Scalefusion releases v3.1.0!

  • February 7, 2018

We are out with Scalefusion (v3.1.0) version! The latest version includes

–  Schedule Enterprise App Updates
–  Scalefusion Remote Control for LG devices
–  Device Screen Timeout

Main highlights

You can now schedule the updates and installation of apps that are published from Scalefusion Enterprise Store. This feature facilitates to continue with the updates of the apps during the time frame specified by you. For an e.g., you have deployed POS in your retail stores and don’t want the updates running during any transaction, interrupting the process. In that case, you can schedule the app update after the store hours when there are no transactions happening.

Note – This feature is not applicable while installing the app for the first time from Enterprise Store.

Let’s understand how we can schedule the app updates from Scalefusion Enterprise Store :


1. Go to your Scalefusion Dashboard.
2. Go to Device Profiles
3. Click on Install Window button (This button is on the right-hand side, next to Delete Profile button).

Install Window
4. Click on Set Install Window

Schedule App Updates


5. Here, you can set the time frame in which you would want the installation or the updates to happen.
6. Once the app(s) is installed or updated, you will get the notification and you can also check the user activities log.

Other important features of this version include

Scalefusion Remote Control now supports LG devices as well by which the IT Admin can get real-time control & visibility of the registered devices from Scalefusion dashboard. It will also facilitate the administrators to have a sound understanding of any support issues and enable them to provide a quick resolution.

Device Screen Timeout in which you can either keep the device screen always ‘on’ OR you can specify a time duration, after which screen will go in sleep mode if there is no activity in the specified time frame. This feature will avoid the device slipping into sleep mode every now and then.


1. Go to Scalefusion Dashboard
2. Go to Device Profiles
3. Select the Device Profile
4. Edit Device Profile
5. Optional Settings
6. Screen Timeout settings

7. Select duration from the dropdown list.

Conclusion :

We continuously endeavor to come out with updates which enhance the experience and ease the mobile device management in enterprises.

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About the Author

Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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