Author: <span class="vcard">Sonali Datta</span>

Hiring contract workers has become a norm today. Companies belonging to industries like retail, healthcare, financial services, public service agencies, and professional services choose to work with field contractors over employees for the benefits of reduced overhead costs and other expenses like payroll, insurance, contributions, paid time off, parental leave and other financial benefits. More […]

As more and more companies are rediscovering varied aspects of customer experience and are implementing the same at multiple touchpoints, they are utilizing many ways to make customer decision/purchase journey a breeze. Kiosks, in this matter, are playing a crucial role in several business sectors by delivering delightful experiences to customers who find using kiosks […]

In a rapidly shifting and highly competitive business scenario, every company is talking about taking their customer experience into the next level. Although customer experience sounds like a buzzword, in reality, it is the key growth driver for any organization. This blog will specifically talk about the role and significance of CX in B2B SaaS […]

Oftentimes, companies come up with greater and brighter business ideas and innovative solutions when they come in contact with external people. No wonder Bill Joy observed that “there are always more smart people outside your company than within.” A company never survives alone or in isolation…it needs to derive and analyze values that are prominent […]

Android’s growing popularity amongst consumers and its massive enterprise adoption is a proven fact around the world. Today, global organizations are giving added importance to securing and managing their enterprise endpoints running on Android, more than ever before. In fact, Android Enterprise Mobility Management is being widely chosen by more and more companies across the […]

The culture that is ingrained in us, our very mindset and attitude and our behavioral approach define us in totality. These norms convey our uniqueness, our capability to stay competitive, agile and our strength to embrace change and grow with it. Likewise, the corporate culture delineates an organization’s core beliefs and groundwork. A well-formulated corporate […]

Most companies across sectors like retail, manufacturing, logistics, food delivery, hospitality, healthcare, construction, mining, agriculture and many more, employ frontline executives. This deskless workforce operates on-the-move from remote locations to deliver results and propel business success at various levels. Whereas knowledge or desk-based professionals feel no dearth of workplace technologies, frontline executives don’t have nearly […]

The rising threats from cyber-attacks like ransomware, malware, phishing attacks and spyware have taken the business world by a storm. SMBs are at a higher risk than larger organizations. Studies say that most SMBs have faced severe financial loss due to data breach caused by these random cyber-attacks. With a plethora of cyber threats on […]

The kiosk industry has been constantly evolving owing to the newer technologies and transforming enterprise use-cases. Gone are the days when kiosks were used purely as an ATM or vending machine. Today, If you take a look around, kiosks are everywhere, being embraced in commercial as well as organizational settings. Interactive and self-service kiosks are […]

Technological advancements in mobility have enabled several businesses to work with a remotely located workforce and the healthcare sector too has adopted the telecommuting trends as more and more NGOs are sending across their healthcare executives to serve patients at far-off locations. When it comes to successfully managing and optimizing the availability of healthcare executives, […]