Author: <span class="vcard">Renuka Shahane</span>

We are excited to announce the support for the ‘Remote Control’ feature for Windows 10 devices. Using this feature, IT teams can now expedite issue resolution of remote Windows 10 desktops and laptops. Especially in the era of remote working, this feature comes in handy for upkeeping devices operating remotely, outside of the corporate perimeter. […]

Love it or hate it, remote working is the new normal. While the initial hesitation and reluctance the enterprises, as well as the employees, had with remote working have definitely subsided by now, remote working is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some employees seem to love it and feel more productive than ever whereas a […]

Device management has been a top concern for organizations that embrace mobility and undergo digital transformation to ease business processes. When the enterprises break through the conventional practices of sticking to one device, most likely a workstation desktop to a wider mobility landscape, they come across the diverse ownership and management modes for devices that […]

Digital transformation of classrooms has been on the rise in the last decade. The upsurge in the use of mobile devices in day to day lives made the mobile adoption in classrooms easier. Deploying technology in classrooms has also been incremental in filling the digital divide, making education more accessible and enabling remote learning. With […]

Let’s face it. 2020 has not really been what we thought it would. Businesses across the world took a toll on the lockdowns and impending social distancing. While several businesses moved online and operated fully via remote working, several brick-and-mortar businesses had to completely shut down for a couple of months. These mainly included restaurants […]

Mobile devices have revamped the human lives exponentially, practically inventing processes across every industry- from education to retail, manufacturing to finance. In today’s day and age when healthcare is a key priority that the world has its eyes set on, technology has helped in every possible way- from helping manage chronic diseases to fighting a […]

We are elated to launch the Certificate Management feature on Scalefusion MDM. Now, IT admins can automate provisioning of digital certificates/identities to authenticate devices without any end-user intervention via the Scalefusion dashboard. Digital Certificates: An overview  Digital certificates are an imperative component of the public key infrastructure of a network. They serve as a digital […]

Enterprise mobility and digital transformation, along with mobile penetration has truly transformed workspaces. The unprecedented times that pushed the world into the new normal of remote working has highlighted the importance of online tools and software. The shift has been easy for the enterprises that were already making use of these on a day-to-day basis […]

The healthcare industry has heavily benefited from technology, helping caregivers and healthcare professionals an opportunity to elevate their services, improving patient care, optimizing diagnosis and treatments. With the intervention of mobile technology, the healthcare offerings are further augmented- the healthcare professionals no longer need to be dependent on bulky, complex computer-based systems and the frontline […]

Modern businesses make extensive use of software applications for improving enterprise operations and enhancing interoperability. In fact, more and more business operations today depend on software acquired via the SaaS model. With an overwhelming amount of SaaS vendors available out in the market, enterprises and decision-makers can have a tough time narrowing down to the […]