6 Ways to Reduce Company Cost & Improve Workforce Productivity with Scalefusion

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    Modern and disruptive mobile technologies are bringing in several business advantages for forward-looking companies, but somehow it is important to focus on the most relevant, valuable, and realistic outcomes that a company wants to achieve with the help of these innovations.

    6 Ways to Reduce Company Cost & Improve Workforce Productivity with Scalefusion
    Minimize investment as well as yield productivity with Scalefusion

    This blog will discuss the two most definitive business values that Scalefusion as an MDM can help companies accomplish – to drive cost reduction and improve mobile workforce productivity.

    Let’s dig into how we make companies establish confidence in leveraging our product to increase mobile workforce productivity while minimizing company costs.

    1. Kiosk Lockdown Solution:

    Now, lock down your fleet of Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices into a single app, multi-app, or browser mode where your company IT admin can decide which app (or apps) and business websites can be accessed in these managed devices provided to the mobile workforce to improve their productivity. In order to keep employees focused on work even outside the premises, all the irrelevant apps and websites can be disabled by the IT admin,  while whitelisting only those apps and websites that are essential to the business. By turning your company-owned devices into kiosks, you enable your field force to use only work-related apps and websites (Whitelisting Websites) and at the same time, they are restricted from accessing the internet for unwanted/personal purposes, saving the company tremendous costs on data usage.

    2. Mobile Application Management:

    Uploading, securely deploy, and remotely managing in-house and public apps on managed devices used by the mobile workforce cannot get easier than this! Scalefusion Mobile Application Management empowers your company IT admin to seamlessly and remotely manage, distribute and update enterprise applications via Scalefusion Enterprise Store. Employees working from remote locations can access these readily available apps on their managed devices to get their works done in a timely and precise manner. A flawless MAM process doesn’t only improves mobile workforce productivity but also lessens the scope of downloading apps from unsecured sources that might lead to cyber-attacks.

    The functionality also allows the IT admin to whitelist certain business apps, which automatically disallowing device users to access or download unnecessary apps for personal purposes, thereby impactfully reducing data cost for the company.

    3. Mobile Content Management:

    Scalefusion Mobile Content Management capability ensures that your mobile workforce never struggles to obtain the right content at the right time. Access to critical company documents and information in real-time through a secured environment is fundamental to drive remote workforce productivity and workflow efficiency. To improve workforce productivity, Scalefusion MCM allows the company IT admin to remotely upload and push content via the web-based centralized dashboard in the managed devices, wherein the employees can access the enterprise content within the Filedock app.

    It doesn’t only enable the remote employees to make better and faster business decisions but also keeps them proactive with precise business information and allows them to get more work done in less time leading to improved transparency and faster time-to-market.

    4. Remote Device Troubleshooting:

    Scalefusion MDM comes with this unique capability called Remote Cast and Control. This feature enables the remotely working employees to share the active screens of their managed devices with the IT admin in the dashboard, in order to get faster and accurate resolution against sudden situations like customer queries, product interrogation, and device downtime. The functionality allows the IT admins to take screenshots and record cast sessions to further escalate the issues for better remediation and record-keeping.

    Scalefusion RCC ensures that your remotely located workforce always has an option to resolve critical issues by collaborating with the IT admin in real-time. This not only improves your workforce productivity intact but also optimizes resource usage to the fullest.

    5. Unified Enterprise Communications:

    A top-notch, secure, and organized enterprise communication platform goes a long way to drive and strengthen team collaboration and engagement between remotely located team members, working from different time zones. Scalefusion’s Eva Communication Suite will pleasantly surprise you with all the relevant and beneficial aspects that allow seamless team communication through a secured channel. This empowers device users to use two-way chat, VoIP calls, conference calls, and simplified contact management, which allow them to stay updated and informed with the help of a robust team-wide communication tool.

    On the other hand, EVA notifications, nudges, and context-aware alerts enable the IT admin to keep a track of the devices used by remote workers. It also allows the IT admin to block/unblock any incoming/outgoing calls, by whitelisting contacts from the dashboard, thereby limiting calling costs.

    6. Scalefusion Workflows:

    It should be the company’s focus to free as much time as possible for the IT team so they can focus to work on more critical tasks like cyber security measures, threat detection, and other ways of safeguarding sensitive and expensive corporate data. this can only be possible if their routine tasks can be pre-scheduled and automated. Scalefusion Workflows let companies optimize the usage of their IT team and their time and efforts by allowing them to automate and schedule daily tasks and set compliance alerts on managed devices without any complex scripting or coding. Workflows also allow for dynamic policy applications that can allow the IT admin to set a limit on data usage for remote device users. They can create a set of tasks or actions and pre-select a time and frequency of execution.

    Scalefusion has proved to be an excellent multi-OS EMM partner and has been successfully assisting global companies like Bose, Decathlon, Magna, Subway, Yamaha, Grab, and a lot more, in driving managed enterprise mobility and improving your mobile workforce productivity in the best possible ways.

    Check out the list of our Case Studies as we careered for different industrial sectors.

    Sonali Datta
    Sonali Datta
    Sonali has an extensive experience in content writing, marketing, and strategy and she has worked with companies where she was involved in the 360-degree content production and editing. An avid reader and animal lover, she loves to cook, take care of her plants and travel.

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