Top 10 Ways to utilize educational kiosks on campus

  • June 19, 2022

How to Use Educational Kiosks on Campus

Edtech was a sector that grew exponentially, especially during the pandemic. It helped educational institutions to operate in a better way and opened new avenues for learning and development. While the pandemic brought a drastic shift in the field of education, the traditional educational ways are deep-rooted within our system and we can’t ignore the fact that traditional schooling methods have marked a deep impact on all of our lives.

But that doesn’t mean new ways are not worth it. With modern-day technologies like educational kiosks on campus, the traditional method of education can be taken to another level of success and growth. 

Educational kiosks for schools & universities

In this article, let us discover various ways to utilize educational kiosks on campus to facilitate modern-day educational needs.

Ways to utilize educational kiosks on campus

1. Enlightening parents

Technology has undergone a lot of crests and troughs. Millennials underwent a different kind of education system, and today the whole system is altogether changed. From teaching methods to learning behaviors, everything is modified up to a point that to make children learn better, the parents need to understand what their child is going to learn in school. Therefore, it is a very good idea to deploy parent-enlightening kiosks to equip parents with all the necessary information whenever they want to access it. In this article, along with experts from CustomWritings – writing service let us discover various ways to utilize educational kiosks on campus to facilitate modern-day educational needs.

Many times, parents have queries that can be easily resolved by such kiosks. It will not only reduce teachers’ workload, but it will also allow parents to know more about the institution, their children’s learning and the overall educational system today.

2. To display information and accomplishments of the institution

There is a lot of competition today when it comes to educational institutions. So, dedicating a specific kiosk for displaying important information and accomplishments of the institution will give an extra edge to the institution. Such a kiosk will always help institutions give a demo of the organization’s achievements in a unique way. Kiosks can be put in a common area where users could get information about school activities as well as information on part-time jobs and scheduled employer visits to interview students.

The kiosk can be set near the campus’s main entrance, where it would act as an information center and marketing tool for students and visitors. A colorful campus map, as well as information regarding financial aid, seminars, workshops, public events, and more, can be included.

3.  Displaying exam results

Results are an important aspect of educational institutions. Kiosks can be deployed as a result of display machines for the students and parents to assess at various levels. Normally it becomes troublesome for the parents and students to view results and access them whenever they wish to.

4. Displaying academic calendars

Kiosks can be deployed at various places in educational institutions for displaying the academic calendar. Generally, it takes a lot of time for the teachers to set an academic calendar right and develop courses around that. Also, it is very difficult for the students to understand the course calendar by themselves. Deployment of interactive kiosks solely to display academic calendars will help students and teachers to save time and effort.

5.  Introducing technology to young kids

Interactive kiosks deployed at various sections of the campus can help students understand subjects better. The interactive way of learning has by far the best way for the students to understand a concept. Kids these days are technologically advanced and they prefer interactive methods of learning. These kiosks when managed by an efficient MDM can help keep distracting applications and websites at bay. Scalefusion is one such MDM that helps manage, monitor and secure these kiosk devices efficiently.

6.  Self-help kiosks

Such kiosks are required in today’s world where students are getting demotivated for small reasons; such kiosks will help students to deal with the situations in a better manner.  

Self-help kiosks can help students deal with various issues such as anxiety, depression, and many other peer-related issues and concerns. Such concerns need extra care today and kiosks can help guide the students. It will also help students feel secure and emotionally healthy.


Interactive learning is crucial for the overall development of kids. Educational kiosks can be beneficial for students as well as the whole educational institution as they provide ease of accessibility, larger interaction and more possibilities for learning and development. Scalefusion MDM can help turn any device into a purpose-built kiosk. Be it Android, Apple, or Windows, no need to buy new devices for your campus. You can easily convert any device into a kiosk by restricting other applications and websites.

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Malvika Sinha is a Senior Content Writer at Scalefusion. A post-graduate in Psychology, Malvika has diverse experience in content curation and strategy. She can be best described as a focused professional, an avid reader, a fitness enthusiast and a music-lover.
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