Enterprise Mobility Solution for Taxi and Transportation Services

  • March 26, 2018

Mobile Technology has transformed the entire system of providing & managing taxi and transportation services. In last decade, smartphones and tablets have led to the rise and growth of enterprise mobility which has transformed the way business is carried out. From security issues to customer satisfaction, the mobility and solutions fulfill the critical business needs.

Enterprise Mobility Solution for Taxi and Transportation Services
Manage fleet of mobiles as well as transportation with Scalefusion

How mobile technology has transformed taxi & transportation services?

The rising trend of using mobile devices have immensely enhanced the services offered, reduced response time, cut the cost of business operations and especially proved efficient for cab & transportation service providers.

The Mobile apps developed for cab aggregation business can be cited for disruptive innovation using mobile technology, which is clearly a result of technological progress, making the transportation within the city limits more affordable and hassle-free for the people opting the service. Even, the drivers have adapted to this change and are getting trained on how to use the mobile apps to make their jobs easier.

The challenges faced by the cab owners and aggregators

No doubt that emerging technology has become the key differentiator for start-ups to make it big in the cab/transportation services market. But they also face certain challenges in customer interaction as well as satisfaction. For an e.g.,

1. Failure in real-time routing,
2. App management,
3. Device theft incidence
4. Security of the customers i.e. does not come to know if the driver changes the allotted route and areas to cater.
5. Drivers accessing the irrelevant apps like that of Facebook or WhatsApp while driving for an e.g. while
waiting at traffic signal points
6. False reporting time or the ride duration by the drivers
7. Attending unnecessary personal calls during the ride from the devices deployed in the cabs

How Scalefusion Enterprise Mobility Management contributes to the taxi and transportation services?

Scalefusion enables the cabs aggregators to centrally monitor, manage and control the mobile devices which are installed in the cabs or buses with the aggregator app. The critical features which help taxi/transportation services are –

1.  Location tracking
2.  App Management
3.  Restricting access to all the other apps and websites
4.  Restricted access to the devices
5.  Reporting theft incidence

Let’s see how these features help the taxi services –

Once the devices are registered with Scalefusion, they are locked in the kiosk or single app mode. Drivers can no longer access the blacklisted apps except the permitted ones.

Location tracking feature allows the company to locate and monitor the cab or bus in real-time from the enterprise mobility software dashboard. Admin can also get the time at which the journey started, and the end time also hence can verify the distance and the duration of the journey.

The company can even set a virtual boundary by Geofencing for the devices deployed in the vehicle, by which if the driver drives the vehicle outside the set boundary, the breach is immediately notified to the admin or the manager, and accordingly, necessary actions can be taken. Scalefusion provides the multiple geofencing features also, by which Admin can remotely monitor multiple devices and hence the drivers of multiple vehicles at a time.

All the apps which are not supposed to access by the drivers are restricted by the Admin from the dashboard, and the aggregator app or the private business apps which are critical for the drivers can be uploaded on the Scalefusion Enterprise Store and publish further on the devices. Admin can even access Google Play Store, find the app which is of relevance and then distributes it from the dashboard.

Major security aspects are covered by following features which are very handy when any device theft incidence occurs which is very common in the cab and transportation services –

1. Passcode Enforcement
2. Remote Lock
3. Security Incidents Monitoring
4. Remote Wipe

Enterprise Mobility is the way to go for every industry and service, but there are challenges as well. However, with efficient mobile device management, any business can leverage the advantages offered by continuous advancement in mobile technology.

Scalefusion – Enterprise Mobility Management Solution, provides a number of other features which comes handy for managing the deployed devices remotely. Ultimately, it helps the cab companies in providing better customer service leading to their profitability.

About the Author

Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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