How Scalefusion is Redefining the Idea of a Connected Workplace

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    ‘Connected Workplace’ is no more just a concept; today it has been conceived as a practice by leading enterprises worldwide. Cloud Technologies like Mobile Device Management are constantly adding value to it.

    How Scalefusion is Redefining the Idea of a Connected Workplace
    Remodel the workforce productivity through connected workplace

    So, what is a Connected Workplace like?

    A ‘connected workplace’ implies an environment where the tech-savvy and dispersed employees, with the help of smart devices and software applications, conveniently collaborate, engage, and communicate with the key company partners, customers, co-workers, stakeholders and IT admins, to exchange crucial data, information, updates, content and other digital assets, in real-time. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, productivity increases by 20-25% in the organization with connected employees.

    Today’s enterprise is markedly different from what it used to be 10 years back. The upsurge of modern technologies along with the adoption of policies like BYOD and remote-employees indicates the need for smart workers empowered by smart devices, whether on-the-go or over-the-desk.

    The birth and rise of Scalefusion were inspired with a vision to build meaningful and simple B2B SaaS products to solve real-world business problems related to enterprise device management and security, which in turn successfully drives a ‘connected workplace’.

    Connected Workplace – A new dimension in Enterprise Workflow

    Employees of a company working together while being seamlessly connected with people, enterprise devices, technology, software platforms, resources, workflows, and processes, take business productivity, profitability, and efficiency to greater heights. This essentially sets the backdrop for the word ‘connected workplace’. We are living in a time driven by smart devices where better employee participation and user satisfaction within secured environments lead to excellent customer experience along with profitable business outcomes.

    At Scalefusion, we are constantly enabling enterprises to successfully create a ‘connected workplace’, powered by an effective and streamlined enterprise mobile device management strategy, which in turn drives excellence in employee productivity, business yield, data security, and overall connectivity.

    How Scalefusion Empowers a perfect ‘Connected Workplace’

    As a product, Scalefusion is a complete and powerful Mobile Device Management solution for your Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices with enterprise-level features and capabilities assuring a very high degree of efficiency and relevance. Most importantly, these ensure that our customers successfully connect their workforce and the workflows through a seamless device management approach with minimum operational costs and maximum performance.

    While striving for technological prowess, we equally validate the significance of simplicity and innovation, in sync with user expectations and business outcomes. Our intuitive and robust MDM software is all about relevance mixed with innovation – and we kept the features that way too!

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    How exactly our capabilities and functionalities empower your ‘Connected Workplace’?

    The centralized and unified endpoint dashboard: Our dashboard built with simplicity and agility acts like a unified control-panel enabling the IT admins to remotely control, limit, manage and secure all Scalefusion managed devices to ensure total work productivity and user efficiency. It also avoids any scope of data, device, and setting misuse. The dashboard also initiates message exchange, manage channels and apps, and set user access.

    Location Tracking and Geofencing: users carrying the devices can easily be located with this system and at the same time IT admins stay aware of any incidents/issues related to device misplacements. The use of GPS and RFID technology sets a virtual geographic boundary and triggers a response whenever a mobile device enters or leaves a specific area.

    Remote Cast and Control: Users can easily cast their device screen with the IT personnel to resolve issues or to seek solutions for any business/app related queries with this add-on feature. Besides, the IT admin can also remotely take control of the Scalefusion MDM enrolled devices to check for any security or technical concern. This plays a major role in ensuring security in terms of loss, misuse, or theft of devices or data.

    Mobile Application Management: Scalefusion Mobile Application Management provides the ability to manage and securely distribute the in-house and public apps using Scalefusion Enterprise Store or managed Google Play, allowing company IT admins to upload APKs and seamlessly deploy them to the devices. This way, device users of the same group or profile will be seamlessly communicated about a specific process in real-time to keep them informed and updated.

    Mobile Content Management: A connected workforce requires access to important enterprise data, information, inventory, and records in real-time for better communication, informed decision-making, and task completion. This valuable add-on allows you to distribute your enterprise content in a safe and secure manner to your Scalefusion managed devices, hence effortlessly connecting the users with the right content at the right time.

    Chat and VoIP calling option: This add-on feature under Scalefusion EVA Business Communication Suite enables companies to stay connected with their enterprise device users and allow them to stay in touch with peers from the same group and with IT admin through two-way chat and VoIP calls. It streamlines the contact management system across device users that enhances better and quicker actions and decision-making while sorting troubles faster with better guidance.

    Alerts and notifications: This allows the IT admins to firmly pull the strings when it comes to device safety and user connectivity during sudden incidents, issues, and troubles related to device, app, data or user. Notifications are sent during app updates, group messages or any other situations like failed unlocks and sim swap, whereas, alerts can be set for battery level, data limit, and as time alarms. are sent out in terms of incidents like device theft, sim exchange, data misuse, etc.


    A connected workplace is all about engaging the right employees with the right intelligence at the right time through a secured and risk-free source.

    Scalefusion is fully aware of the dynamism and implications of ‘connected workplace’ and hence is always eager to stay progressive, adaptive, and agile in terms of innovation and user experience. To leverage smart devices is the need of the hour, but to manage, control, and secure them for enhanced productivity and protection is the most crucial for businesses today.

    And we do exactly that! In a secured, controlled, simple and effortless manner. Most importantly, we understand the importance of providing just as much information as it is required for smooth and streamlined enterprise operations.

    Sonali Datta
    Sonali Datta
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