Scalefusion – Best MDM Solution of 2019 By TechRadar

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    TechRadar has ranked Scalefusion as one of the best out of 5 MDM Solutions of 2019! Scalefusion has earned this ranking as TechRadar found it as an efficient enabler to the organizations to achieve secured enterprise mobility with Android devices. Previously, there was a lot of concern about increasing usage of the Android devices in the organization, as it was an unsecured OS in comparison to other most preferred ones at that time like Blackberry. But, with Scalefusion, organizations are at ease to deploy them for work-purpose.

    Scalefusion – Best MDM Solution of 2019

    Scalefusion is a cloud-based solution which facilitates the organization to manage, secure & control all the company-owned Android devices, remotely. The core strength of the product is the system’s ability to lock devices into kiosk mode giving IT Admin the control of which all apps and websites can be accessed by users. That is one of the key reasons why Scalefusion has been awarded as one of the best MDM Solution of 2019 by Tech Radar.

    Scalefusion MDM gives full authority to IT admin to monitor the device, apps and the business data in real-time.

    Scalefusion Best MDM Features:

    Device Lockdown – Scalefusion enables kiosk mode in which devices can be locked to a single or few several apps, whitelisting websites and restricting hardware functionalities.

    Mobile Application Management – Manage and seamlessly distribute in-house developed business apps as well as public apps with Enterprise Store.

    Mobile Content Management – Uploading, publishing, and managing of business content with Mobile Content Management (MCM), using Scalefusion FileDock remotely.

    Eva Communication Suite – Seamless communication with a single application across your organization with Eva Messenger with chat and VoIP functionalities, Eva Phone with contact management and SIM calling capabilities and Eva Notifications providing real-time alerts and notifications of devices.

    Remote Cast and Control – It enables remote access and screen viewing of the devices. It helps to troubleshoot the devices better as well as to monitor the activities in real-time.

    Reporting – Various reports helping to streamline and plan device management like Device information, device usage, and location details.

    Security Management – Security and control are further enhanced by features like remotely wipe the data on the device by having lost mode, cost saving due to restriction in mobile data usage, real-time notifications to the enrolled devices.

    ProSurf Browser for iOS – To set the iPad into kiosks, ProSurf Browser can enable the device to run single or few selected websites.

    Enterprises can also have their own branding with its company logo and web design. IT admin can various device profiles and even the group profiles for better asset management.

    Scalefusion is integrated with Android for Work, Apple’s Device Enrollment Program, VPP and various OEM partners like Samsung Knox, LG Gate, iBall, Sony & Lenovo to provide robust security and additional android device management capabilities.

    To sum up, Scalefusion Mobile Device Management Android Software is the best MDM Solutions of 2019 for the small, medium and large enterprises whose priority is to address their business problems.

    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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