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    With the growing need for on-the-go, real-time communication in the business world, a convincing alternative to the traditional email is much required. In the enterprise environment, the most prevalent mode of inter-team communication is over emails. Undoubtedly email allows us to quickly put our thoughts down and send the messages. But on the other side, email relies on a siloed approach, and often works more as a one-way approach, only pushing information. If there is any new information to share with the team, we can push it in one single email to all. But any doubts or requests can come in from each individual recipient, and this proves difficult to keep track of them all.

    Furthermore, in businesses where there is a considerably large amount of field-force that doesn’t have an email ID at all, communication and collaboration become difficult. 

    A team communication app can be a better alternative to emails, as communication can happen in real-time, on-the-go, for teams that need constantly coordinate their activities. Streamlined communication between employees- both the knowledge workers and the field-force can generate improved engagement among the employees, can speed-up processes and mitigate errors due to no or miscommunication. 

    Scalefusion team communication app– EVA can be the most effective way for you and your employees to communicate. Eva Communication Suite comes packed with a gamut of features pertinent to a team chat app, but does much more than that. 

    team communication app

    Why Eva Communication Suite

    • Ability to connect employees without email id
    • Efficient team-wide collaboration
    • Quick problem resolution
    • Secure data transfer and encryption
    • Reduced data costs
    • Reduced cellular costs
    • Suitable for all businesses

    Eva Communication Suite has multiple elements to drive effective communication among your enterprise teams. 

    Let us discuss the core capabilities and features of Eva Communication Suite.

    Key features of Eva Communication Suite

    • Contact Management

    One of the key offerings of Eva team communication app is contact management. One of the crucial challenges for IT teams managing an enterprise-wide team communication app is the percolation of critical business information to unauthorized contacts on the devices used by employees. This can also lead to excess data or cellular charges and heavy misuse of company-owned devices via communication apps. Using Eva contact management, IT admins can populate lists of business contacts on enterprise devices and limit the communication to these contacts only. 

    • Streamlined Messaging 

    Eva serves as the most versatile team messaging software for the enterprise environment.  Eva messenger enables teams to connect over two-way encrypted messaging. Employees can send and receive text messages, attach images, files and voice notes within the Eva Messenger. With Eva team messaging app, exchanging critical documents is possible in real-time and employees do not have to depend on emails for quick access to resources. The employees can effortlessly communicate with their published contacts and the IT team doesn’t have to worry about the app being used for personal communication. 

    • Call Management

    Eva team communication app enables enterprise teams to connect seamlessly over calls. For SIM-based devices, employees can connect over voice calls within their published contact lists. IT admins can enable the conference calling feature on select contacts to enable employees to hold virtual meetings. 

    In an enterprise environment, another key challenge is to communicate with devices that do not have provisioning for SIM cards. For instance, ruggedized devices and special purpose tablets do not necessarily have a provision for SIM cards. In such cases, communicating with the device user becomes a key challenge for the IT admins as well as the team members. Eva Communication Suite solves this problem by enabling VoIP calling between contact lists. Employees can communicate with each other without a SIM card and the data overages are avoided, thanks to the pre-published contact lists. 

    • Channel Management

    One of the prime engagement drivers in any enterprise, especially in one with a remote workforce that operates from diverse geographical locations is team-level communication. To facilitate the same, Eva team communication app provides channel management for enterprise devices.

    With channel management, the IT teams can create communication groups called channels and invite the employees to subscribe to these channels.

    The different types of channels include:

    • Open channel

    IT teams can create multiple open channels. Enterprise-wide devices powered with Eva are automatically invited to subscribe to the open channels. The employees can subscribe or leave the open channel anytime. 

    Open channels are ideal for company-level engagement and can be used for work as well as team building. 

    • Closed channel

    IT teams can create a closed channel and add specific devices to it. The devices are auto-subscribed to the closed channel and they cannot leave the closed channel. 

    Closed channels are primarily created at a team level for collaboration.

    • Device Group Channel

    These channels are auto-created as per the device groups created in the device management section. Devices belonging to the same device group are invited to subscribe to the device group channel. The device users can join or leave the device group channel anytime. 

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    Fast and effective communication is essential to a well-run business in today’s digital age. And EVA team communication app gives you a secure platform to interact, communicate or connect with your team anytime, anywhere, making your communication at the workplace simpler.

    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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