Five Aspects of our Unique Office Culture that Stood Out from the Crowd!

  • June 5, 2019
Working at Scalefusion

Scalefusion, formerly known as MobiLock Pro, is the flagship product of ProMobi Technologies. Over time, the product has gained so much popularity that employees often confuse the product name with the name of the company. But this blog is not about Scalefusion, rather it is about the unique corporate culture driven by the management of ProMobi Technologies, which has inspired and stimulated the employees since its inception.

To sustain, grow, rise and evolve, every company should have a set of well-defined principles and guidelines to follow and embrace without compromise. Of course, with time, changes arrive and working dynamics make a shift but it’s necessary to ensure that these changes are driven by value and positive outcomes.

At ProMobi Technologies, the founders and the leaders have always ensured that the company doesn’t only retain its unique corporate culture but also grow in every aspect leveraging these fundamentals. So, what are those factors?

Let’s look at the key attributes that set us apart in the corporate world:

Employee benefit is management’s concern: This is one of the few companies where the founders are truly eager to spend money on their employees’ benefits. Unlike other companies, which are always focused on saving costs, ProMobi stands out for promoting its employees’ well-being, whether it’s personal (hobby stipend and fitness allowance) or professional (certificate allowances). Here, the best employee-benefit ideas like introduction of evening snacks, charitable activities, and skillset-development programs come from the founders themselves, who keep the shackles of micro-management away.

Balancing an environment of trust, freedom & responsibility: The employees have always cherished the environment of trust and freedom that the company has nurtured since its inception. The extent of freedom and flexibility that the employees get to experience in ProMobi Technologies is one of its kind. Although the company sometimes becomes too generous for the employees, the flexibility was never taken for granted by the employees. The office culture has always been loved for maintaining a decorum enriched with trust, responsibility, leniency, clarity of expectations and faith on employees.

Always ready to listen and embrace positive changes: This faith and trust on employees have led to a beautiful understanding between the founders and the employees, wherein they both respect and embrace the fine balance of leadership goals and managerial tasks. It is one of those few companies that are always ready to listen to employee suggestions, embrace positive changes and introduce disruptive ideas – all to foster an environment of innovation, inclusivity, engagement and employee optimism. It truly believes that happy employees make happier customers and implements it to the fullest.

Loyalty towards long-serving employees: We have heard about loyalty towards organizations but only a handful of companies show loyalty to employees. ProMobi Technology with its strong retention policies exhibits genuine loyalty to its long-serving and veteran employees. The company’s faith and trust, especially for the long-serving employees are remarkable. Even in times when these employees underperform, they are given chances to do better next time, which not only strengthens the relationship but also heightens employees’ respect for the founders.

An ambiance of inspiration, innovation, and self-improvement: The founders and leaders constantly foster a culture driven by innovation, product development, and employee-improvement. The company always encourages its employees to do better than the best, and hence it always gives limitless options to its employees to enhance their niche capabilities, work on and utilize their expertise, explore opportunities across functions and leverage training and study sessions – all to stay agile, progressive and productive.

ProMobi Technologies have understood, assimilated and encouraged an atmosphere wherein employees literally feel at home! The corporate culture has fostered a sense of belonging amongst employees wherein it feels like one big happy family working together to excel, explore and expand their horizons of growth, success, and achievements. The environment is alive with humor, friendly banters, ideas, conversations, and laughter – pay us a visit and see it yourself!

About the Author

Swapnil Shete is the Associate Vice President at Scalefusion. He has a passion for design and technology and focuses on optimizing the marketing funnel. When he isn't working, Swapnil loves to evaluate different SaaS solutions in the marketing and sales domain.

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