Datalogic Device Management: A Detailed Insight

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    Flashback to June 26, 1974. Marsh Supermarket in Troy, Ohio (US). A clerk passes a UPC on a Wrigrey’s gum pack over the window of a barcode scanner. A truly game-changing moment with a ‘beep’ sound and history made! That was the world’s first commercial barcode scanner, marking the start of the automatic identification & data capture (AIDC) industry. It was a Datalogic barcode scanner!

    The above introduction is a testament to the place Datalogic holds in the history of technology. Founded in 1972 in Bologna, Italy, Datalogic has continued its esteemed journey to scale consistent heights. Datalogic devices today find applications in almost every major industry across the globe. Businesses using these devices must adopt a mobile device management (MDM) solution like Scalefusion for Datalogic device management. 

    Datalogic device management

    With Scalefusion, IT admins can manage Datalogic device fleets with ease and authority. Let’s dive right in! 

    What are Datalogic Devices

    Datalogic offers a wide range of devices and solutions for automatic data capture and process automation across various industries. Some of their notable devices include:

    • Mobile Computers
    • Fixed Retail Scanners
    • Handheld Scanners
    • Stationary Industrial Scanners
    • Barcode Readers
    • RFID Systems
    • Laser Marking Systems
    • Machine Vision Systems
    • Sensors and Safety Devices

    It’s important to remember that only Datalogic mobile computers fall under the purview of MDM. Although RFID systems integrated with a smartphone turn into RFID sleds that can be managed via an MDM solution. 

    Datalogic Mobile Computers

    Datalogic mobile computers are rugged devices that incorporate all the essential peripherals and interfaces required for gathering, managing, and storing data obtained through barcodes. They pack all the necessary computer components into a compact design, including a display, a Wi-Fi system, an operating system (Windows or Android), a keyboard (virtual or physical), a battery, and a professional scan engine. 

    Alongside the many capabilities, each Datalogic mobile computer boasts a durable enclosure, capable of enduring falls from various heights and functioning in challenging conditions. This rugged casing enables the devices to operate in diverse professional environments, resisting shocks, direct waterjets, and highly dusty settings.

    Datalogic offers two types of mobile computers;

    Handheld Computers: Datalogic provides a comprehensive range of handheld mobile computers in diverse configurations tailored to cater to the distinct requirements of industries. These devices can swiftly scan barcodes from close proximity or afar, regardless of their condition, be it 1D or 2D, whether indoors or outdoors, irrespective of the prevailing weather conditions.

    Vehicle Mount Computers: Datalogic vehicle-mounted computers are incredibly rugged devices crafted specifically for forklifts, industrial vehicles, and demanding environments with potential hazards. They come in various sizes, from a compact 7″ version that’s easy to hold by hand to a massive 21″ display for industrial use. 

    These mobile computers provide efficient order fulfillment without sacrificing accuracy and can endure extreme temperatures, shocks, and vibrations. They remain reliable in challenging settings and boast inbuilt imaging technology to read any barcode effectively when used with a connected handheld scanner.

    What are Datalogic Devices Used For

    Datalogic devices (mobile computers) offer various applications across industry settings. Here are a few primary ones:

    Shipping and Receiving: Mobile computers streamline the process of scanning incoming and outgoing goods in a warehouse, facilitating smooth integration with the Warehouse Management System (WMS) database. This allows for efficient shipment processing using the same device.

    Inventory Management: Mobile computers enable businesses to scan items, record quantity, location, and other relevant information, updating and tracking inventory in real-time within the database.

    WIP Traceability: Mobile computers support Work in Progress (WIP) traceability, allowing each unit to be tracked throughout manufacturing. Real-time monitoring of accuracy, output, and other essential production metrics becomes possible.

    Assisted Sales: Store associates can use mobile computers to assist customers by providing product information and checking availability. Additionally, customers can make immediate online card payments if they decide to purchase the product.

    Price Check: Retail store personnel can ensure accurate pricing using mobile computers to scan barcodes and verify that the displayed prices match the database records.

    What is Datalogic Device Management and its Challenges

    Datalogic device management refers to efficiently managing and maintaining Datalogic devices deployed within an organization’s infrastructure. Effective device management is crucial to ensure the optimal performance, security, and longevity of Datalogic devices, especially when they are deployed in large numbers across different locations.

