How Online Food Aggregators are Benefiting from Mobility Management?

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    Online Food Aggregators Overview

    Online Food Ordering Services or Aggregators is one of the fastest growing industry in today’s era. Satisfying the most basic need of hunger in the simplest & fastest way possible is the critical factor for success in this industry.

    In today’s world, Customers get their products right at their doorsteps with just 2 or 3 clicks on their smartphones. A complex and speedy mechanism works in the background when you order food online. In simple terms when you order food from your favorite restaurant an order request is sent to them. After the restaurant confirms the order you receive an order confirmation message and the order gets delivered to you.

    Most of these process run on mobile devices which the employees of Food Aggregators use on the field to get orders and delivery instructions with step-by-step guide templates. This creates an utmost need to manage all the mobile devices in a secure, efficient and highly cost-effective way.

    Mobility Management Challenges in Online Food Aggregators

    Online Food Aggregators rely heavily on mobile devices in their day to day operations. This makes them vulnerable to problems faced by almost every food ordering service when using mobile devices at work.

    Some of the mobility management challenges faced by them are locating devices and tracking the employee’s whereabouts, keeping employees focused only on business-related applications, controlling the internet activity of employees and cutting down unnecessary data use, reducing the downtime by remotely upgrading the Apps on the devices, remotely sharing data with the devices.

    These challenges can prove costly and significantly reduce employee productivity. Imagine an employee using the tablet for entertainment purpose like playing games or surfing social networking sites during office hours.

    In Online Food Aggregator industry having lowest possible operational cost is a critical factor in Company’s success, incurring such unnecessary cost and productivity loss can be a big hindrance to its success.

    food panda

    The foodpanda group is an Online Food Ordering and delivery service headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and operating in 40 countries. With the recent acquisition of Tiny Owl and partnering with IRCTC and McDonald’s for Food delivery, it is one of the fastest growing Online Food Aggregator in India.

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    How Scalefusion Helps

    Scalefusion is an Android Device Management tool which helps an organization to locks down the Android Device(s) in Android Kiosk Mode, which can be remotely accessed through a Device Management dashboard via an online web portal. First, the device(s) needs to be registered using Scalefusion App, which is an Android Kiosk Mode App. After Lockdown the regular screen gets replaced by Scalefusion Kiosk screen and the administrator has a remote access to the device(s) registered under his Scalefusion account.

    Scalefusion offers features like Location Tracking, which tracks down the registered device(s) in real time and gives the information to the admin on the dashboard. Using the dashboard admin can choose which Apps he wants on the device(s) and remove all the unwanted apps. This will keep employees focused on using only Business related apps. Admin can also restrict the employee’s online activity using Scalefusion kiosk Browser, in which the admin can whitelist websites which he wants and Scalefusion kiosk browser will not allow the user to access any other website. The admin will also have access to Enterprise Store through which he can remotely push the Apps on the device and Update the Apps remotely without the need to manually go to each device and make installations. This reduced the downtime of the device(s). Admin can also make device groups and make changes in the Scalefusion feature and apply the new feature configuration to the whole device group rather than the individual device(s).

    In case of any theft or loss of a device, administrators can remotely wipe the data on the device which helps in securing business information from falling in wrong hands. Scalefusion has Exit Passcode, which is set by the admin so that no employee can exit the Scalefusion Kiosk Mode from his device. If he tries to do so, by using wrong Exit Passcode 3 consecutive times, the device will click a picture from the front camera and the picture along with device information send an Email Notification to the administrators.

    All these Scalefusion features along with other useful features ensure that the organization manages its mobile devices in an efficient, secure and cost-effective.

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