How Scalefusion helps Small Businesses?

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    In today’s highly digitized business world, it has become imperative for each small and large businesses, irrespective of any industry, to sync it with this revolution. Companies are working beyond the walls of the premises, employees are either on the go or given the freedom to work irrespective of the location, and mobile tech usage has increased as it has simplified the various business processes. Such facilitation has undoubtedly increased productivity as well as profits but there are certain ambiguities which the businesses cannot avoid. For instance,

    • Data loss and Security threat
    • Access of company-owned devices for personal use
    • Excessive usage of mobile data
    • Changing the device settings
    • Devices getting lost or stolen and many more.

    This results in dissipation of the employees’ and eventually organization’s time, energy, focus and company’s financial resources which eventually leads to low productivity. Especially the small businesses have to watch out the gaps of the functioning. To overcome these challenges and aptly manage them, they need to ensure that they have a powerful and efficient kiosk lockdown software which is also the most affordable and efficient alternative to otherwise pricey mobile device management solutions.

    Kiosk Lockdown Software – Scalefusion

    The best Kiosk Lockdown Software allows administrators to

    • Control devices remotely
    • Restrict changes in the device settings
    • Allow or disallow apps or content

    Scalefusion meets all the requirements for managing mobile devices and makes work easier by remotely controlling and monitoring in real-time. It helps small businesses to make productive use of technology.

    Benefits of Kiosk Lockdown Software for small business

    Strategic – Small businesses have some unique management needs. They want their work to be qualitative and therefore kiosk lockdown software works best for them. Scalefusion Mobile Device Management makes it simple for the staff to stay alert and focussed for using the device strictly for the business purpose. It deprives the need of manually setting up and controlling the devices.

    Enhance Productivity – Downloading games and excessive irrelevant content from social media for private use can also have a negative impact on the company’s financial resources as well as productivity. Kiosk lockdown strikes off all such activities by allowing the administrator to restrict the end-user from performing these activities on the devices. Hence, considering Scalefusion for small businesses can be cost-effective and productive.   

    Effortless Mobile Device Management – Devices can be managed easily by the admin. For example; Activities like configuring, updating, installing and deleting the device settings can be done directly from the web-based portal. In cases when the device is lost or stolen, data can be wiped or deleted from the device when necessary. Location of the device can be tracked and if the employee breaches any parameters, it is immediately notified to the administrator. Most of the actions done on mobile devices can be easily controlled by the administrator from the dashboard.

    Cost effective – Spending more on hardware can be reduced, it eliminates the need to install separate kiosks, restricting internet access by whitelisting websites which save data cost.


    Scalefusion is one such solution that provides The Best Alternative to Mobile Device Management.

    With all the features equivalent to a mobile device management solution, it allows the small business communities to manage the devices remotely from a web-based dashboard at an affordable cost. It helps the companies to control and make effective use of their mobile devices and increase employees’ productivity. Scalefusion gives a complete Management solution for Mobile Devices. It is difficult not to play favourites when you look at a product like Scalefusion.

    Variety of industries from Logistics to Hospitality and Education to Entertainment have chosen kiosk lockdown software and this has become an essential means for small businesses. They are involving mobile technology because it has revolutionized business processes.

    Anupam Mishra
    Anupam Mishra
    Anupam is a digital marketing expert and business optimization professional and author who loves technology and its impact on business. Here to help.

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