Introducing Remote Control for macOS

  • July 7, 2021

We are happy to announce the release of Remote Control for macOS. With this addition, we have bolstered our remote troubleshooting capabilities. Along with Remote Cast and Control for Android and Windows, Remote Cast for iOS, Scalefusion now also supports Remote Control for macOS.

Introducing Remote Control for macOS
Introducing Remote Control for macOS in Scalefusion

Virtually troubleshoot macOS device issues with ease

Several organizations around the world have been driven to remote working in recent times. One of the prime challenges faced by the IT teams of such organizations is resolving device issues of their remote employees. In events of device issues, employees lose out on their crucial time and if the device issues are not fixed quickly, it can lead to an extended device downtime and loss of productivity. Most remote employees who are not highly tech-savvy cannot identify the exact cause of their device’s misbehaviour. This is where Remote Cast & Control plays a vital role in helping an organization’s IT admins identify the root cause of the error and resolve it without a delay. 

Scalefusion Remote Cast & Control feature for macOS MDM allows IT admins to mirror the user’s screen on their dashboard and take charge of their managed device to help resolve issues speedily.

How does it work?

  • In event of a device error, the IT admin can initiate a remote cast session directly from the Scalefusion dashboard.
  • The remote cast & control feature on the dashboard lets the IT admin mirror the device’s screen on their dashboard to take charge of the device remotely
  • IT admin takes control of the macOS device screens, can navigate within apps and perform actions.
  • IT admins can troubleshoot the issue, gain a better understanding of the issue and apply further fixes.
  • IT admins can also take screenshots and screen recordings to create context-aware support tickets on the integrated ITSM platform.

So why look any further when your MDM solution itself offers you an efficient way to speedily troubleshoot your macOS device fleets. You need not hunt for additional remote support apps. All Scalefusion managed Mac machines running on macOS version 10.14 and above can leverage the Scalefusion Remote Cast and Control functionality. Additionally, we recommend the latest Chrome browser for a smooth Remote Cast and Control experience. Designed for easy installation and initiation of casting sessions, the Remote cast for macOS devices is here to make your enterprise troubleshooting voyage simpler.

To know more about this functionality, please take a look at our help doc. Click here!

Know about Scalefusion Remote Cast and Control.

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