Discover the 12 Best Customer Feedback Tools in 2024

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    We’re all aware that it’s all about customer experience these days. No matter how good your product or service is, every market has fierce competition. The best way to know how your product is performing in the marketplace is to gather frequent customer feedback. It helps you understand the strengths and drawbacks of your offerings and brings you one step closer to an improved product or service. This is mainly why several businesses worldwide are seeking customer feedback tools.

    Gone are the days when businesses requested their customers to fill out lengthy paper-based feedback forms. The modern world does everything digitally, including feedback collection, customer reviews, and surveys.

    Customer feedback tools and survey tools are cloud-based software that help businesses create customized feedback forms and collect feedback related to products or services in real-time and eco-friendly ways. Paper-based surveys are bulky, consume storage space and are tedious to analyze customer feedback. Customer feedback tools that helps to store their information in a central database, which can further be analyzed to map buying behavior, product demand, and loopholes. If you are on the fence about implementing a customer feedback system for your business, here’s what you must consider before making the choice.

    How is Collecting Customer Feedback Important?

    Customer feedback strategy serves as the cornerstone for any business aiming for continuous improvement and sustainable growth. In the fast-evolving landscape of enterprise mobility and SaaS, where customer expectations are ever-changing, feedback becomes even more critical. Here’s why:

    1. Product Development: Right customer feedback provides invaluable insights into what features and functionalities are most valued, helping you prioritize your development roadmap.
    2. Quality Assurance: Negative feedback can act as an early warning system for product issues or bugs that may have slipped through QA, allowing for quick remediation.
    3. Customer Retention: Listening to your customers and acting on their feedback not only resolves their immediate issues but also fosters customer loyalty, this can also help with your referral marketing programs. According to a study by Bain & Company, increasing customer retention rates by 5% can increase profits by 25% to 95%.
    4. Market Positioning: Customer feedback can help you understand how your product or service is perceived in comparison to competitors. This is particularly important for SEO and content marketing strategies, as it helps you align your value proposition and messaging.
    5. Personalization: In an age where personalization can be a significant differentiator, feedback helps you understand the unique needs and preferences of different customer segments, enabling more targeted marketing and product customization.
    6. Legal Compliance and Risk Management: Especially in regulated industries like healthcare or finance, customer feedback can alert you to compliance risks, helping you take corrective action before facing legal repercussions.
    7. Data-Driven Decisions: Quantitative feedback like NPS (Net Promoter Score) or CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) can be integrated into performance metrics, making your decision-making process more data-driven and less susceptible to bias. Additionally, implementing transactional Net Promoter Score (tNPS) can provide real-time insights into customer satisfaction and loyalty at various touchpoints along the customer journey.
    8. Resource Allocation: Knowing what matters most to your customers, including insights from any referral marketing tool, helps you allocate your resources more effectively, be it development hours, customer support, or marketing budget.
    9. Employee Training: Feedback can also highlight areas where your customer success or sales teams may need additional training or resources, ensuring that the customer journey experience is consistent across all touchpoints.
    10. Innovation: Last but not least, customer feedback often serves as a breeding ground for innovation. Customers using your product daily are likely to suggest features or services that you hadn’t considered but could set you apart from competitors.

    By systematically collecting and analyzing customer feedback, businesses can make informed decisions that not only meet but exceed customer expectations, thereby driving both top-line and bottom-line growth. And guess what? Positive feedback can ultimately be turned into social proof that can be displayed using a customer review widget on your website.

    What to Look Out for in Customer Feedback Tools of 2024 for Surveys?

    Businesses are getting increasingly dependent on software and cloud-based tools of various kinds to improve their efficiency and speed. But simply picking any software is not enough. You need to evaluate whether the software aligns with your business needs.

