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Top 5 risks of Enterprise Mobility

  • March 1, 2018

Enterprise Mobility is fast emerging and has become an essential factor for businesses to stay at par with productivity and growth. No doubt that mobility can lead to higher business efficiency, productivity, flexibility, innovation, and agility, however, on the other hand, there are certain probable and obvious enterprise mobility risks involved that can prove detrimental for businesses if not managed efficiently. Enterprises are required to have a well-defined enterprise mobility strategy, which can be only be achieved once the impending enterprise mobility risks involved can be mitigated successfully.

Enterprise Mobility

Let’s us try to understand the key Enterprise Mobility risks
1. Device Risks
2. Network Risks
3. Apps & Data Risks

Under these categories, there are following subcategories,


heterogeneous environment Source: SlideShare

There are a variety of mobile devices used by the employees in the organizations which are of different make and operating systems built. Over and above they may or may not be provided by the companies. Hence, all these different mobile devices and operating systems make the mobility environment highly heterogeneous which poses a risk if not managed and secured properly.

Misplace, Loss & Theft

Device Theft

Mobile devices are small, handy and easily portable which makes them susceptible to be stolen, lost or misplaced. When these devices, have corporate apps, data and content on it, no organization can afford such critical security incidences.

Age of devices

Mobile technology is rapidly changing every day. For instance, sometimes before you make up your mind to buy a new smartphone, a new version is already launched. Same happens with the corporates when they cannot replace mobile devices to the new version as quickly as it changes. Hence, they do not get updated with the latest security updates and as a result, they become vulnerable to the new threats which are introduced at the same pace with which the technology is making positive advancement. Thus, the old devices are prone to risks and threats to get compromised.


Unsecured Wi-Fi                                  Unsecured Wifi

Source:                                                          Source:

Remote employees or even the employees in the office may access Wi-Fi hotspots which are unsecured. When any mobile device access internet through unsecured network there are chances of the devices getting hacked which results in critical security breaches. This is a critical enterprise mobility risk area which can be exploited by the cyber attackers, as it is estimated the 90% of the communication happens over Wi-Fi and mostly all the public Wi-Fi hotspots do not provide any security.

Data loss through risky and malicious Apps

Malicious Apps


When there are no restrictions on the usage of mobile devices (personal or company-owned) by the employees, there is always a high probability that end users will download apps which are malicious and risky. As employees may download gaming apps, video apps, social media apps which are not relevant for the business purpose. These apps also pose a high risk of data theft and loss and even can harm the OS of the mobile devices.

Mobility is a growing need for businesses and none can afford to put their sensitive and critical business data at such risk. Enterprise mobility risks and threats are of highest concern to the organization and they require to implement a Mobile Device Management Solution to manage and secure devices across the whole network. MDM can mitigate the risks involved and ensure the protection of devices, data and restrict the usage by the employees without compromising the flexibility and other key benefits offered by enterprise mobility.

About the Author

Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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