    However, managing Datalogic devices can be challenging for IT admins handling a large fleet of these devices. Here are some of the challenges:

    • Device Heterogeneity
    • Scalability
    • Connectivity and Accessibility
    • Device and Data Security
    • Software Updates and Compatibility
    • Monitoring and Diagnostics
    • User Training and Support
    • Battery and Power Management
    • Legacy Devices

    Addressing these challenges requires implementing a comprehensive and efficient MDM solution like Scalefusion.

    Managing Datalogic Rugged Devices with Scalefusion MDM

    Revolutionizing Device Enrollment and App Management: Embracing Simplicity and Security

    Innovative and cutting-edge, Scalefusion presents a seamless device enrollment and app management process empowered by state-of-the-art Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) capabilities. Say goodbye to complexities, as Scalefusion automates policy application, app installations, and firmware updates, all without requiring any user intervention. This ensures an effortless and efficient device setup right out of the box. Scalefusion’s remote administration offers administrators the power to effortlessly manage and configure public apps, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), and enterprise applications, guaranteeing smooth updates for all critical business apps on Datalogic devices.

    Unparalleled Security Measures: Safeguarding Your Enterprise

    At Scalefusion, security is of utmost importance, especially for enterprises deploying Datalogic devices. We take security seriously and deliver robust features to combat potential threats. Our implementation of data loss prevention (DLP) policies, peripheral access restrictions, media sharing control, and password enforcement effectively mitigate unauthorized access risks. Moreover, we offer comprehensive device lockdown, Factory Reset Protection (FRP), and VPN support to add layers of protection, ensuring that your corporate information remains shielded from any potential vulnerabilities.

    Kiosk Mode: Boosting Device Operations & Employee Productivity

    Scalefusion MDM offers kiosk mode lockdown that elevates device security by converting Datalogic devices into focused workstations. In this mode, only pre-approved apps are allowed to operate, minimizing distractions, preventing unauthorized app downloads, and ultimately enhancing overall device security.

    Remote Cast and Control: Troubleshoot with Effortlessness

    When it comes to troubleshooting Datalogic devices, Scalefusion makes it a breeze with our remote cast and control feature. Our powerful functionality enables administrators to create support tickets on integrated ITSM platforms, eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools. Capturing screenshots, recording screen sessions, and real-time device monitoring significantly reduce downtime and the necessity for on-site visits.

    Streamlined Content Management: Igniting Productivity

    Say goodbye to content management complexities with Scalefusion. We grant administrators the ability to remotely push, upload, edit, publish, and delete business-related documents and data on Datalogic devices. This streamlined content management ensures employees have seamless access to relevant information, promoting productivity and focus.

    DeepDive Device Analytics: Unraveling Insights for Informed Decisions

    Scalefusion’s DeepDive Analytics offers comprehensive visibility into your Datalogic device inventory. Administrators can monitor device health, generate real-time reports, and analyze data usage, facilitating informed decision-making and optimizing operations.

    Scalefusion MDM Empowers Organizations to:

    • Retain absolute command over corporate Datalogic devices, allowing entry solely to authorized applications and websites.
    • Oversee the immediate whereabouts of staff members to enhance administration and compliance.
    • Analyze device data for the creation of impactful strategies, enhancement of efficiency, and expenditure control.
    • Employ remote wipe capabilities to secure corporate data in instances of device loss or compromise.
    • Ensure devices receive automatic over-the-air updates, reducing security vulnerabilities and streamlining operations.

    Adopt Scalefusion for Datalogic Device Management

    Scalefusion MDM offers a powerful and comprehensive solution, tailor-made to manage Datalogic Handheld devices effectively. Our scalability, robust security measures, and extensive functionalities make us the preferred choice for businesses across various industries. 

    Experience the transformation firsthand with our 14-day free trial. Contact our team of experts today and embark on a seamless and secure device management experience!

    Abhinandan Ghosh
    Abhinandan Ghosh
    Abhinandan is a Senior Content Editor at Scalefusion who is an enthusiast of all things tech and loves culinary and musical expeditions. With more than a decade of experience, he believes in delivering consummate, insightful content to readers.

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