Author: <span class="vcard">Sonali Datta</span>

User credentials are everything that hackers search for, and easily available ones can ruin more than the obvious, especially for corporate accounts. Stolen user credentials are the keys for the cyber attackers to unlock critical and sensitive company information and vital IT systems. Employees must never overlook the importance of a strong password policy for […]

In recent times, the logistics industry has witnessed several technological shifts. Apart from shippers and carriers exploring and investing in innovations and performance overhaul, the industry is focused on enhancing customer experiences through improved last mile delivery packaging and processes. Today’s logistics companies are not only mitigating business challenges but are also finding new approaches […]

Introduction As modern shoppers, their expectations and mobile technologies are constantly evolving, the payments industry with newer techniques cannot fall behind. The role of the mobile point of sale is undeniable in the contemporary shopping/purchase journey scenarios. Ideally, an mPOS is a mobile device in the form of an iPad, Android tablet, smartphone or a […]

Scalefusion MDM has come a long way as an industry-proven MDM solution. With time, we changed, rebranded and made progress in different areas. We have bagged some accolades and learned some lessons as well. At Scalefusion, we follow a strategic product development roadmap that guides us to either add new features or augment the existing […]

This year too, Scalefusion continues to make its mark! We are proud to announce that once again Scalefusion has been named as ‘High Performer’ in the Mobile Device Management and Enterprise Mobility Management categories by G2 in their Winter 2020 Grid® Report. G2 categorizes the EMM and MDM products and ranks them on the Grid® […]

Scalefusion lately has bagged the opportunity to work with the largest professional India-based Emergency Management Services company. As an official MDM solution provider, we are helping the customer with locking their corporate-owned devices in multi-app kiosk mode, which are used by their emergency vehicle drivers and the medical technicians. The customer is a pioneer in […]

Companies belonging to industries like manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, transportation, education, oil & gas, construction, retail, hospitality, energy, and similar sectors benefit greatly through their frontline workers who ensure that the field operations are carried out with perfection. In doing so, companies need to empower their frontline workers with the right set of digital tools […]

In an era of enterprise mobility, employee flexibility and convenience in terms of working from remote locations and device usage has become a new norm. Although this definitely adds to their productivity and efficiency, but at the same time, companies cannot ignore the threats and risks they pose to corporate information security. The influx of […]

There is a global surge in startup culture and this makes entrepreneurship a commonly used term today. An entrepreneur is more than just an equity-holder of a company. Before talking about the must-have qualities of an entrepreneur, it is important to understand the term in its totality. An entrepreneur is someone who initiates the business […]

2020 is just around the corner and the workspace changes have already begun around the globe. While technology is the key force that is going to drive this forthcoming workspace revolution in 2020, we also cannot overlook the cultural shifts and the millennial attitude which are at play. The changing expectations from technological innovations and […]