How to Allow Only Work Calls on Company-Owned Phones

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    Enabling your workforce with company-owned phones is essential to ensure round-the-clock connectivity with all the stakeholders, including employees as well as customers. The call and data charges incurred on these phones are borne by the company. While having an MDM solution to apply policies and enforce restrictions on the company-owned mobile phones can help curb excess data charges, having a grip on the calling charges is slightly hard.

    Companies opting for an MDM solution to manage their devices most commonly restrict the calling access by configuring the SIM settings. But if a set of workforce needs to be facilitated with voice calling for work and business purposes, companies need to find a solution that can incorporate their need to establish calls while ensuring that the calls are strictly business-related. This will accomplish two things- your workforce is powered with the feature they require and it will not induce exuberant charges to the company.

    Scalefusion MDM has a pragmatic solution within its Eva Communication Suite– a team communication app. Eva Communication Suite enables two-way encrypted messaging and VoIP calling between the device inventory. This enables IT admins to communicate with the employees and vice-a-versa. It also helps various teams to collaborate for business purposes.

    With the versatile feature of Eva Communication Suite called the Eva Phone, IT admins can configure the managed devices to establish work-only calls. It helps companies have granular control over the incoming and outgoing calls on company-owned phones.

    Here’s how you can allow work-only calls on company-owned phones using Eva Communication Suite:

    Get Started:

    a) Sign up on Scalefusion. Make sure you use an account that is not G-Suite enabled to sign up. Once you create an account, confirm your email address.

    b) You can now start enrolling your devices on the Scalefusion dashboard and apply company-specific policies. Create device profiles and groups for different teams within your employees.

    c) Enable the Eva Communication Suite on the Scalefusion dashboard. Navigate to Eva Communication Settings and enable Eva Phone.

    d) Once you’ve enabled the Eva Communication Suite and Eva Phone, push the ‘Eva App’ on the managed devices My Apps section. Eva App is a native app by Scalefusion.

    e) On the device, you need to select Eva App as the default phone app.

    Step-by-step process to enable work-only calls on company-owned phones using Eva Phone:

    1. Navigate to Eva Communication Suite. And click on the Phone option. Here, add contacts to which your workforce can establish calls.

    2. You can also upload a CSV with all the contact lists. Make sure you enter the country code along with the phone number while uploading contacts. You can also add contacts based on USSD number.

    3. Once the contacts are added, navigate to the Call Lists section in the Eva Phone Section on Scalefusion dashboard. Here, start creating a contact list. You can enter a custom name for the contact list.

    4. Start adding contacts to the list. You can customize what is allowed for each contact through lists.

    5. You can enforce dialpad settings and speakerphone, configure incoming and outgoing functionality and also enable conference calls. You can also choose to hide contact numbers to maintain privacy.

    6. Once your contact list is created and configured, you can click on Save.

    7. Once the contact list is saved, you can publish the contact list on devices, device groups or device profiles.

    8. You can thus create exclusive contact lists for various teams within your company and allow work-only calls on your devices.

    9. You can review the settings applied to your contact lists and also edit them later.

    With Scalefusion MDM integrated with Eva Phone, you can easily configure work-only calls on company-owned phones.

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    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane
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