10 Quick Ways how Android MDM can Boost your Business

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    Android is incredible, whether it’s for universal chargers, extensive functionality, low-cost storage and battery or millions of downloadable applications that make our lives easier. The majority of businesses utilize Android devices daily. Unmanaged Android devices, on the other hand, pose a security risk in the workplace. But this does not rule out its utility in workplaces. There are many Android device management solutions available in the market today that businesses can utilize to streamline their operations.

    Boost your business with Android MDM
    Boost your business with Android MDM

    But choosing the right Android MDM can skyrocket your business in unexpected ways. A good MDM should be simple, easy to use and effortless. Scalefusion MDM for Android is one such MDM that has helped and continues to help modern enterprises overcome various challenges. 

    Let us discover the challenges of modern-day enterprises first.

    Challenges of Modern-day Businesses

    Remote work culture

    Running a successful business is not an easy task. Especially today when the workforce is remote and the corporate world is brimming with advanced technology and concepts at a much faster pace than ever. There are times that businesses need to quickly modify their existing strategy to meet the demands of the market. This involves a lot of brainstorming and a lot of collaboration and communication. And, this can be chaotic when teams operate from different locations in different time zones.

    With remote work culture, teams might feel scattered and tasks can take longer to accomplish. Since teams work remotely, they might face technical challenges that take longer than expected. Device downtime and longer waiting times to resolve technical glitches add to business concerns daily.

    Inadequate corporate security

    Corporate security is a growing concern today. Cybercriminals are active more than ever and they are trying all the possible techniques to barge inside the corporate networks. Cybercriminals are constantly looking for loopholes in corporate infrastructures. They can tamper with sensitive corporate data and cause irreversible damage. Phishing attacks are also common these days. Clicking on malicious links can be dangerous to your corporate security. Hackers may delete data, seize your personal information and demand ransom in exchange. They set up a trap for employees and in the lack of sufficient information security awareness, they fall into it.

    Tracking on-field workforce

    The very nature of many businesses requires their employees to work on-field and on-site. For example onsite construction workers in real estate, drivers in logistics, health care staff in hospitals and ground staff in the aviation industry and supply chain warehouses. Managing and monitoring such a workforce that is always on the go is a challenge that most businesses face today. Communication with such a workforce also adds to the concern of the employers.

    Unmanaged mobile devices

    Unmanaged mobile devices and endpoints are a major challenge that most businesses face today. Cybercriminals can quickly access corporate data and cause major harm to businesses in the absence of a secure and well-planned device and endpoint management solution or strategy. Unmanaged mobile devices can put any business at risk such as data leaks, breaches, security incidents and compliance issues.

    Managing diverse devices for diverse employees

    Businesses operate on various types of mobile devices such as phones, tablets, rugged devices, mPOS, digital signages, etc. It becomes very difficult for them to manage all these types of devices. Also tracking employee devices for battery, OS updates, applications and browsing behavior becomes next to impossible for employers. Not being able to manage devices that are used for business purposes adds to operational hurdles such as delays in delivery time, delays in communication and alike.

    10 quick ways how Scalefusion Android MDM can help boost your business with ease

    Scalefusion mobile device management solution has proficiently helped many businesses across the world secure and manage their Android devices and endpoints with ease. It has helped many businesses to enhance employee productivity, reduce data costs and increase operational efficiency by restricting distracting applications and websites.

    1. Quick enrollment

    Scalefusion Android MDM offers a variety of enrollment options to make bulk Android device enrollments easier. To start using an MDM solution to manage your Android devices, IT administrators must first enroll all devices, whether company-owned or BYOD, in Scalefusion’s MDM console. Scalefusion offers the following methods:

    • Zero-touch enrollment
    • AFW# enrollment
    • ROM enrollment
    • QR code enrollment
    • Samsung KME enrollment

    2. Quick App provisioning

    After enrollment, provisioning the devices with the correct set of applications and features is important. Scalefusion provides app management features to successfully provision your mobile devices with the right set of applications You can silently install, uninstall and schedule app updates with Scalefusion’s unified console. With Scalefusion Enterprise Store, you can deploy public apps from Google PlayStore, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and in-house apps.

