10 Best Zebra Mobile Computers for Your Frontline Workforce

  • January 9, 2023

Zebra mobile devices need no introduction in the sphere of rugged handheld devices. These devices are quintessential to the day-to-day operations of field forces that encounter harsh and challenging environments. Rugged devices are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and climatic conditions. They perform at places where the most expensive and flamboyant smartphones or tablets would become defunct.

Zebra Mobile Computers
Top 10 Zebra Mobile Computers to Supercharge Your Frontline!

When enrolled to an MDM solution, the performance of your fleet of Zebra mobile devices gets amplified as their control and management become seamless and remote. Your Zebra handheld devices inside the four walls of a frosty Helsinki warehouse and a scorching E&P site off the Rio de Janeiro coast can be managed from your IT headquarters in Silicon Valley.

The most renowned names across healthcare, logistics, transportation, manufacturing, and retail leverage Zebra devices as an integral part of their mobility DNA. There’s a lot of untapped MDM potential there. The range of mobile computers that Zebra offers is wide and so is the MDM scope.

Meanwhile, as rugged devices are about extreme temperatures, let’s take a quick tour of the 10 hottest or coolest Zebra handheld mobile computers that your frontline workers need and would love to hold.

1. TC15 Mobile Computer

zebra rugged mobile computer

The TC15 is a device with true all-rounder capabilities across industry supply chains. It’s ideal for high-intensity orders that demand high-speed deliveries. Your field force can leverage the TC15 mobile computer to stay on top of information access and collection. Its use cases are also varied, including shipping, route accounting, item checks, parts inventory, task assignment/management, and plenty more. TC15 is an Android 11 device that has in-built support for future Android version upgrades.

2. TC5X Series Mobile Computers

zebra handheld mobile computer

The TC5X series comprises the best enterprise-grade rugged devices that are available with exclusive Wi-Fi and cellular options. Its latest addition is the TC58, which supports 5G connectivity. The series is popular among transportation, retail, and field mobility workers. The TC5X series is all about working faster and smarter with a friendly UI and powerful performance.

3. TC7X Series Mobile Computers

zebra rugged mobile computer

The TC7X series is the answer to those harsh indoor and outdoor environments your frontline workforce encounters. The feature-loaded series ensures the highest levels of workflow productivity and efficiency all year round. The TC78 from this series is 5G-enabled. The range of TC7X rugged devices is well-suited for warehouses and retail.

4. MC33xx Series Mobile Compute

zebra mc3300 mobile computer

The MC33xx series comprises keyed input handheld Android mobile computers that are versatile and lightweight. Back store or shop floor, it’s a series that offers diverse form factors, best-in-class data capturing, and three keyboards—all customizable. The MC33xx series is available with Microsoft Teams validation to run the Walkie Talkie app. All mobile computers in this series have Wi-Fi capabilities.

5. EC50 and EC55 Enterprise Mobile Computers

zebra tc51 mobile computer

EC50 and EC55 enterprise mobile computers have a smartphone look and are also the thinnest and lightest among Zebra mobile devices. These are fully business-oriented and deliver high levels of individual productivity. The USP of EC50 and EC55 is barcode scanner integration. Workers get the look and feel of smartphones in their devices for enhanced user experience, in addition to durability and business features. You get the best of productivity and collaboration out on the field and inside facilities. EC50 and EC55 are great options for healthcare and hospitality workers. While EC50 is Wi-Fi only, the EC55 offers cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. Both have Microsoft Teams validation to run the Walkie Talkie app.

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6. MC2200 and MC2700 Mobile Computers

zebra mc40 mobile computer

MC2200 and MC2700 are excellent choices for SMBs to empower their field workers with connectivity and mobility. These no-compromise rugged mobile devices include both touchscreen and keypad options to provide your workforce with the application flexibility they seek. Be it manufacturing or warehouse management, MC2200 and MC2700 mobile computers are secure and dependable and offer exceptional ruggedness and ergonomics.

7. TC21 and TC26 Mobile Computers

zebra tc21 mobile computer

TC21 and TC26 are ultimate cost-effective mobile computers that have outstanding connectivity features. Both enhance the on-job competence and accuracy of field workers through customizable features. Transportation and retail courier or delivery tasks or employee ID checks are the forte of TC21 and TC26. The TC26 offers both cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity, whereas the TC21 is Wi-Fi only. It gets better as both are available with optional and affordable Zebra OneCare SV support that covers damage and wear and tear. Both devices have Microsoft Teams validation to run the Walkie Talkie app.

8. MC9300 Mobile Computer

zebra mc9300 mobile computer

Hailed as one of the best-selling industry mobile computers in the world, the MC9300 streamlines operations in manufacturing plants and warehouses. It’s an ultra-rugged device that lets you keep up with customer demands and maintain a high frequency of dispatches at pace. The MC9300 is an evolution in Android enterprise mobile computers with capabilities to enable fast cross-dock operations, safety tests, QC audits, and inventory management. This also has Microsoft Teams validation to run the Walkie Talkie app.

9. TC8300 Mobile Computer

zebra tc8000 mobile computer

Contemporary and feature-heavy, the TC8300 takes touch mobile computer performance a notch up. Your field workforce can make the most of the exemplary data capture options, ease of use, and application performance of the TC8300. It helps deliver superior MRO services in warehousing, manufacturing, and retail due to its ergonomic design that accelerates mobility. The TC8300 has a proven track record of boosting productivity by 14%.

10. EC30 Enterprise Companion

zebra mobile computer

It’s all in the name! EC30 is the ultimate enterprise companion for retail and hospitality workforces. Your unconnected associates lacking access to voice or mobile data can leverage this rugged mobile computer for superior data and mobile voice features. The EC30 is durable, lightweight, and small, which improves accuracy and efficiency in core tasks of daily operations. The EC30 also has Microsoft Teams validation to run the Walkie Talkie app.

Manage All The Above with Scalefusion MDM

You can choose from the above rugged mobile devices that Zebra has to offer based on the industry or application or type of workforce. All the mentioned Zebra mobile computers run on the Android operating system, and an MDM solution can assist you in managing all these rugged Zebra handheld devices from a unified dashboard. Scalefusion MDM offers extensive Zebra device management capabilities to your IT admins so your daily operations are optimized and your field workforce stays efficient and productive.

You can now try Scalefusion MDM for Zebra rugged handheld devices with all features on a 14-day free trial.

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