A Smarter Alternative to Traditional Mobile Device Management

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    The use of mobile devices has increased exponentially on the work front as more and more businesses & professionals are using smartphones and tablets for official purposes. It is because, these devices are smaller in size, light in weight and provides the same features and utilities as desktops. Even, work in an enterprise is no longer limited to any physical boundary of the premise, employees work at various remote locations and/or employees are given the flexibility to work outside the organization from anyplace. However, along with the flexibility comes the responsibility. Mobile devices provided to the employees by the companies have to be monitored and controlled properly otherwise it affects the employees’ productivity and eventually business revenues.

    For proper management of the mobile devices used by the employees in and out of the enterprises, there are various options available like MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions and Kiosk Lockdown Software. There are many popular players in the market for MDM solutions offering numerous features, but implementing MDM in companies has certain disadvantages too, which can be overcome by kiosk lockdown software…

    The main reason for organizations to go for mobility management is to increase productivity by providing flexibility to employees to work from anywhere and anytime with required data security. Hence, companies need to evaluate various options to meet this requirement and weigh features with utility and affordability.

    Kiosk lockdown software has proven to be the best alternative to MDM especially SMEs. Let’s go through why…

    MDM is expensive – Kiosk Lockdown Software is affordable

    For small and medium companies which work on tight budgets, MDM will not prove to be the ideal choice, as it is expensive. SMEs need to analyze and find out if productivity exceeds huge investment done in MDM. If not, then you need to consider your decision for implementing MDM and think about Kiosk Lockdown Software. If you are a big enterprise and having a huge budget for mobility management, then maybe you can think of implementing it. However, for big enterprises also, there are various factors to consider as implementing MDM involves a lot of complications and is not as easy as Kiosk Software.

    MDM includes BYOD and Company-Owned Devices – Do you need both?

    Is your company planning to manage both employee-owned devices as well as company-owned devices? For many enterprises, it is more important to manage devices owned by companies, since they are concerned more with the devices which are used by remotely working employees to ensure they are used for work purpose only. Again, the kind of control, monitoring, and security required for employee-owned devices and company-owned devices are different. Hence for companies that are sure for managing company-owned devices need not invest heavily in MDM, for the best option will be Kiosk Lockdown Software. Kiosk Lockdown Software efficiently manages all the devices owned by the company over the cloud.

    MDM needs large infrastructure – Kiosk Lockdown doesn’t

    Since MDM includes BYOD and Company-Owned Devices as well, it needs a large infrastructure for securing all the devices. Hence, infrastructure cost goes quite high in comparison to using kiosk lockdown software.

    Trained IT professionals required to administer MDM – Kiosk Lockdown software

    MDM needs a relatively large infrastructure, with a range of devices to monitor, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc., to be managed altogether, needs a dedicated IT team to work on it. With kiosk lockdown software it is very easy to monitor and control all the devices, no dedicated team of IT specialists is required for implementing it.


    Kiosk Lockdown Software locks down all the company-provided devices for business purposes only. It provides most of the necessary features for remote monitoring like whitelisting websites, content management, mobile app management with enterprise store, location tracking and geo-fencing etc. with necessary security of the business data and devices. All the objectives which are kept in mind by the companies for considering MDM solutions are met with kiosk lockdown software with affordability and efficiency. Thus, it is better for enterprises to evaluate the advantages of kiosk lockdown software before and find out what can best suffice to your business requirements.

    After Android and iOS, Scalefusion has now introduced Windows 10 MDM solution for Enterprise. Now you can efficiently manage your corporate-owned iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices from a Unified Dashboard.

    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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