What is Scalefusion FileDock?

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    FileDock is an enterprise application that extends the kiosk feature set offered by Scalefusion, and a gateway into content management on a locked-down device.

    Think of FileDock as a channel to broadcast multimedia. The objective being, to ensure a single true source of information to those who require it, in a timely manner.

    Once you have Scalefusion Mobile Device Management Software running on your devices, you may whitelist third-party applications like email or cloud storage to deliver content to devices. The thing is, with such apps, you would need a corporate account to get going. With the FileDock ‘extension app’, you get an integrated content delivery experience within the overarching Scalefusion app, without the need for apps from another provider.

    MobiLock Pro FileDock

    It’s important to understand that FileDock does not attempt to replicate the collaborative environment of other cloud storage solutions. The intent is purely, a delivery system for multimedia, comprising an authenticated dispatcher and an authorised receiver. FileDock works with Scalefusion’s Groups and Profiles to make content available only to those who need it, by an administrator operating the dashboard interface.

    By whitelisting specific apps, administrators can determine if content delivered on FileDock can be shared. For instance, dispatch an organisation-proprietary spec update in pdf format, and delist email or chat applications for a period. As long as this is enforced, receiving devices can display the pdf but will disallow sharing… each time the user attempts a share, Scalefusion will prevent the handling app from launching. In this way, an organisation could utilise generic cloud-based drives for open collaboration, and restrict proprietary information within FileDock.

    If you’re looking for a Mobile Content Management service that’s affordable and simple… starting at USD 3 a year per device, FileDock is the content management platform for you.

    Swapnil Shete
    Swapnil Shete
    Swapnil Shete is an Associate Vice President of Marketing at Scalefusion. He has a passion for design and technology and focuses on optimizing the marketing funnel. When he isn't working, Swapnil loves to evaluate different SaaS solutions that is in the marketing and sales domain.

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