, about 62% of employees have accustomed themselves to work remotely on a daily basis. After one year […]

Edge is Microsoft’s popular cross-platform web browser, which makes handling security and privacy much easier for its users. Microsoft Edge includes new-age consumer features like Edge Kiosk Mode that protect your online data and identity, help you stay organized and save time and give you value back. Microsoft Edge is especially popular for enterprise use […]

Goes without saying, when companies expand their sizes, they require all the more cell phones, tablets and laptops to extend to their employees. With fewer employees, ensuring mobile devices are well managed and updated with the latest software and safety protocol is easily doable. But when employee numbers begin to rise, device management gets difficult. […]

An iOS MDM solution can reduce the security risks associated with using portable devices for work. By using an Apple mobile device management solution, IT admins can remotely enroll and deploy devices in bulk. With an MDM, IT can remotely manage all devices and enforce security configurations. An iOS device management solution can also aid […]

Technology is everywhere, and it has also spilled into classrooms now, thanks to the pandemic. With remote learning as the new norm schools and institutes have been investing in technological devices so that students can continue learning even from home. BYOD policies, 1-to-1 initiatives, smartphones for students, and with schools buying iPads and Chromebooks to […]

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world to its core. Every sector, ranging from IT, hospitality, healthcare, logistics, finance as well as education has had to revamp its traditional working environment to adapt to the need of the house – functioning remotely. The education sector has seen a drastic shift in learning, with schools and […]

MDM policy helps to prevent mobile device data breaches and security threats. In this blog, you’ll understand how to effectively manage mobile devices in the enterprise environment. What is an MDM Policy? With the help of an MDM policy, a company’s IT admins can establish rules on how mobile devices can be secured and used […]