Simplify Mobile Application Management with Scalefusion

  • November 12, 2018

Employers & employees are now able to use mobile technology at their advantage by using different devices to get their work done. If these devices are corporate-owned devices, then an effective MDM strategy can enable employees to be even more productive using mobile devices irrespective of place and time.

Simplify Mobile Application Management with Scalefusion
Seamlessly distribute Applications over-the-air with Scalefusion

The requirement of an MDM Solution is to enrol all the corporate-owned devices as a managed device. This will ensure that devices are secure and company policies are mandated on the devices. Generally, company policies include exit passcode, encryption or guaranteeing that the device has not been rooted or jailbroken.

After the device enrollment procedure is through and security and control policies are enforced, the devices can now access the organization’s applications and data. Most of the Mobile Device Management enforces policies at the device level, but there has to be a protection at the application level as well.

Mobile Application Management from Scalefusion MDM

A comprehensive Mobile Device Management solution like Scalefusion provides Mobile Application Management (MAM) in addition to other security, control, and management features. MAM includes a wide range of management features at the application level and enables to securely distribute in-house & public apps to devices using Scalefusion Enterprise Store or managed Google Play.

· Seamless distribution of both in-house and Play Store Apps to groups of devices or device(s).
· View the list of Apps and their installation count on mobile devices.
· Get the status of the deployed Apps on the user’s devices.
· Manage the Apps Over The Air (OTA) to groups/devices.

It enables to

Upload – Admin can upload APKs of in-house or business apps on Scalefusion Enterprise Store on the dashboard.
Deploy – Deploy the uploaded APKs remotely from the dashboard to the registered devices or group of devices.
Manage – Admin can remotely update or unpublish apps from the devices and delete uploaded APKs from the Scalefusion Enterprise Store.

Here is a video that explains how Scalefusion Mobile Application Management (MAM) works :

Upload your enterprise APK’s on the enterprise store. After that, they will automatically be downloaded to the devices registered with your account, when published to the device. The device user is alerted to install the application if the silent install is not supported on the device.

MAM facilitates the organization with a secure and flexible platform to manage mobile apps as well as data while securing user content. MAM helps employees as well as employers to align with the organizational purpose of adopting enterprise mobility.

Here are few of the many benefits to deploy a Mobile Application Management –

1. Productivity gains – With a centralized approach to managing which apps can a user avail at the work, quite a rise in productivity was observed in the organization. Primary reasons for this are that only relevant apps are distributed, they have updated automatically at regular intervals.

2. Process Improvement – The other supporting business apps can also be integrated with in-house apps in order to streamline and improve the different business processes. It makes it easier for employees to carry out their work while improving operational efficiencies.

3. Increased Flexibility – Since different required apps are installed on the user’s device, it increases flexibility for the field employees who are working remotely.

4. Lowers maintenance cost and time – App updates can be done by IT Admin at regular intervals remotely. As a result, it cuts on downtime, and field employees also are able to access the most updated version of the apps. It also reduces the burden on IT employees as these updates are automated and do not require to be done manually.

5. Faster adoption to enterprise mobility – MDM, MAM strategies boost organization and their employees to adapt faster to the enterprise mobility drive. This leads to a higher return on mobility investments.

To sum it up, it is challenging for enterprises to manage the bulk of different mobile devices and the in-house and other business mobile apps. MDM solution with Mobile Application Management (MAM) incorporated helps organizations to ensure effective remote management, control, and security on the devices, data, and applications. MAM specifically monitors employee’s app usage and secures the user content which enhances the productivity and boosts innovation. Thus, it is not the mobile devices only that drives mobility, it’s the mobile applications as well. That’s the reason mobile application management, along with mobile device management is a win-win situation for organizations and their employees.

About the Author

Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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