    Here’s what you must look for in your customer feedback tools:

    • User-friendliness: The customer feedback tool that you opt for must primarily be easy to set up and use. Your staff or your customers must be able to navigate through the feedback platform and carry out actions without spending too much time figuring out what to do.
    • Pricing: Several software providers extend attractive pricing plans but have hidden charges that can eventually exceed your planned budget. Opt for a customer feedback tool that is available on a subscription basis and has a transparent pricing structure with no hidden charges for demos, training, or customer support.
    • Integrations: Businesses rely on several software and solutions for diverse purposes. Opting for customer feedback software that integrates easily with your existing tools and solutions promises scalability and convenience.
    • Omnichannel support: Customers love the convenience and speed more than anything else. Your customer feedback tool must be flexible enough to offer omnichannel support. This means it should be able to offer more than one way for customers to deliver feedback, for example, via email, SMS, best social media ads, website, etc.

    12 Best Customer Feedback Tools for Your Business

    Like every other software, there are several options to choose your customer feedback tool. We’ve created a list of the 12 top customer feedback solutions that are indispensable for businesses in 2024:

    1. Brew Survey

    Brew Survey is a survey and data collection tool to help businesses capture customer feedback and leads and conduct market research efficiently. You can customize your surveys according to responses to make the survey engaging and interactive. BrewSurvey is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows systems and offers unlimited surveys to gather customer feedback and responses regardless of the pricing plan.

    feedback collection platforms

    Key features:

    • Unlimited data and response collection for all pricing plans
    • Offline data storage
    • 16+ question types to create detailed and engaging forms
    • Data validation to ensure the accuracy of the input fields
    • Capture images easily with any camera-enabled smartphone or tablet
    • Clear and intuitive survey designs
    • Branded surveys to improve your brand identity
    • Real-time mobile form responses
    • Interactive charts and graphs to analyze your survey data
    • Sentiment analyses to classify responses

    Pricing: Growth plan – $29/month, Business plan – $49/month (billed monthly)

    2. SurveyHeart

    SurveyHeart is an online tool form builder to help users create high-quality surveys and customize them to generate higher responses than usual. You can build forms, surveys, quizzes, polls, registrations, applications and much more.

    customer feedback tools

    Key features:

    • 30+ pre-designed survey templates.
    • Option to preview your survey.
    • Create and save forms without the internet.
    • Get instant alerts whenever responses are collected.
    • Leverage diverse themes to make your surveys appealing.

    Pricing: Free

    3. ProProfs Survey Maker

    ProProfs Survey Maker is the most versatile customer feedback tool used by over 15 million users to create quizzes, surveys and training. The ProProfs Survey tool is the easiest way to build online surveys. You can leverage predefined custom themes, add scoring to your surveys and send them via email or embed them on your website or blog. ProProfs Customer Feedback Survey Maker supports 90+ languages, has 1,000,000+ ready-to-use questions and works great on screens of all sizes.

    Key features:

    • Create engaging surveys with ease
    • Tally responses with scored surveys
    • Share your surveys on social, email and more
    • Brand your surveys with custom logos and themes to improve brand identity.
    • Robust analytics and reporting for deep customer insights into the collected data
    • Easy setup with no installation or coding
    • API integrations with popular tools
    • Work on mobiles, tablets and desktops

    Pricing: Essentials plan – $0.10/response/month, Premium plan – $0.20/response/month (billed monthly)

    4. QuickTapSurvey

    QuickTapSurvey is an offline survey maker that lets you capture data anywhere and create engaging surveys and forms. It is an easy-to-use solution that comes with powerful features like an online survey-creation interface, dozens of question types, branding options, mobile forms and survey reports and is trusted by over 180,000 users worldwide.

    customer feedback software

    Key features:

    • 35+ quantitative and qualitative question types
    • Unlimited survey responses
    • Automated alerts for every response collected
    • Powerful integrations with Zapier, MailChimp and Salesforce
    • Mobile-friendly data capture and support for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets
    • No internet or Wi-Fi connection is needed.

