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5 Ways to Reduce Cost & Increase the productivity of your mobile workforce

  • May 2, 2017

Adapting new & affordable technology to increase productivity is the new mantra that every business is looking to master. Early success shown by the companies being mobile first has had a lot of businesses scrambling to adopt it.

Various advancements in mobile technology have established confidence in leveraging mobility for business productivity and exponential gains.

One of such advancements is the Kiosk/Lockdown ability. Kiosk software locks smartphones and tablets given to mobile workforce restricting its usage. These are tools with which the businesses can ensure that the mobile workforces are being more productive.

Scalefusion is a kiosk lockdown software for Android devices. It is widely used across industries, facilitating to adapt mobility and increase productivity of their mobile workforce.

5 top features from Scalefusion ensuring higher productivity

mobile workforce

1) Lockdown of mobile devices

Scalefusion when installed on the registered mobile devices of your organisation, they are locked for work purpose only. This means employees can seamlessly carry out all their work related tasks remotely at any time from any part of the world. In order to keep employees focused on work even outside the premises, all the irrelevant apps and websites can be disabled by the IT administrator,  who can also whitelist only those apps and websites which are essential to the business.

2) Location Tracking and Geo Fencing

Scalefusion when enabled, admin can track the real-time location of the registered devices from the dashboard. The admin can even set a virtual limit or a fence in which the field employees are supposed to be in. Adopting this feature, admin can ensure that field reps are where they have to be. This can make sure that the mobile workforce are not missing out on any appointments as well as are being in the region/zone they are meant to be in. The admin also has an ability to send a direct message to the device giving him direct access to the rep.

3) Enterprise Store

Enterprise Store gathers all apps used within the company in a single place & enables remote deployment of the enterprise apps to the end users’ locked devices. It is beneficial as it reduces admin’s downtime to change and update the company’s apps wherever the employees are. Remotely working employees are also at an advantage as the apps can get updated irrespective of their work location. Thus, saving time and effort which could have been wasted by them in transit to the office.

4) Web-Based Admin Dashboard  

It is not rocket science to use the Scalefusion dashboard. It is user friendly and admin can remotely monitor and control all the registered devices from a single dashboard in real-time. It also enables brand awareness of your business and allows you to apply customized wallpapers, company logos and banners of your choice.

5) Broadcast Message

By broadcasting message, admin  can make sure that field employees do not miss any of the important announcements or business communication. The ability to broadcast messages enables a seamless communication channel.


Scalefusion is a proven kiosk lockdown software for Android devices with clientele like Yamaha, Hyatt, United States Cold Storage to name a few. It caters to various industries like manufacturing, logistics, retail & education to help them adapt to mobility and improve the productivity of their mobile workforce.

To read on how USCS increased productivity and saved cost on their $1.1M project, check this case study!

For any further inquiries on Scalefusion and its usability for your business, you can contact our representatives and even visit our website –

About the Author

Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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