    3. Containerization

    With Scalefusion IT admins can create separate personal and work containers on BYO devices. This feature allows employees to use their devices for work in a secure manner. It reduces the hassle for the employees to carry multiple devices for work. For employers, Scalefusion controls the work container by restricting copying data from work to personal devices and taking screenshots. This feature is very much loved by employees as they don’t have to worry about switching from one device to another. They just need to switch between profiles and thus, this way they can manage work and personal life. This helps in keeping the work and personal data separate.

    4. Secure content management

    Scalefusion helps in managing and pushing content on provisioned devices over the air, in various formats. You can send content files in a variety of formats to your employees’ Android devices or public-facing kiosks in a safe manner. Scalefusion offers a unique application called ‘FileDock’ that allows you to rapidly transfer content files. Scalefusion also ensures the content management and security of digital signage used for brand advertisements, which are usually the probable entry points for cybercriminals.

    5. Diverse device compatibility

    Modern businesses require diverse devices for different purposes and use-cases such as phones, tablets, rugged and handheld devices, POS, digital signage, custom devices, etc. Scalefusion Android MDM provides an additional layer of security to these diverse Android devices.

    6. Corporate security

    Securing corporate data on Android devices is important but difficult. Securing corporate data has grown even more difficult with the growing mobility trend and BYOD. Scalefusion offers a variety of security options to safeguard your Android devices, corporate data and networks.

    With Scalefusion Android MDM, you can enforce strict password policies to prevent unauthorized access, configure VPN to enable an encrypted network for employees, track the real-time location of devices and apply geofence-based policies. Also, Scalefusion supports Google SafetyNet Attestation to validate employee-owned Android devices for integrity, security and compatibility.

    7. Conditional email access

    Work emails carry sensitive information and thus, organizations should not let employees access work emails from unmanaged devices. Scalefusion’s conditional email access policy prevents email access to devices that do not comply with Scalefusion policies. It helps IT admins to safeguard their corporate data in a better manner. IT teams can set a grace period for end-users to enroll their devices with Scalefusion. Failing, their access to the mailbox is completely blocked.

    8. DeepDive

    With DeepDive, IT admins can get a holistic view of their entire device fleet from Scalefusion’s dashboard. Getting real-time visibility of devices helps businesses make informed decisions. With DeepDive analytics, IT admins can obtain important details such as the available battery, available storage, compliance violations, data usage, last connected stats, etc.

    9. Android Kiosk Lockdown

    Kiosk lockdown is one of the strongest features as it helps businesses focus on what matters the most. Android kiosk lockdown helps convert any android device into single-app or multi-app kiosks based on specific business requirements. Devices can be converted into digital signages for brand advertisements. Students’ devices can be locked with education-related applications.

    10. Security against theft

    Stolen mobile devices pose a great threat to corporate data. Scalefusion allows data encryption, remote locking and remote-wipe-off features through which data can be deleted from the devices marked as lost over the air. Devices can be locked down and unsuccessful login attempts and SIM swaps can be traced efficiently.


    The role of Android devices in shaping the corporate world cannot be ignored. They have been useful and will continue to be in the future. The need of the hour is to know how to utilize their features to gain maximum business benefits. 

    Scalefusion is a leading Android MDM and is trusted by more than 8000 businesses to manage their devices and endpoints. With a myriad of features, Scalefusion Android MDM can boost your business and skyrocket your revenue. Book a live demo now and manage your Android devices with ease!

    Malvika Sinha
    Malvika Sinha
    Malvika Sinha is a Senior Content Writer at Scalefusion. A post-graduate in Psychology, Malvika has diverse experience in content curation and strategy. She can be best described as a focused professional, an avid reader, a fitness enthusiast and a music-lover.

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