    Pricing: Free plan, Pro plan – $49/month, Premium plan – $99/month (billed monthly)

    5. Feedier

    Feedier is an intuitive customer feedback management to help you analyze and convert your customers’ feedback into actionable insights. You can build interactive surveys, integrate your feedback data in one place and leverage powerful analytics to prioritize your improve customer satisfaction needs.

    tools for customer feedback

    Key features:

    • Playful feedback survey builder to help you design interactive customer surveys
    • Multi-linguistic and allows custom branding
    • Monitor real-time customer inputs
    • Graphs and captivating analytics to save time on manual analysis 
    • Easy integration with your favorite tools

    Pricing: Available on request

    6. SE Ranking

    Local Marketing tool by SE Ranking offers comprehensive features for managing, analyzing, and gaining insights from customer reviews across various business locations. The tool collects reviews from multiple online business directories (Google, Yelp, Tripadvisor, Foursquare, etc.) and allows users to respond to Google and Facebook reviews directly on the platform. Adding a Google review widget to your website can help you get social proof and improve search results. With the help of the AI-powered review semantic analysis feature, you can identify words and phrases your customers often use in their feedback. This will give you valuable insights into customer opinions and help you understand which aspects of this business need to be improved.

    Key features:

    • AI-powered review semantic analysis feature
    • Statistics on keywords used in customer reviews
    • Handy keyword filtering by groups, average rating, frequency of usage, word count, and language
    • Historical data for the last 7 days, month, 3 months, half a year, a year
    • User-friendly interface
    • Convenient ecosystem where keywords from review can be easily added to projects for further monitoring

    Pricing: Available as an add-on to paid SE Ranking subscriptions that start at $55 per month. The add-on cost ranges from $7 to $181/month for 1 to 10 locations.

    7. Typeform

    Typeform is one of the best customer feedback platforms that lets you create interactive feedback forms, surveys and quizzes to engage your audience better and improve response rates. Unlike traditional and lengthy survey forms, which may seem boring, you can create typeforms that ask one question at a time, like a real conversation.

    customer feedback management tool

    Key features:

    • Sleek and user-friendly interface
    • Custom layouts to create custom branding and improve brand awareness
    • Built-in photo and video libraries to make your surveys visually appealing
    • Live result tracking for faster decision-making
    • Embed in your website and share via email or link
    • Easy integration with your favorite tools

    Pricing: Basic plan – $29/month, Plus plan – $59/month, Business plan – $99/month (billed monthly)

    8. SurveyMonkey

    SurveyMonkey is a cloud-based tool that enables users to create, send and analyze surveys. Used by over 17 million users worldwide, this survey maker tool offers various pre-made templates and innumerable survey types and designs to help you roll out your survey within minutes.

    tools for customer feedback

    Key features:

    • Build creative surveys from 250+ expert-written templates
    • Leverage custom theme and text formatting
    • Real-time alerts, custom charts and data trends for deep analysis
    • Global panel for you to collect valuable market insights

    Pricing: Basic – Individual plans start at $39/month, Team plans start at $25/month (billed annually)

    9. Zoho Survey

    Zoho Survey is an online survey builder that helps you create surveys using a simple drag-and-drop interface. You can build creative surveys with the help of 25+ question types and customize them to suit your brand and style. You can create surveys quickly, share them with everyone on your list and analyze visual response trends to make informed decisions.

    customer feedback services

    Key features:

    • Leverage 200+ templates and multilingual surveys
    • Easy to build surveys with drag-and-drop questions
    • Personalized surveys with customizable themes and brand logos
    • Share using web links, email campaigns, social media, QR codes or private group access
    • Collect user feedback responses offline
    • Analyze detailed reports and trends

    Pricing: Basic – Free, Plus plan – $35/month, Pro plan – $49/month, Enterprise plan – $109/month (billed monthly)

    10. Qualtrics

    Qualtrics is an experience management software that allows you to conduct world-class surveys and understand your business pain points and improve customer expectations better. You can create surveys, polls and feedback forms with no prior experience.

    customer experience feedback tools

    Key features:

    • Simple and user-friendly interface
    • Offers preset templates to create engaging surveys
    • Predictive analytics with easily shareable reports
    • Enables integration with popular tools like Adobe, Marketo, Salesforce, etc.

