Author: <span>Renuka Shahane</span>

How often have you heard a colleague say, “There’s a crisis in the office,” only for you to find out it was just a temporary internet connectivity issue? In everyday business, small incidents can occur at any time and are unavoidable. And when such incidents occur, companies have to act swiftly to assess and respond […]

We are more than excited to announce the launch of our very own MDM agent for Windows 10 device management. This release marks an important milestone for Scalefusion Windows 10 device management and is going to be incremental in supporting the IT teams to streamline the management of Windows 10 devices in the enterprise environment. […]

2020 was a roller-coaster ride. A year that none of us anticipated but all of us had to endure. The year brought upon many challenges that were not foreseen and organizations, as their people had to adapt to the circumstances to make the most of it. One such unprecedented event that turned out to be […]

2020 was the year of many firsts. With the entire global workforce being pushed into the new style of working, the use of mobile devices for work (and inevitably in the workplace, when the offices reopen) has seen exponential growth. With the increasing demand for mobility from all sectors and Industry 4.0, the world wasn’t […]

The iOS vs Android battle is never-ending. Personal predilections aside, there is no reason why Android should be given a secondary treatment to iOS, especially when it comes to enterprise use. The staggering number of Android devices sold, which comprise around 86.3%¹ of the total smartphone market is a certificate in itself that, for one […]

Windows 10 based POS systems are known and preferred over the other POS devices, thanks to the convenience, familiarity and user-friendliness ushered in by the good old Windows OS. As POS systems take over the traditional means of retail operations, managing these Windows 10 based POS systems can be a hassle for IT teams, especially […]

We are excited to have joined hands with Mobile- a leading solution in the development, certification and marketing of mobile communication devices to be used in explosion hazardous areas.  Empowering frontline workers and field-force with mobile technology and helping businesses with a large mobile workforce to manage their mobility has been a prime offering […]

In large organizations, the configuration of large device inventory is a pain point for IT teams. Especially when the devices are to be configured over-the-air, streamlining the process of setting up a large number of devices can be complex and cumbersome.  Scalefusion enables customization and configuration of profile settings via a Custom Payload. IT teams […]

Enterprise mobility and its growing significance across all industries is indisputable. Scalefusion as leading mobile device management is always on the lookout to make the mobility journey for businesses of all sizes as smooth and successful as possible. In this endeavor, Scalefusion makes a conscious effort to join hands with global businesses that align with […]

The changing dynamics of any consumer-facing business has led to the rapid adoption of mobile technology across diverse industries. Especially when it comes to retail, POS systems are considered to be an integral part of the entire device inventory management, order processing and inevitably, the billing process. It is incredibly handy to have a POS […]