Raising a Toast on Sysadmin Day 2023 [Infographic]

    System administrators serve as the uncelebrated champions of every company. However, even superheroes require occasional assistance. In honor of Sysadmin Day, Scalefusion presents an infographic alongside some of the top-drawer names in the sysadmin community. We will also dig into some essential certifications to aid professionals in enhancing their abilities, defending against malevolent forces, and safeguarding server domains from disruptions and perils of all sorts.

    10 Sysadmin Accounts You Must Follow in 2023

    Due to the influence of online networking, you can directly engage with numerous influential figures and accounts in the tech field. Although certain individuals might not have previously served as system administrators, their valuable input and eagerness to assist other professionals in the sysadmin domain merit commendation.

    Comprehending their viewpoints will undoubtedly aid you in acquiring fresh ideas and honing essential abilities. Without ranking them in any specific order, we present a selection of commendable accounts worth following in 2023. Just hit your search with these names, and you can step into their world with the social platform of your choice.

    1. TWiT

    TWiT serves as the ultimate hub for technology podcasts. With distinct series dedicated to cybersecurity, Microsoft’s operating system, Apple’s operating system, Apple’s mobile platform, Google’s products, corporate technology, and additional topics, there exists a choice for nearly every specific field. This, in turn, provides an exceptional chance to delve into areas beyond your primary scope of knowledge.

    2. Francois-Xavier Cat

    Having worked as an IT specialist, network overseer, infrastructure manager, software expert, workflow automation professional, and DevOps specialist, Francois-Xavier Cat has amassed significant proficiency in Windows operating system, PowerShell scripting, and the field of automation. He shares tweets related to PowerShell, technology updates, news, and scientific advancements.

    3. Anoop C Nair

    Anoop C. Nair operates as the proprietor and originator of HTMD, a platform for device administration experts. Drawing upon his background as a design specialist, Nair pens articles concerning Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 365, SCCM, Microsoft Intune, and Azure Virtual Desktop.

    4. Krebs on Security

    Brian Krebs stands as a prominent figure in the realm of cybersecurity reporting. Being an investigative reporter, he possesses vast expertise in creating comprehensive analyses of illegal cyber activities. Regarding worries about the impact of cutting-edge menaces on your systems, Krebs is the ultimate authority to consult.

    5. Joab Jackson

    As the head honcho of The New Tech Compilation, Joab Jackson is well-versed in a software lineup. He consistently disseminates perceptive pieces on everything tech-related. Additionally, he sprinkles in some material about rock and roll, history, and cuisine. Diversity is the zest of existence, after all.

    6. Nill

    Nill is a self-proclaimed “colorful kitty girl” with an undeniable gift for explaining fundamental, complex topics in easy-to-understand terms. With a healthy dose of humor worked in throughout, Nill’s content is as entertaining as it is informative.

    7. Chrissy LeMaire

    Having amassed more than two decades of proficiency in the realm of IT, Chrissy Lemaire stands as a consummate authority in PowerShell. Her accolades include being the pioneering architect behind the dbatools module, and a substantial portion of her contributions revolves around assisting users of PowerShell. Furthermore, she actively shares updates on global affairs, technology, gaming, and various other subjects through her retweets.

    8. Katie Moussouris

    Following a considerable tenure as a security planner and consultant for prominent enterprises such as Microsoft and Symantec, Katie Moussouris initiated Luta Security to amplify the security adeptness of establishments. She shares and reshapes posts related to updates, safeguarding, commerce, and additional subjects. Due to her high Twitter engagement, you need not fret about running out of content on your feed.

    9. Troy Hunt

    As a Microsoft Regional Representative from Australia, Troy Hunt excels in security and cloud development. As the mastermind behind the data breach compilation platform “Have I Been Pwned,” he has also established himself as an author and educator affiliated with Pluralsight. Spotting him as a featured speaker at various gatherings and workshops is a possibility, but you can equally keep up with his most recent reflections and insights through his active presence on social networking platforms.

    10. John Savill

    If you wish to enhance your knowledge of Azure, consider including John Savill’s YouTube account in your lineup. He has an excess of 100 tutorials specifically dedicated to Azure. Furthermore, he provides courses on DevOps and PowerShell as well.

    sysadmin day 2023

    Must-do Certifications for Sysadmins in 2023

    Enhance your expertise or face extinction’ appears to be the fresh adage for the technology sector in contemporary times. For every IT expert, it is not merely crucial to keep abreast of the current trends in their specific domains but also imperative to possess pertinent abilities that set them apart from their rivals.

    Certain employers favor certified system administrators as it validates their essential proficiencies and expertise for executing the demanded responsibilities. If you are a sysadmin or aspiring to pursue this position, some of the following certifications can fast-track your ambitions.

    1. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

    This endorsement is distinctive and position-oriented, encompassing all the knowledge and resources necessary to evolve into an AWS system administrator. Sysadmins can set up and implement AWS, overseeing all routine system administration duties within the cloud. The certification further includes expertise in managing migration, security, backups, and fault control, guaranteeing optimal availability of the AWS system.

    2. Microsoft Azure Administrator

    Similar to the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator, this certification also follows a role-based approach. The Azure Administrator Certification is indispensable for system administrators engaged with Azure-driven enterprises. Azure serves as a cloud computing platform that facilitates business operations and administration. The certification assesses the proficiency in the following areas:

    • Supervising Azure identities and governance
    • Executing and overseeing storage systems
    • Deploying Azure resources and utilizing tools
    • Configuring and managing virtual networking
    • Implementing backup and recovery procedures

    3. Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)

    This credential showcases the sysadmin’s expertise in terminal environments, fundamental shell scripts, user management, customization of user file systems, safeguarding and access management, firewalls, and SELinux. It’s also a prerequisite for individuals aspiring to attain Red Hat Certified Engineers status.This credential showcases the sysadmin’s expertise in terminal environments, fundamental shell scripts, user management, customization of user file systems, safeguarding and access management, firewalls, and SELinux. It’s also a prerequisite for individuals aspiring to attain Red Hat Certified Engineers status.

    4. CompTIA Server+

    The CompTIA Server+ accreditation is impartial towards specific vendors and tailored for adept individuals operating at an administrator level, responsible for the installation, management, and resolution of server-related issues. The examination for CompTIA Server+ assesses expertise and proficiency across four extensive areas: server hardware installation and oversight, server administration, security and disaster recovery, as well as troubleshooting. Obtaining a CompTIA Server+ certification will undoubtedly enhance the appeal of your curriculum vitae.

    5. Linux Professional Institute LPIC-1 Linux Administrator

    The LPIC provides several tiers of validation, commencing with LPIC-1 Linux Specialist. This attestation demonstrates that experts can deploy, set up, and uphold Linux systems. LPI certifications encompass ascending stages of accreditation. For instance, LPIC-1 is a prerequisite for the LPIC-2 Linux Engineer assessment, and LPIC-2 is obligatory for the LPIC-3 evaluations covering Mixed Environments, Security and Virtualization, and High Availability.

    We at Scalefusion extend our gratitude as we raise a toast to all the diligent sysadmins out there! Godspeed, Sysadmins!

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    Abhinandan Ghosh
    Abhinandan Ghosh
    Abhinandan is a Senior Content Editor at Scalefusion who is an enthusiast of all things tech and loves culinary and musical expeditions. With more than a decade of experience, he believes in delivering consummate, insightful content to readers.

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