Shared Android Devices for Shift-Based Workforces

  • May 25, 2023

It’s fast, it’s hectic, it’s tech-heavy, it’s dynamic—that’s what today’s business landscape looks like. And there’s no time to waste! As the world is now a global village, thanks to high-speed connectivity, businesses are operational 24*7. The success of round-the-clock businesses is directly proportional to the productivity of their shift-based workforces. 

A modern 24*7 workforce needs mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. There’s one OS that rules the roost for these devices—the mighty Android! Managing Android devices of such workforces poses quite a few challenges for organizations. This is exactly where shared Android devices can be a savior for IT admins and a shot in the efficiency arm of shift-based workforces.

Welcome to the world of shared Android devices. Let’s dive right in, then.

shared Android devices
Shared Android Devices

The Android Dominance

The user-agnostic nature of Windows OS made it the ultimate choice for IT teams for years as far as shared desktops or laptops were concerned. But for smartphones and tablets, it’s all Android, all the way. 

Quick Android Stats:
In 2021, over 1 billion Android mobile devices were sold1
There will be 3.6 billion estimated Android users in 2023, up by 9% from 20221
Android OS holds a 71.8% market share in the global market2

Stats on Android can go on and on, showcasing its dominance. You got the premise here, didn’t you? 

What are Shared Android Devices?

Akin to Windows user-based sign-ins, shared Android devices are company-owned smartphones and tablets used among two or more employees. Yes, IT admins, you read that right. And what makes it possible and seamless—Mobile Device Management (MDM). 

IT admins of businesses that require 24×7 operations can leverage an MDM solution to make the most out of shared Android devices. Shared Android devices can be enrolled into an MDM solution easily, and every other nuance can be tuned as per the logged-in user and work requirements. 

Key Features of Shared Android Devices

There’s a lot that company-owned smartphones and tablets running on shared device mode have on offer for organizations and their IT admins. Here’re some of the essential features IT admins will adore once devices that need to be shared are enrolled into an MDM solution. 

Fast User Switching and Authentication

With an MDM solution, switching users on shared devices is as easy as it can get, whether it’s just two or many. A particular user logs into an enrolled shared device with email credentials, followed by an OTP-based authentication. Gets access to the required apps and data on the device. Completes the tasks for the day, receives a notification as the shift nears an end and logs out at the predefined time. The process repeats itself when the new designated user accesses the shared Android device. That’s fast and seamless, for sure.

Quick Turnaround Times

Round-the-clock business operations have no room for lags. Thus, IT admins can set automatic log-out for users based on their shift timings. So, if someone feels leisurely at work, the onus is totally on them. There’s no scope to make up for wasted time, as once the next shift is ready to begin, it’s see you later lazy alligator with auto log-out. Time for the next employee to start the new shift without any delay.

Secure Sessions

The abovementioned user switching process also has a perfect security measure to it too. Using an MDM solution, IT admins can ensure the apps and data of an individual user are cleared before the next user logs into the shared device. This is a crucial element of shared device management as organizations deal with sensitive corporate data daily. The sensitivity of data applies to employees within the same team as well. Hence, this MDM feature is an absolute must for IT teams that manage devices for frontline workers. 

User privacy and corporate data confidentiality—check!

Effective Application & Content Management

Access to the right apps and content at the right time is a necessity for shift-based workforces. IT admins can manage apps and content of shared Android devices effectively from an MDM dashboard. Yes, it’s a matter of a few clicks, but it goes a long way in keeping your workforce productive across shifts. 

App and content requirements may vary in dynamic work environments like healthcare or manufacturing, even on the same device. IT admins can therefore manage apps and content on such devices based on the user session. 

IT admins can ramp up shift productivity further with the ability to push and install apps silently on shared devices. Employees can focus on their priorities while an MDM solution acts like a behind-the-scenes ally of IT admins, enabling timely and rightful access to resources.

Accurate Tracking & Reporting

You can’t improve when you can’t analyze. In the supremely competitive business world that we live in, organizations must remain vigilant on the productivity of employees, and shift-based workforces using shared devices are no different.

An MDM software allows IT teams to track shared device usage and user behavior. They can keep an accurate eye on how shared devices are being used, thus optimizing device usage. Time spent on apps, inactivity, battery patterns, session lengths, and many such essential parameters can be easily tracked. 

IT admins can view detailed reports on an MDM dashboard based on device and user tracking. These shared device reports can then be accessed by concerned managers or leaders in the organization to analyze the performance of shift workers. This, in turn, helps foster an environment of informed decision-making.

Final Words: Manage Shared Android Devices with Scalefusion

There’s no slowing down the pace of the business world. It’s only slated to increase in times ahead with constant technology disruptions. The 24*7 business ecosystem will continue to revolve more around the productivity of shift-based workforces. It will all cascade into higher penetration of shared devices across industries.

The time is now to ramp up the productivity bar for round-the-clock business operations. It’s time for IT admins to manage shared Android devices with Scalefusion MDM. Get in touch with our experts to explore the possibilities of shared device management. Or get proof of the shared device mode pudding with a 14-day free trial. 


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