How to Troubleshoot Better With Scalefusion Remote Software Support?

  • April 6, 2018

Enterprise Mobility has enabled convenience and flexibility to employees in the organization, but it has posed several challenges as well, to the IT support department. Companies provide smartphones and tablets to their employees to implement mobility. It is advantageous for the remote employees as they can stay connected with the office and can get access to the updated business content irrespective of place and time.

How to Troubleshoot Better With Scalefusion Remote Software Support?
Reduce downtime IT support with Remote cast and control

But what if these mobile devices face some issues such as device start malfunctioning, or client installations fail, etc?

IT support department generally try to troubleshoot the issues through conventional modes like emails or chats or max over the phone call. But, these approaches do not bring quick resolution, they consume time. Hence, all these issues may jeopardize the task of the employee on hand. In case of the field employees, they are located so far that they cannot travel to the office to resolve the issue or may take a lot of time in travelling back and forth to the office. Thus, many issues which otherwise can be solved in a couple of minutes or hours can prove to be costly otherwise as it may also involve the cost of travel, cost of time lost etc, which may ultimately end in loss of efficiency.

Such issues pose a question – how to support these remote devices in such a way that it eliminates travel and time lost.

How does Remote Software Support Help?

To get the best out of the enterprise mobility, it is critical to have good remote software support for all the company-owned devices. Enterprise mobility management does not stop at remotely controlling or restricting access to the devices but support all the registered company-owned devices. To address to this, Scalefusion has an add-on feature – Remote Cast and Control for Android devices (version 5.0 and above) of Samsung Knox, LG, Sony & Lenovo make, including rooted devices.

What is Scalefusion Remote Cast & Control


During troubleshooting any issue, Remote Cast & Control feature facilitates the IT admin to remotely access any registered mobile device to view & control the device’s active screen. Hence giving convenience to admin to troubleshoot issues in real-time.

Admin can get started using the feature with a couple of steps to enable it on the devices. Once the session starts on the device, admin can troubleshoot the issue with better understanding and give a quick resolution in real-time.

Admin can do the following as if the device is right in the hand –

1. Access active screen and applications

2. Screen sharing – by which admin can see what the end-user is seeing on the Android phone or tablet in real-time which includes even apps, settings and camera as well.

3. Screenshots of the active screen

4. View critical system information which includes OS version, memory apps etc. And, if required can even kill the processes and uninstall certain apps.

5. Hide the stop button and lock/unlock the devices out of Scalefusion

With Scalefusion’s remote software support – Remote Cast & Control, the task of the IT support department become easier to troubleshoot the issues on any of the enterprise devices, irrespective of its location and time. With Scalefusion, admin can not only view and control the remote devices but are also able to collaborate with other admins and chat with end-user through Scalefusion Eva messenger.

Summarising advantages

1. Real-Time support to enterprise Android mobile devices

2. Cost-effective technology that allows admin to troubleshoot devices which are at a remote location. This way, the admin doesn’t even have to be where the device is located. From his base location, he can securely connect to any registered device and view the active screen just as if the device is right there in the office.

3. Remote support is safe and secure as only admins can have the access.

4. Remote support is convenient. It enables to troubleshoot at any time of the day, and on the same day, you inform the admin about the issue.

5. Remote support does not rely on location.

6. Eliminates employee travel specifically for troubleshooting the issues on the device

7. Increases efficiency and productivity

8. Better collaboration

9. Transparency

Effective remote software support plays a key role in the overall success of the enterprise mobility in any organization. An apt remote software support results in the faster response, better results, and higher efficiency and productivity. Thus, it is in the best interest to be proactive how Remote Cast & Control feature from Scalefusion can help you in improving your enterprise mobility management for your enterprise.

About the Author

Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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