    Pricing: Available on request

    11. Google Forms

    Google Forms is a popular survey administration software that is a part of Google’s web-based app suite. It helps users create online survey forms and sets itself apart from other similar software with its library of customizations. You can create surveys based on pre-defined templates or create new templates from scratch and analyze the collected information using your mobile or web browser.

    customer feedback tools for business

    Key features:

    • Select questions from multiple question types and drag-and-drop to reorganize them
    • Customize the values, colors, images and fonts style to create your own look and feel
    • Leverage deep analysis using real-time feedback response data
    • Compatible with screens of all sizes
    • Embed forms on your website or social media, or share links with your target audience

    Pricing: Free

    12. Zonka Feedback

    Zonka Feedback is an omnichannel survey platform that allows businesses to easily collect feedback from customers. You can create customized surveys and feedback forms for your website to share via emails, bulk SMS, mobile and intercom, or even offline.

    customer feedback app

    Key features:

    • Build surveys, customize them and set them up within 5 minutes
    • Instantly identify new feedback and low ratings with real-time reports and alerts
    • Support for over 30 languages so that you can build multilingual surveys
    • Out-of-the-box integration with your favorite apps
    • Leverage 40+ pre-made templates
    • Custom branding, customizable intro and thank you screens
    • Create campaigns, manage contacts and track respondents easily
    • Intuitive dashboard and quick analytics and word and trend analysis

    Pricing: Starter – $79/month, Professional – $149/month, Growth – $299/month (billed monthly)

    13. Survey Maker

    survey maker plugin

    The WordPress Survey plugin is an all-in-one Survey Solution! With our feature-rich plugin, you can effortlessly create various surveys – from customer satisfaction and market research to event planning and employee engagement forms. Analyze data in seconds with interactive charts, ensure a seamless mobile-friendly experience, and send results and emails. No limits, no boundaries – create countless surveys and gather endless submissions.

    Personalize surveys with logic jumps and provide users with easy access to their submission history through user history shortcode.

    Furthermore, WordPress users have the freedom to choose from a wide array of survey plugins, something they can’t get even with enterprise grade CMS solutions like Sitecore. To leverage the vast plugin ecosystem and a global community, various brands may consider to migrate from Sitecore to WordPress.

    Key features:

    • 22 Question types
    • Export and import surveys
    • Anonymous Survey (GDPR Compliant)
    • Pre-built Templates
    • Contact Form
    • Paid Survey
    • Logic Jump
    • Single-page and multi-page surveys

    Pricing: Business $49, Developer $129, Agency $249

    14. Outgrow

    Outgrow is a versatile no-code tool that empowers businesses to create engaging interactive content such as quizzes, polls, forms, surveys, calculators, and more within minutes. Outgrow’s user-friendly interface allows customization to match your brand aesthetics and seamlessly integrates with various platforms for easy distribution.

    Key features:

    • Drag-and-drop interface for easy content creation
    • Wide variety of templates for different interactive content types
    • Custom branding to maintain a consistent brand image
    • Lead generation tools to capture valuable customer information
    • Responsive design for optimal user experience across devices
    • Embeddable content for websites and social media

    Pricing: Outgrow has 6 pricing edition(s), from $22 to $720. A free trial of Outgrow is also available.

    15. Jotform


    Jotform is a customer feedback solution that enables corporations, and foundations to automate their workflow with online forms, tables, approvals, and app builders. Used by more than 25 million users worldwide, Jotform offers users ready-to-use templates, data management tools, and tons of integrations. Users can easily manage and analyze their customer feedback.

    Key features:

    • Build forms easily with a drag-and-drop interface
    • Manage the data with Jotform Tables and Report Builder
    • Get legally binding electronic signatures securely
    • Work as a team with its multiple-user grant form access
    • Translate your forms into more than 130 languages to reach an extended audience
    • Integrate your form that syncs new leads into CRM databases like HubSpot, Salesforce

    Pricing: Starter – Free, Bronze plan – $34/month, Silver plan – $39/month, Gold plan – $99/month (billed annually), and Enterprise plan with custom pricing.

    Closing Lines

    Customer feedback is the easiest way for businesses to weigh their pros and cons and understand where their product stands in the market. MDM-enabled kiosk lockdown empowers industries like retail and hospitality to gather feedback digitally in a hassle-free way.

    Sign up for a 14 Day Free Trial today and discover how you can effortlessly collect and analyze customer feedback to make data-driven decisions that propel your business forward.

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