How Scalefusion Saved the Day at Angel Starch and Visa Global Logistics?

  • July 4, 2017

Angel Starch is a leading supplier of high-quality value-added starch and modified starches, having a good 27 years of expertise in the starch industry. They adopted the use of Android devices in their company and locked them down with Scalefusion to have efficient operations. With the help of Scalefusion, they have been able to save on data costs, restricted & monitored access to websites and apps, secure the devices in incidents like theft.

Read on to find out how they recovered a stolen device with the help of Scalefusion MDM Solution

One of the Angel Starch employee’s company-owned Android devices was stolen, once. The person who stole the device tried to unlock it from Scalefusion. For unlocking the device from Scalefusion, it provides a custom home screen as the user interface and needs a passcode to unlock. Only after entering the correct passcode, someone can access the regular home screen or the settings of the device. Since exit passcode is unique and can only be set by the account owner or Admin, it resulted in failed attempts. In such incidents, Scalefusion automatically opens the front camera and takes pictures of the person trying to unlock the device with the wrong passcodes. Subsequently, Admin was notified with the person’s photo and location, on the dashboard. They shared these details to their local police station, with the help of which, they found and arrested the person and recovered the device! Moreover, the state police of Tamil Nadu, India admired the security features of Scalefusion and appreciated the innovative thinking in developing the product, which serves smartly to customers’ such problems!

Visa Global Logistics, a leading international freight forwarding company of Australia, was looking for a Mobile Device Management solution with Mobile Application Management and which can meet their specific requirements, with a reasonable price offering. After assessing various leading MDM vendors, they found Scalefusion as the most suitable, affordable and easy to use solution for their mobility prerequisites.

With the help of Scalefusion, Visa Global has been able to adapt to paperless operations easily. They replaced all the documentation with Android apps and web deliverable content which they can now remotely publish, manage & control through Scalefusion’s Mobile Content Management feature. Its powerful security features have ensured that no user can tamper with their company-owned mobile devices and unlock from Scalefusion, giving peace of mind to Visa Global admin. They can now monitor and manage all the devices in real time from the device management dashboard which has facilitated them to implement enterprise mobility with ease.

Scalefusion is a cloud-based Mobile Device Management Software Solution that enables you to manage your company-owned Android devices. It locks them into Kiosk Mode which restricts user’s access to only selected applications & websites and they cannot even access any Android device settings. It remotely manages and controls all the enrolled devices from Unified Scalefusion dashboard.

Scalefusion is being used in 60+ countries by small & medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies and has proven itself as a smarter alternative to Android MDM solution.

About the Author

Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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