Scalefusion listed #1 in GetApp Category Leaders Listing 2020

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    We are elated to announce that Scalefusion has been featured as #1 in the Mobile Device Management category on the GetApp Category Leaders Listing 2020. The full list can be found here.

    Getapp Winner
    #1 in Mobile Device Management Category

    Every year, GetApp ranks the leading business apps within popular categories to help customers in taking the right decision during software selection for their enterprises. These ratings are unbiased, data-driven and also extend a detailed breakdown of the key factors that were used for evaluation. Using the GetApp listing, customers compare apps and can make an informed decision before choosing the right fit.

    The apps are scored by determining five factors- ease of use, features, value for money, customer support and the likelihood of a recommendation. The users of the product rate the app which helps in determining the final score out of 100.

    Scalefusion customers rated for the product and we are glad to have a whopping 99/100 score for the same. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for supporting us and making this happen!

    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane is an avid reader who loves writing about technology. She is an engineering graduate with 10+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy and PR for web-based startups.

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